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  1. Yes , the torque/power characteristics our DC RC car motors aren't anyway too far from a turbodiesel engine (max torque at zero/very low rpm which decreases significantly at high RPM) Best regards tamiyablog.com
  2. I can only transport what we had been told from people of Tamiya HQ last year in the Nuremberg fair, maybe at their local cup they are more limited to motors so need higher gearings than for normal touring classes? Who knows... Best regards tamiyablog.com
  3. The answer is quite simple (we asked some people from Tamiya Headquarters at the Nuremberg Fair last year when the first one was presented), the TT-01 has longer available gear ratios to compensate the small diameter tires of those trucks. Best regards tamiyablog.com
  4. For the last time we won't do actions for something we don't think we did wrong in the first place, you are the one that finds it questionable, so as said feel to proceed, we have nothing to hide or to worry about. Interesting also that you talk about "morally questionable actions" when you start monologues about our Blog in third sites (like I asked in the first place to achieve what?), use fake email address in comments (to avoid a personal discussion??) and also make untrue statements like the one I posted in my first response. Regards, DJT
  5. Since its your point of view you are free to contact them (you can even link to this discussion here) and as said if we are asked from them we would remove the article, our experience of the last 10 years though is that almost all blogs are happy when their interesting articles are cited in other blogs. Sorry but that's enough for now, we do this as an unpaid hobby and have no 247 for it, hope you understand. Regards, DJT
  6. We don't see it this way and were often sad when some great Tamiya related content was lost forever and also want to be one consistent "database", not a mix of half not working content. Which doesn't work always, especially on images etc. For a last time, citing isn't careless copying. Regards, DJT
  7. And what if that site doesn't exist in few years like it happens so often especially for small sites and blogs? There is a reason we always try to keep interesting content copied to our own webspace which even costs us more, it would be much easier and cheaper for us to crosslink and/or just post link collections. Regards, DJT
  8. Our answer is above and detailed, but it seems you aren't interested in it, so further discussion doesn't make sense. Regards, DJT
  9. Hello Greg, unfortunately you used a fake email address when commenting so I couldn't answer you detailed there. To say the truth I also don't really get it where your problem is and what do you expect now to achieve by doing this here. The original article and site was linked and stated as its common when news articles appear on sites and blogs, we also always use our own webspace for the images to not cause extra traffic to other websites from hotlinking. We could have just copied the half of it, would it make a difference? Its a short blog article, not a whole book, also if the authors would ask as us to remove it, we would immediately do so. How do you jump to this conclusion?!? We never wrote its our article and linked their site as source from the beginning. Also your last comment was Well, our content gets copied and posted in our sites several times every week and we have no problem with it as long as we are cited as source (which isn't even the case very often but we just ignore it). It's a shame that we have now to play in such sideshows when we have already to spend a lot of our spare time and money to provide Tamiya fans since almost 10 years freely! (no ads) interesting related content. Regards DJT
  10. continued due to quote limit As wrote above you can be sure that we now use different translations from the other dozens of sources as we have no joy in such childish behaviour, for us this is just a fun hobby and not a life mission, sorry for always not being good enough for your standards. As I wrote several times above just fakening an honesty doesn't make one. Thats again BS, like every news page you also check all sources when news come up even if you then copy them from others. We both know that this again isn't the truth but in opposition to you I won't denounce your character in front of others, like you do, for example below: And also you can be sure that also all other TB members strongly are disapproving your recent behaviour, you can email them if you don't believe me, you have their addresses. The low level was reached from your behaviour to denounce your old colleagues and friends in a space where you knew they couldn't defend themselves to increase the popularity of your own page. You don't really care and you will go on and on with every of my reply, I know you better then that, you need to have the final word and cleverly bend the reality to fit your universe. The good thing is that now TC readers heard both sides of the story and combined with our TC past can find their own truth.
