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  1. Let me know if you want me to pay that one now or if it could wait until I get it all 😊. Sorry not that active on Tamiyaclub these days, so much going on..
  2. No problem :-) didn't know I wanted to build one at that time :-)
  3. It looks amazing. When will you take preorder for the complete conversion kit? 😜👍
  4. That is no problem, just glad to be able to help. I did never get that plate and the car worked just fine without it. So it's not a must have but a nice to have.
  5. Hehe, yeah me too. Then I just have to get one.
  6. I think i have seen a undercover somewhere that was longer both in front and rear, that covered the whole alu plate. But I might just remember wrong, maybe Penguin rcbodies have these?
  7. Thanks thegorf, glad to hear that i might help you. Regarding the undertray I just used some of the screws underneath to mount it. Hope this picture helps. Thanks Krustybus. Yeah I got myself another one, but it also need some TLC
  8. Very cool project, I like it allot 👍🏼. Looking forward to seeing how this turns out... But will not the car be reversing all the time now 🤪🤪🤪?
  9. (15.04.20) So have been thinking a little and I decided to use the grey adjusters from the donor car, they aren’t that worn and most of them look ok, the one’s not that nice I will “hide” into the frame. This is because I think them suite the rest of the parts better, and they are more correct. So of with the black one’s and on with the grey one’s Next thing I have been thinking about is the uprights. Since the one’s I have don’t look any good, and have bad threads, I decided to use the reinforced one’s for the F103/104. I will buy some new one’s like the originals but after mounting the F103 one’s I think them will be ok. I used some spacers 0,3mm and 3mm to remove the slack. The one thing that I might have to do is to trim the inside of the arm on the upright to get a little bit more steering, in order to make it like the original. But that I will know once I get a servo mounted. The ball joints were a little to big so I had to make a bigger hole inorder to get them screwed in. And both of them done. Next I wanted to give it a go to see if I could remove the blue colour on the upper front turnbuckles. I uses a washing scrub, and I got most of it of, I think it will work to just do it like this. And both done. You can see a weak colour of blue on them, but if it bothers me, I will try to scrub them some more. I know I can get a scrub that is even more efficient so might get one to give it another go. I also ordered a set of black delrin suspension bushes from Takis Pallas in the Tamiya Ledgens group on Facebook. these are about 0.2g compared to the originals which is about 0.6g. Pictures to follow once I get them. I then moved on to start mounting the rear suspension. Using he reinforced TR-15r parts here also. And straight away i need to do some work on the chassis plate to be able to fit the suspension blocks. Oh the joy of making a CF chassis plate 🙂 Once that was done i needed to, again, get some parts from the donor car. But after that i was ready to start mounting the rear suspension There was a little bit of slack, so i added a 0,3mm spacer to remove it, but still making the arms move free. And mounted to the chassis
  10. Thanks, glad you like it
  11. (13.04.20) Got some more buildtime today. Time to bring out the manual, since this is the first time i build a Dyna Storm, ohhh, Dyna Lightning. Since there is quite a differance from the original step the first step was pretty easy. Well thet is not quite true, i had to countersunk the screwholes correct in order for the screws to straight. I guess the trained eye can see by just mounting the front bumper and two screws i actually did a mistake There you go, mistake fixed . Since the first thing you do is building the steering i will be needing sommer of these turnbuckles. I have been getting them all in titanium, but i had problems finding them all in regular metall colour. I haven’t decided yet but what i just might do is to strip the colour of the blue one’s to make the stand out less. Already now i had to start getting parts from the donor car as i was missing noen balljoint. I guess it’s not that easy to see but i’m using the the TR-15t reinforced plastic parts. More parts had to be taken off the donor car as i didn’t have the metall «tubes» that holds the steering in place And mounted to the chassis Next step is the turnbuckles and uprights. I thought that I could use the reinforced F103 Uprights but it turns out that they don’t fit that well. So then I had to get the one’s from the donor car. These I will have to change to new one’s and if possible some reinforced one’s. Nest is to start mounting the front shock tower, this will set me back a bit, as I must make the carbon fibre one and there is a small difference to it compared to the original as it has 6 holes to mount the dampers in as the original have 5. Oh, I just saw now that in this manual the original only have 3 holes, but the damper tower I took from the donor car has 5. So i drew the outlines for the new damper tower so then I just need to do some cutting. Since I’m not able to do this right now I will continue to mount the parts that I can. And again, more parts to get from the donor car. I need the brass inserts and the rods. Starting to take shape now This was as far as I got this time. Really satisfying to see it all starts to get togheter. I know that there is a way to go still. As making the damper towers take some time, and in addition the upper deck will be a challenge since I don’t have a big enough 3D printer.
  12. (12.04.20) Started to test fit the parts that should be mounted to the lower chassis deck. As i mention in my last post, i would be needing to work some more on the deck as I started mounting parts. It was quite allot of work that was needed to get the parts to fit. I had to make a bigger hole for the gearbox fit, and i had to some work in the front to make the front bumper to fit. Unfortuanlly i didn’t take any photos as i went along, but here I mocked-up the parts and the prototype upper deck. It should just be to start to build now, hopfully it want be to long before i get some time to do so.
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