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  1. I acquired this the other evening for a grand sum of £15, it does have the rear stub axles & body posts, came complete with a mix match set of wheels and a rough aftermarket body lol. My plan is to strip it, clean it, find the missing parts and build it up as a phatbody mini car park racer. What I've noticed so far is that it does seem to be fitted with proper bearings which is nice and it seems to be in good condition overall. Will maybe invest in some fibrelite shock tower braces. More to come...
  2. This info is perfect, I should have a TL01 servo saver sitting about and the part number for turnbuckles and ball connectors is perfect!
  3. Have been on the look out for an M05 or possible a M07 but tonight I stumbled across and have collected an M03 for the pricely sum of £15. Ive looked it over and seems the only thing missing is the servo saver and steering links. Is the servo saver the same as the TL01? And how handy are the links to get, had a quick look on eBay but found nothing. Thanks in advance.
  4. So tonight a choice was made it was neither the M07 or the M05 I was screwing through some local adds and I managed to get an M03 and 2 TL01 Chassis for £15 quid each lol. The M03 looks relatively complete except it's missing the servo saver and steering links. In the next few days it'll be stripped and cleaned. Will do a slow build thread.
  5. I had seen those but I want to throw a phatbody mini shell on to it, so maybe that'll not work. Might be stuck with a M05 when the time comes.
  6. Quick question is there any easy way to make an M07 210mm?
  7. I believe that is a DT01 same chassis used as the Desert Gator and Sand Viper.
  8. I know, might have to keep it good and ordered a spare she'll lol. Bearings ordered, so it's all go for Christmas Day.
  9. Tt02 Audi V8 Ordered and Collected. Rennicks / ModelTune in N. Ireland done it for the same price as Modelsport and Time Tunnels Models and they were on my doorstep just not allowed to open it till Christmas Day now.
  10. Modelsport is the same, 105 without the ESC and 130 with.
  11. Aw wow these suggestions really are not helping lol. TT02 I would plan on upgrading slowly over time and there seems to be so much stuff you can do with it, TA05 arms etc and make up up to a Type S, I always wanted a protoform jelly mold race shell when I was a kid and the TT02 would let me do that too keeping the Audi shell tidy. M05 has been on the list for a while too, Im ok with having to strip it down to do any work on it, thats part of the fun. Tail whips do sound fun. I dont have the option of carpet tiles though lol, just a big fresh church car park. I do have an 8 year old who will want to drive which ever one I choose, so maybe the TT02 will be a little more driver friendly for him... and when he gets the hang of it get an MO5 as well lol. So I think I am heading towards the TT02.
  12. Hey everyone, My wife announced today that she would like to buy me a new RC for Christmas. Currently I have a DT02, CC01 and a random Truggy that gets bashed by the kids. There's a beautiful smooth church car park beside out new house and I thought a car park racer that I can throw a few cones out for would be something different. So I've narrowed it down to a TT02 Audi V8 or a M05 MX5. Does anyone want to sway my opinion one way or another. Both will be stock except for bearings, torque tuned motor and possibly a set of mini CVA I think I have sitting around. I like that the TT02 could be fitted with TA05 suspension at some stage down the line (not cost effective, I know lol) or any multitude of options. And I like the M chassis because it's a little different size wise... The last touring car I had was a TL01 many moons ago. Advice and suggestions welcome. Ta, Chris
  13. haha you beat me too it. Thank you.
  14. Think it's 19 and 21 and then either 17 or 23...think it's 23 from memory. Ta
  15. Tooth count is fine, i just needed confirmation of the pitch.
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