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  1. haha you beat me too it. Thank you.
  2. Think it's 19 and 21 and then either 17 or 23...think it's 23 from memory. Ta
  3. Tooth count is fine, i just needed confirmation of the pitch.
  4. Hey everyone, As the title can anyone tell me if TT02 pinions are the same as TL01? Ta
  5. Hey everyone, As the title can anyone tell me if TT02 pinions are the same as TL01? Ta
  6. That looks perfect! That is exactly what I am after, just something to keep up with the CC01 on a forest trail and round the garden over some wooden bridges. I do know folk who have fitted 85mm MTZ on 1.55 with a little body trimming, also seen folk cutting up the underside for more clearance. I did hope the BF Goodrich would of fitted as they are cheap as chips.
  7. Hey Folks, I am still deciding about an MF01X, I have a stock CC01 and I want something compatible with it as in I am not sure I want to go full on crawler / scaler as I know my 7 year will think its unfair lol... I could just get 2 scalers lol. Anyway if I went with an MF01X I would want to throw some larger tyres on it, ideally 1.55 and some MTZ tires but that runs big money. BF Goodrich are about the right size, has anyone fitted a set to a Jimny? and is there anyway to make them softer. I dont need triple soft, deflects under its on weight soft but also not a hockey puck lol.
  8. That does look like a lovely truck, see I have a CC01 and I do love it for what it is, the child loves it even more its perfect for the garden, slowed down and the diffs locked etc. Maybe I am dismissing the CC02 as being similar. Possibly some further research into the CC02 is needed. At the minute im still leaning towards the Venture. The Element Enduro looks the ticket but the battery position doesnt look great for running the standard NiMH stick pack... I have not converted over to lipo and dont image myself doing so any time soon.
  9. Good to know, the enduro is looking like a contender and i've never own anything Team Associated, so could be an experience.
  10. Thanks everyone for the feedback so far. The Gmade, I like the design but the amount of e clips would push me away from it alone. The HPI it seems to get good reviews, theres a few folk have taken them from the bottom to the top of ben nevis and the likes and give it praise. But yes HPI does always seem to have a questionable future. Not a traxxas fan sorry. Element RC Enduro This one I have not seen or heard about... off to do my research. At the minute I think I am still leaning towards the HPI... Just need to find some picture that dont have that Toyota shell on it lol.
  11. I know I know its not Tamiya, but I'm trying to decide between a GMade GS02 or the HPI Venture Chassis Kit. I have a CC01 with a few mods and just want something that can trail with it (a little better lol) No competitions, just walking speed through trails and round a course in the garden. Opinions welcome. Ta, Chris
  12. Done it, works well, makes it look a little more fat and got the suspension to be a good bit lower as my original shocks I had spare were to long. If I need a bit more height I can change the suspension eyes for longer ones. Pleased with that.
  13. Just stole the wheels lol nice. Was a steel for a tenner all. The was wrong was a broke steering arm, was very easy repaired and on park duty today. Goes well.
  14. So I was walking past a toy shop the other day and spotted a bargain bin with a few broken RC cars. One was a Ground Crusher. I thought for a tenner I'd take a punt and see what was wrong with it. They were bagged and I honestly didn't know what I was getting. Well other than a broke steering arm it was 100% have it fixed and going the best. 380 brushless motor, 850 lithium ion battery, 2.4ghz the sort of stuff you expect. However...full bearings, adjustable links and upper arms. And what look to be almost identical tamiya parts. The wheels are the spit of those on a wild dagger. Tried them on my mad bull and the rears fit and the fronts would too with a little modification.
  15. yep, sorry was the bottom eye I was referring too. Ta, Chris
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