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  1. @colin Here are some pictures from @joe999, Jochen's other build thread hope they will help?
  2. Wow, that is so cool.. You got this far already. Looks good.
  3. Yeah, that is one way, or two ways to do it, that would be pretty easy to do. I would love to do it in carbon fibre, that would be epic. I for sure see your point, thay said, for me this is not a question if it works good or not. For me this project is mainly to build an Nimrod Dyna Lightning as close to the way Nimrod did them self. For sure I will not be able to find all the original Nimrod parts, and for the parts I can't find i will take the time or cost to get an replica part made. Once I have done this project I might have a look to see if the Nimrod parts can be made even better, if I find the time and motivation to do so.
  4. I would for sure like to get one as close to original Nimrod as possible with a little improvement to the mount, that crack on Jochen's part. I also think that 3D printing is the way to go on this part.
  5. Yeah i can understand that.. it twists and turns all places.. Not sure what could be used to mold it, my first thoughts goes towards some sort of clay. But not sure if there is one that is not that fragile. Anyone have a good idea of what could be used?
  6. Hi @joe999, Jochen. Is there anyway that you could try to take some measurements of the motor air intake? Maybe lay it on a paper and write some of the measurements on it. And do it for as many as possible sides of it? This would for sure help for 3D modeling it.
  7. Thanks Matthias. Yeah for me it's definitely one of my top favourite 2wd buggy's. Thanks so much Jochen this is highly appreciated. Auch, to bad that happened. But good thing that it stays in place with the moss rubber block.
  8. Yeah, I have seen them. That should be good enough photos to replicate the part. That is Jochen's car, so maybe I can get some more photos from him. thanks. Got a bit bored building that chassis, and when the the parts also had different shade of green I kind of lost interest.. but will get it done one day, just need to get the parts from the donor car washed.
  9. Yeah that would be cool. But would just be on road with no jumps.. 😛 boooooring 😂. I will consider it..
  10. True, could be possible to make one that somehow on first sight looks like one without being the real thing. We'll see. 👍🏼 Yeah this one is for the shelf, I wouldn't dare to drive it. Yeah I will try to get the airhose replicated, but I think my 3d drawing skills aren't good enough so will have to find someone to help me out.
  11. Ohh man, to bad you didn't get all the parts you ordered. I just wish I knew about this parts back then. Yeah... Then this one is going to be taken apart and used for spares. And maybe one day I will consider trying to replicate the 211x
  12. Wow, if that car really is an 211X it will for sure not become an donor car for this project but a project itself to be restored. Could I really be this lucky? Thanks Collin for making me aware of this. Looking closer and comparing some of the special parts such as suspension arms and front damper tower it seems to have been replaced with "standard" tamiya parts so not sure what this car is. Is it a dyna storm that have been tried converted into an 211x or an 211x that needed some new parts I guess would not be that easy to get hold on, so the previous owner had gotten Dyna Storm parts, I don't know.. But the body looks to be the same and I would guess that is lot easy to come by, so that makes me suspect that it could have been an 211x in the start, maybe? But then again looking at the alu plate the motor is mounted to this one is also original Dyna Storm, and I can't really see how it would have needed replacement. Nevertheless I'm looking forward to getting it to compare it with my original Dyna Storm. Looking even more and I see the front bulkhead are not 211x and the top chassis plate. So now I'm pretty sure this is just an racers car that knew about the 211x and tried to convert his/her car and give it some of the advantages the 211x had. Pretty sure @pUs could confirm my suspect.
  13. This have been a project I have wanted to do for a very long time now. So what have been stopping me. Well the fact that Nimrod who make the special parts don’t produce em anymore and that these parts most likely were not sold to many of, have done the search for the parts take a very long time. I started to hope this would be possible when I managed to get hold on a package with several of the parts from Lee in the Dyna Storm fb group. And just recently I decided to ask around if anyone had the parts and we’re willing to sell em to me or to make an drawing of them. To my luck I was offered the blade wheels from Paul a fellow TC member and Jochen actually took his great car apart just to make me an 1:1 drawing of the chassis plate and a rough drawing of the undercover. So thank you very much to them. In the overview picture Nimrod made of parts for the Dyna Storm it looks like they uses the TR-15T transmission and yet another TC member, Michael, stepped up and offered me a complete transmission. I have learned allot from Paul and Jochen about the story of Nimrod and the parts, I will try to share some of it through this project thread. So why Dyna Lightning? I saw this name on the car to Jochen and asked him if this was a name he had given to the model or Nimrod. This is actually the name Nimrod gave to this model and they also made an sticker to go with the model. So I will have to get one of those. Would love to find one original but i think I will have to get one made. So here are some pictures of the parts I got so far. Since the rear suspension arms area Nimrod V3 version (most likely) they have been designed like the TR-15T arms and are a bit longer than standards, they do need longer drive shafts. A fun fact, from Paul the previous owner of the wheels: “The Nimrod rear rims were modelled to accept modern 2.2 tires, so were wider and had a larger diameter than the Tamiya star dish rims. I wanted a set to fit the original tires, so they custom made these and were the only set in existence at the time. In fact you may well have the only set in the whole world How cool isn’t that The rear wheels And the front wheels The motor cover The rear suspension arms The front suspension arms The front mounting block And the front bumper So what is next? I need to decide if I should use my new built Dyna Storm as a donor car for this one or if I should get another one, or try to get the missing parts I need to complete the car. There is also some remaining parts that Nimrod made that I’m searching for as the very special upper to lower deck they made, and the air flow channel to the motor and probably some i have forgot right now. Also in the overview picture I found on their website it was a special rear damper tower this i have been told was not made for sale so I will have to replicate it. I will also where possible make carbon fiber parts even if Nimrod maybe didn’t do it. To get the strongest possible gearbox for the car I decided to go with the TR-15T just like it seems Nimrod did with their car. In addition there are also some other parts from the TR-15T i think can be used since them were on the overview picture from Nimrod I also managed to get an donor car for this project which will be good for the little things I need that I haven’t thought about. But most importantly this means I don’t have to use my shelfqueen for parts in this build. Hopefully it will arrive sometime within a month.
  14. Cool.. To me this looks like the next level vanquish... Update : ahhh VQS = Vanquish 😊😊😊
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