  11. Come on, how naive do you believe TC readers are? Nothing easier to have Chris give you a new log in and even if not, to present your past, which you wouldn't have done without my comment yesterday. You have done it several times here, which we ignored till yesterday and this shows the quality of your behaviour, such behaviour wouldn't even have ever crossed our mind, even though your page is a 6 year newer "copy", which of course we have no problem with. I wrote you above that by just writing source T INC as you do you don't do it better as we both know were some of the stuff comes from. Funnily when we upload first some news few hours later they appear also on your site, but we accept that as normal news spread from the web. I am not at home now so I can't check the dates, but was quite sure it was before you left and it makes a difference, when we include you to all infos and you secretly build something without informing us, its just a matter of human decency. Again I have the feeling you think TC readers are naive, everyone knows that your FB page is open and that blocking me would make no difference, better leave such funny "excuses" for others. Which as above shows the difference in our behaviour. Exactly, sending accusations and not giving the chance to the recipient to reply is a coward behaviour.
  12. Hello "Mokei", in opposition to you, I consequently didn't come back to TC (but am still only watching the game from time to time like Murray Head ) and now I do it with my original ID (is someone not "man" enough to admit his return? ) but since you repeatedly use this platform to denounce tamiyablog I have to set some things straight before disappearing again for the next 8 years (how time flies! ), sorry to the rest for the short forum perturbation. The reasons you left TB were different but anyway, as you possibly noticed but didn't "bother" to mention the Black GH has a different name on TB which is also the original and not your childishly "modified" one, the rest of the list is from THQ. Also talking about parasitic behaviour, maybe your "forgot" that you were the one who created your FB page hiddenly and silently while being still a member in TB and when I later found out and even left some positive comments there you banned me just like that. You can be sure that after your coward emails without giving the opportunity for reply we also don't bother to use MK but one of the dozens other sources, even if its silly as the posted information isn't yours or ours but common and belongs only to THQ. That's not true, you mainly write as source THQ although some information comes from other sources, even if the origin of all Tamiya stuff is THQ of course. Good you mention it, tamiyablog posted it 2 months earlier http://tamiyablog.com/2014/01/tamiya-news-at-international-toy-fair-nuremberg-2014-part-10-58592-110-rc-rock-truck-cr-01/ , which leads us the other big difference between tb and mk. We both source our informations from our commonly to us known sources but tamiyablog also takes the additional effort to leave their keyboard from time to time and to report live from fairs and to talk to people from T HQ there. As said imho its silly just to put such importance in the "name improvement" of google translations we both do, but as I wrote above you don't need to worry anymore, we completely now use different translations. Also if TB was immoral as you present it they wouldn't have kept your laborious lists for themselves. Thanks, for example we had a rumour from a very good source at the Nuremberg fair in January 2014 about the Super Champ re-release but we decided not to post it till it was verified. Sorry again to all for the short intermezzo, see you all again in 2023? or maybe also in TB? (we have also a comment option there ) Best regards, Theo http://tamiyablog.com
  13. Running any mechanical system at resonance would just damage/destroy it very quickly (as amplitude of oscillations and thus acting forces/torques get maximum at resonance frequencies), please don't try to underline your "discoveries" with theoretical background when you don't have it to give them bigger significance (The sound is "singing", called resonance.), it just will make people from those fields fall from their chairs laughing and confuse/give wrong knowledge to others, like if I would try now to analyse a medical problem [], as you say electrics are not your speciality, which isn't bad as noone can be specialised in everything, as long as he doens't try to "play doctor" in those other fields. What you hear are luckily only acustic resonances of its casing or other coupled systems (table), but the motor runs overcritical (i.e. over resonance frequency), like also combustion engines, thats why car engines vibrate badly when their RPM drops too low (damaging if done for long time). The rule of thumb is that a ESC needs half turn limit to power two motors, so 11T for 2xST, but you might get away with it, if your car is light, 2WD and has a short gearing. Cheers
  14. Old battery is long out of stock but you could put any modern 6V pack or a custom build 7.2V hump pack, more here http://tamiyaclub.com/CS/forums/thread/184254.aspx http://tamiyaclub.com/CS/forums/thread/53399.aspx Cheers
  15. I don't know about you guys but I get most spare parts much faster if I buy them online, then ordering them at my LHSes (as they have almost nothing at stock) which takes usually 2-3 weeks if Tamiya Germany has them in stock, otherwise another 4-12 weeks... [:S] Cheers
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