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  1. I don't know the controller but every controller I've had has a switch or setting that reverses the servo... It needs turned on or off at the controller side depending on the build of the car / direction of servo... Upside down, back to front etc. Hope that helps.
  2. I have looked at these Kamtec cars a bunch before, I love the simplicity, but how well would the foam tyres fair outside on tarmac? Is there anyway to get rubber tyres, we have a lovely smooth tarmac carpark beside us and these would be a hoot round it. Unfortunately nowhere around me indoors other than a polished garage floor at the house lol.
  3. I will probably put a set of JConcept Golden Year tyres on them to be honest, if for nothing else other than the looks. I seen your recent post on the regulator steering kit, it does look very good! Something for me to consider if I can get my hands on one.
  4. So it's been a while so I've updated this thread mainly because this is a back burner project and only gets worked on when I've the time, money or parts lol. I stumbled across these Jconcept wheels on eBay and snatched them up recently. Screwed/Bolted them together and they now have a home Steering next I think (UK Monster Steering and Rear Lock out). Feeling excited 😁
  5. Does anyone have a cheap set of clod wheels that they would post to Northern Ireland? Ta, Chris?
  6. That's what had me confused. I thought they where Jconcept wheels, the planetary covers and extra hardware look fab.
  7. Just a quick question (I know this is an old thread) but are those Stock tyres on JConcept rims on the clod based Mountain Monster? Thanks, Chris
  8. Hey, I absolutely did, it's been a great car park racer, built it per the instructions with some bearings and have been using it since with my Son. Nice build, nothing complicated or fussy and loads of options if you want them.
  9. So another installment of bits that have come into my care. First job was to scrub everything clean, trimmed of bits of sprues, then I painted the springs, some of the hardware and then threw in some button head bolts to hold it all together
  10. I have heard a few times that the original parts are more prone to breaking but given this is a piecemeal build and these parts where all missing I will take what I can get lol. I do plan on building it as a retro racer but where I live we don't actually have any monster truck racing lol, so it'll just be my son and I rattling round the garden. Absolutely will be replacing the parts with rere plastics when I break what I have. For now I will just be concentrating on getting the truck into one piece Also impressive breakages, love it
  11. This project is rolling on slow and steady, a complete piecemeal build as and when I find bits in my budget. I scored a lovely box of bits of a well known auction site, I use the term lovely loosely. It had a whole bunch of bits I needed and then some more which I could sell on to keep the project going. However they also looked to have lay for quite some time lol. Bits I needed for the moment was steering knuckles, pogo stick shocks and the bug pieces that wheels mount too. Also included a was a dull spare gearbox and a chevy grill. More bits in the box. And the bits I needed, all stripped and ready for a good bath of soapy water.
  12. Might just have to keep them red, will find a way to fancy them up a bit, be black springs or bit of detailing.
  13. Thank you for the offer, was actually was hoping of changing from original Clodbuster red to yellow. Can live with the red but just wondered if painting them was a big deal, I assumed the paint would scratch off but would be nice if it didn't lol.
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