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  1. Load the file into somewhere like shapeways etc and just order a print
  2. Just had a few guys in suits tell me to lock this thread, something about national security!!!!
  3. Lol, I have a few excel sheets it’s getting the time to organise them!
  4. LOL, thanks all. There isnt a guide but I can ID all of them by look. Tamiya have made a few subtle hints in the model designation to help. For instance on the NDF-01 chassis there are two different engines. The FR-15S is used on all of them except the Nitro Crusher which uses the FS-15S. The only difference is the exhaust outlet and the FR stands for Rear and the FS stands for Side. That is common across all engines Tamiya "make". They actually dont make any engines. If you need help, please ask.
  5. I would imagine that nobody has really thought about it yet as they are easily purchased. 16 auctions alone for them on Ebay UK
  6. Love it, you have done very well for yourself. Not knowing what you paid that looks to be a TG-10 Mk1 Pro with the Long Span suspension set. If the kit originally came with that body you have kit number 49172. The original engine would of been a Tamiya FS-12LT. The body was a TG-10 optional body released for racing in the Tamiya race classes but also packaged with kit 49172 The recoil cord is indeed broken and the handle missing. If you are planning on running it then I would look for another engine maybe. There are some nice OS engines about that would suit the chassis. If a beginner with these cars then a new engine will be more forgiving and will give you a know starting point. There is nothing worse than trying to get a worn out engine working. A cheap 2.4ghz Transmitter and RX would replace the older ones fitted but the servos will be fine. Manual for the TG-10 is here https://www.tamiya.com/english/rc/rcmanual/tg10mk1.pdf Manual for the Long Span set is here: https://www.tamiya.com/english/rc/rcmanual/tg10mk1longsus.pdf
  7. I'm not bothered enough anymore to pursue it. Its about a close a replica as I am going to get and im happy with that.
  8. I have a copy of the full magazine, sadly no extra info
  9. Looks good so far. Should the title be "Refresh"?
  10. I see what you are saying about the Pagoda roof outline. I think the black shape at the bottom with the three white parts on it is a side view of a Tuk Tuk. I think the rake of the windscreen and the overhang/visor match
  11. I'm pretty sure its a Tuk-Tuk company or a company that used them. The centre circle is a globe but can't make out the white and black part above (what I think is) a Tuk -Tuk side view. The windscreen rake and visor is quite distinctive of the design.
  12. Hi, All I know is that the sticker was a company that helped the Mugen team in Thailand. Koji Sanada told me that they stuck it on the car to say thanks. The team also had them stuck on their team race t-shirts. I have asked Sanada-san again if he can remember what they helped the team with, transport, accommodation, etc. My guess is it was a transport company in either Thailand or Bangkok that assisted them. There wasn't a robust Internet around in 1990 so finding out who it was will be very hard. I have already tried the Thai Tourist Board with no luck. The original race cars were dismantled (as confirmed by Sanda-san) and the ones in the press photos are just normal Super Sports mocked up (the decal differences on the body are clear). It will take a miracle to match them I think.
  13. Added another small touch, the grey and black panels behind the front wheels. These are the original Mugen Sport Kit Decals. easy enough to replicate.
  14. That’s the least of my OCD worries. The whole fact that I simply can’t answer some questions about this build (and probably never will) frustrates me massively. The car is missing the sponsor decals in two places and I simply don’t know what they were or who the company was. I doubt I will ever know.
  15. Hi all, Covid, working from home, other projects etc have meant that progress has been very slow on the Mugen Replica however managed to get a few things done over the weekend. I think the changes will be obvious! Still a few tweaks to do on the decals I designed and a few more to design and reproduce but making progress. Changed the chassis in a few places as well but a few more things to sort. Very slow progress, too many easier projects to work on!
  16. https://www.competitionx.com/pdf/radio-equipment/futaba-fp-2e-2f-manual.pdf
  17. The NDF-01 chassis has some very distinct mounting points and that might make finding others that fit difficult. The only ones I have ever seen are the 4 original Tamiya ones.
  18. Found one courtesy of @Mark3gti and have a lead on the Beams rims. Anyone else help?
  19. Hi all, Need the following if anyone can help? 0445387 Subaru Impreza 2001 Wheels x 2 pairs (New or only fitted) Found 1 x BJ4 Damper Mount from the TR-15t (new or used is fine) 53332 TA03R Rear Long Wheel axle Set (new or used is fine) 50967 Beams Integra wheel set (new or only fitted) In the UK, Paypal waiting or have lots of potential trades.
  20. Hi, In general it would be a check of what you are posting before it goes live.
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