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  1. bjorklo

    TT-02B MS WEE

    Thanks for that tip, i will for sure look into that.. time to google
  2. bjorklo

    TT-02B MS WEE

    Me too, really looking forwad to getting this one build... Yeah it will be in the typical MS scheme since this is what makes this model special, in my opinion.
  3. bjorklo

    TT-02B MS WEE

    Ok, so why did I get this car, here’s the thing. I recently bought a used DF-03 MS and the car just fell apart due to bad plastic. I was trying to get a new one, but I couldn’t find one to an reasonable price, but I did find the TT-02B MS and thought It would be a good replacement. I have chosen to call this project “White Edge Edition” since I’m going to use the white TT-02 chassis instead, where it’s possible. Here is the extra hop-up parts I’m going to use: Tamiya OP-1875 (54875) TT-02 Oil Gear Differential Unit X 2 Tamiya OP-1477 (54477) Gearbox Joint for Universal Shaft (TT-02) X 2 Tamiya OP-1558 (54558) TT-02 Aluminum Motor Mount Tamiya OP-1820 (54820) TT-02B Stainless Steel Shaft & Support Bridge Tamiya OP-1752 (54752) TT02 Steering Upgrade Parts Tamiya OP-1754 (54754) TT-02B Carbon Damper Stays (Front & Rear) Tamiya OP-1500 (54500) TT-02 High Speed Gear Set (68T) Tamiya OP-791 (53791) DF-02 Assembly Universal Shaft X 2 Tamiya OP-926 (53926) DF-03 Aluminum Damper Set Tamiya 54186 4WD Buggy Dual Block Tires K (62/35,Rear) Tamiya 54185 Dual Block Tires K (Front 62/25) Tamiya 47336 White TT-02 D Parts (Motor Mount) Tamiya 47338 White TT-02B B Parts (Upright) Tamiya TT-02 White 51527 A-Pieces Steering Knuckle Wheel Hubs Tamiya TT-02 White 51530 D-parts Battery Holder Square STD-252 Titanium Screws for TT-02 Eagle Racing Alu Servo Mount for Tamiya TT02 As always I think this will be a long term project, so not sure when I get to start on it or when it will be done. I also have a special twist on this build, but I will save it to the car is ready to be revealed, so stay tuned.
  4. Hi, thanks for that tip, but i got a kit sorted. Painting the chassis would not be an option for me since the car will be used.
  5. Here's a very long movie with some Top-Force driving i did when on vactaion in Spain. At a later stage i will try to short the movie down, to just the best scenes. And sorry about the quality, it seems like youtube have changed the resolution.
  6. My Top-Force runner.. So much fun and it goes almost fast enough for me
  7. Didn't find any front damper towers on ebay, as suggested, so I'm still searching for this particular part.
  8. Hi and thanks for your answer. I will have a look at the towers on ebay, and see if that's the way to go. I bought the df03ra front damper tower just to use the mounts if they fit, I haven't tried em yet, but hopefully they will work. If not then I sure hope to find the kawada front kit, or in worst case I have to handcraft a mount of some kind. It seams like there have been quite allot of aftermarket parts for the model, if you have a look at the very special car on ebay, which have an all carbon fiber chassis, I would of course love to have one like that but I guess that is even harder to come buy.
  9. Hi, i’m trying to find a kawada TBA103 front damper tower for my df03, anyone have one for sale or know of a place that have one? Also if you have one and don’t want to sell i would be grateful, to get a drawing of the tower. if you could take the tower and lay it on a paper and draw around it and mark the holes, that way i could make my own in carbon fiber. cheers, Odd-Arne
  10. Bought myself a new Graupner/kyosho Alpina. Like the one I allready have, just the new one comes with box, unpainted body and not yet applied stickers . https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=124537&id=8721
  11. Took the Top-Force out for a spinn today in the park. Such an excellent park with all kind of different ground to drive on, concrete, grass and sand. Had a good time as always but all good things comes to an end Good thing I found the axle, then I at least could give it a go trying to fix this. Did a quick fix, to be able to do some more runs Guess I will have to get a new undercover Hopefully there will be some beach running also... One day, I will try to make a video with some highlights.
  12. Been doing a little maintenance and upgrading on my runner Top-Force. First I did was to change the metall balls in the diff with the ceramic one's I got. Changed both rear and front. Then I needed to change one of the steering knuckles and since I only had black one's I changed em both. I also added som new velcro to keep the body and undercover togheter again. Only thing to fix now is this one. Didn't bother to search for it now. Hopefully I will get time to take it for a spinn, fingers crossed. Update I also bought titanium screws to use on my tt02ms, I also bought a rear Frp damper tower to use on the df03ms
  13. Let's hope so, but to me this sound like it's not coming, they are giving us the parts to build our own version of a Top-Force. Of course there are some parts missing in order to get a finished evo... Fingers crossed for a rerelease of the evo.....
  14. Got another hop up diff for the TT-02MS and the carbon fiber demper towers.
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