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  1. Thanks for the feed back so far. Just to add, I have owned DT02, TL01 and TT01 so I have a bit of experience with RWD and 4WD stuff, FWD does sound fun for a change though. Keep the inspiration coming
  2. So we have moved to a new house and just a few doors away is a lovely tarmac church car park, empty 6 days a week. Myself and the little dude in the house have enjoyed using our CC01 and MadBull but I fancy a change to something on road. Budget is small and I would really like something new so the little dude can experience opening all the bags and putting it together. Choices at the moment are TT02, M05 or at a push an FF03... only because I love the inboard suspension. Car will not be raced, or competing in any way. Just rattled around whatever course we through together in the car park. Advice or recommendations welcome.
  3. TurnipJF, I know on sand there isn't going to be much difference, it's an old chassis, basic and a live axle it's never really going to handle like a modern machine. However I am doing this purely for entertainment purposes. I love tinkering (normally on a real cars these days) winter is here and this is something for in front of the fire.
  4. These are the 2 parts I need at the moment, C2 and BA14. If anyone knows where I can get these individually that would be great!
  5. so finally over the weekend I got this DT01 chassis stropped down. What is left is basically what I'm keeping. Everything else will be changed / modded. Overall the chassis was in very good condition, needs a scrub and bearings which are due in the post. Next challenge is getting the parts I need. I posted a wanted ad for some DT03 parts but no replies yet. I have attached an image of the parts I need. I dont want to have to buy a whole chassis sprue just to get C2.
  6. Does anyone have the original plastic botom front suspension mount for a DT03. I've attached a picture of an upgraded part. But I need the original and the U shared wire piece. If anyone has them cheap lol.
  7. Does anyone have the original plastic botom front suspension mount for a DT03. I've attached a picture of an upgraded part. But I need the original and the U shared wire piece. If anyone has them cheap lol.
  8. [Threads merged] Does anyone have any more info on this chassis / shell combo. I understand its a DT01 chassis and a Monster Beetle shell... how is it attached? Any other examples of the same thing done, beetle shell on a DT01?
  9. Arrived in the post yesterday, ready to become a father, son project
  10. Brilliant, wheel wise I'm thinking a set of blitzer beetle rims and then a set of 13cm 2.2 tyres, cheap and cheerful eBay specials. I think it definitely needs the double wishbone front, the choices where cut the existing arms and in new C hubs but that would narrow the front...or fit DT03 bulkhead and lower arms and C hubs. This is a bit more effort but will keep the width at the front. Looking forward to getting stuck in to stripping the chassis.
  11. So I decided my son and I needed another project, the ultimate beach basher. I managed to pick up this Fighter RX for a small sum of money. The plan is to dismantle it, clean it then fit a DT03 front end to make a double wishbone set up 2.2 Wheels and Tyres Bearings throughout, Oil dampers (possible internal sprung ones because we like how they look) Solid steering link from the servo and probably a few other tweaks. This is how it arrived last night, dismantling will begin soon.
  12. Ok, so mad bull wheels... and they have to be mad bull spindles? Cool. Are there any other cheap alternatives re: the wheels? 2.2s?
  13. Hi Folks, If I wanted to put lunchbox wheels on my Fighter RX, am I correct in saying that they fit on directly to the rear, but I would need to change the front spindles to mad bull ones? Would lunchboxes ones or any others work as well? Many thanks, Chris
  14. Hi Folks, So I have been enjoying my CC01 Unimog since I got back into the hobby. I have tweaked it, made a trailer for it, fitted lights and both my son and I enjoy driving it around the garden and trails. I now have the hankering for something for running round a car park or large flat space. In the past I have had a TL01 and TT01. I fancy something different though and have been looking at FF01 as a change. Any other suggestions, recommendations? (Must be fairly cheap, will be an eBay purchase so only really need the chassis and suspension pieces, as I will build the rest to suit myself) Ta, Chris P.S must be compatible with full size 190mm shells, something like the protoform s-type (maybe the FF01 isnt the chassis for this shell )
  15. Where can I find the original build thread of this? Would love to read it.
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