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  1. Thanks everyone for the feed back so far. I have heard of a few reports of the spools being hard on shafts. I think once I get the truck built up and looking like a truck again I will revisit the gearboxes and replace the front if not both front and rear spools with diffs as it will mainly be used for a bit of garden fun. Next job on my list is some dampers/shocks so it can stand on its own. I will probably replace the original ones with some oil filled one off ebay, as the chassis I bought only came with two original bull head yellow ones. I do like the yellow though .
  2. Slow slow slow progress but I finally have the axles attached the the tub. Noone seemed to have the 2 spare triangle pieces I needed so had to buy the whole bag of pressed parts. Also replaced the standard screws with some button head machine screws when fitting these parts. Shocks up next so it can stand on its own two axles lol.
  3. 2 gearboxes rebuilt, and blacked out..the second one also had a billet diff lock like the first.
  4. Monday Bump, if anyone in the UK has 2 spare triangles. Ta, Chris
  5. There we go, all clean and built up as far as the parts I have allow for the moment. Painted the lower arms black so disguise them a little under the truck when it's done. On to the second axle now.
  6. Stripped the rest of the front axle and what a surprise I found. After removing the white grease and given the plastic a rinse, I cleaned the gears...one of those explained why the diff was locked... It wasn't there, instead there was a machine spool. Everything cleaned and back together. Not sure what to make of the spool but for now it can stay.
  7. Started stripping the front axle at lunch today, so far everything that I've got seems to be in excellent condition, the previous owner definitely loved white grease as it's on every joint lol. Still on the hunt for 2 pressed triangles to reattach the front axle to the chassis. The front axle disassembly so far. I will get the rest of it stripped later and cleaned & see how the diff is locked.
  8. Super, thank you Scratch that, forgot to mention I am based in the UK, you a long way across the pond. Thank you for trying.
  9. Hi would anyone have 2 of the circled pressed metal triangle piece they would be willing to part with? Forgot to mention I am based in the UK and would need the wee pieces posted to Northern Ireland.
  10. As per the title, I just grabbed my first Clodbuster of an eBay sale. Many years ago I bought the parts to build a crawler which has long been sold but I've never owned a full truck. Plans are, a clean, gather the missing pieces and then build it as a retro racer. This is what arrived in the post today. On first glance what I've got seems to be in good condition and hasn't had a hard life.
  11. Looking forward to seeing this with tyres on it!
  12. The little M03 got its first spin out tonight after sitting collecting dust. It's so quiet! Both my son and I had a hoot driving it.
  13. Fabricated some brackets for the rear shocks. These will bolt in to the ends of the rear axle since the home made 4 link won't accommodate the dampers.
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