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  1. Oh, nooo... sorry to hear this. Your an absolute master on the scratch builds, have loved all of them. Until next time...
  2. It's been a long time since I posted in this thread, but today I found the running video i did of the car about 3 year ago Any other update on the Optima mid front. Well the other one I got just after I sold this one, is still in the project box. I did get the rere, and I guys it will be built before the vintage one gets restored. I think this will be my last post in this thread when it comes to updates about this project.
  3. Hei, og takk for tipset. Jeg har fått tak i 2 sorte faktisk siden jeg la ut denne. Skulle kanskje ha husket på å fjernet den. Men ja skulle veldig gjerne hatt det hvite, men har nok handlet litt for mye i det siste. Du har ikke lyst på et sort chassis da
  4. I'm on the lookout for a Leonis body set, or just the body would also do. Anyone have one to part with? Cheers, /Odd-Arne
  5. So I have had a chat with the guy behind the Nimrod-racing page on FB, and to be honest I have no idea if it is the same guy's from before or not, he wouldn't say. Maybe it's someone in this forum, who knows? But he want to continue in the Nimrod-Racing spirit and that is cool, if he has gotten permission from the previous guy's to use the same name I don't now. But looking on the parts he has designed and made, I kind of feel the Nimrod-racing spirit, but in an updated version. He would be willing to help me in designing the upper to lower deck, so if he is able to do that I would be very happy, because that would mean that I most likely could finish up my dyna light project :-)
  6. @Collin I just posted on the FB site to hear if it's the same person/company or the hear what their story is using the Nimrod-Racing name.
  7. So good to see you back here Singapore:959 . I'm trying to build a car from the different parts I have managed to source. It has come to a stop, as I'm having some problems to get the top to bottom deck made, but I have a plan, to make this either by 3D printing or carbon fibre, I just need to find the time to proceed. It would have been epic to get the CAF files if you find them. WOW, your car sure looks the thing I have never seen that setup before, just the setup Joe999 ( Jochen) have on his car. If you ever consider selling please let me know
  8. yeah, thats more important than the kit
  9. Thanks, glad to hear that you like it. Wow, you started with an Optima Mid when you got your first hobby graded RC, that is awesome.. For me it was the Grasshopper :-)
  10. True true. I will try to use as many as possible of the existing parts, but body and decals, and tires i must have new. Not sure when to do this, got to many projects going on 🤪
  11. Thanks.. Yeah it did take some time, and I was very pleased with the result. Now I need to do it one more time since I sold this one, regret doing so, got another one that need just as much work to it 🤪
  12. bjorklo

    TT-02B MS WEE

    hehe, yeah I guess your right... I'm planning to try building another car from the left overs, so hopefully I'm not missing to much stuff. Thanks for the tip about the e-clips rods... think I must get a set of them...
  13. Hi @Fuijo I’m doing just fine, how about you? No i did not find any to use. Ahh, those looks perfect. Yeah i would love to get those, I’ll drop you an message. Cheers.
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