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  1. Had a little pressie waiting for me when I got home today - thanks @Toad16v that was very kind of you!
  2. My best snipe was when I had my midlife crisis on the way to the supermarket - pulled over into a bus stop & won a Porsche with 20sec to go. What was all that about? Just bid on a Porsche. What a real one? Yep. Bright red is it? Yep. Thought it probably would be, did u win? Yep. Ok well I’ll go get the shopping then - try not to buy a Hawaiian shirt & a new girlfriend while I’m gone.
  3. Car’s sweet but that’s a Tidy job on Billy too bud
  4. Savage is now electric ..and very fast
  5. Used correctly LiPo are safe, just more needy, but usually it’s worth it for the runtimes in older stuff & power in newer stuff. My flippant post was largely humour & a dig at Tamiya, not at people like you & I applaud the running of vintage Tamiya but in some cases it does seem like going all round the houses & paying over the odds to end up running essentially the same thing as a rere made from fresh plastic.
  6. Only a few years back, before all the badwording re-re badword completely badworded up my hobby *snarl* there was huge satisfaction in finding parts & real kudos running restored cars where there was any risk involved, £60 for a VLB bodyshell in goodish nick was normal & body posts were non-existent so racing them about took balls. Cheap buggies like Manta Rays, Terra Conquerors etc were nothing on eBay so they got fired off ramps & used in firework experiments(!), the really expensive stuff were 3 speeds because they were rare & complete Clods because we’d used up all the axles making crawlers ha ha. Common road stuff like TL-01s, TT-01s, M-03s was cheap as chips so we all had a drifter or three as well. Anyway yes, nowadays there’s little point running anything original, or even owning it (unless it’s of personal sentimental value) just get the new version with a LiPo some 2.4 & save the tears.
  7. Yes ur right, perfect for those - looking back it seems I used them a lot, including the WW2..
  8. Going on the bonnet of a crawler mate it’s guaranteed I’ll lose them way before they have chance to rust
  9. Yes this a first for me - I asked a question on the correct forum!
  10. Yes they are definitely them - very kind of you, thanks! I’ll drop you a DM
  11. Cheers for doing that - yeah they must be the ones, excellent.
  12. I just don’t know - I had loads about 15yrs ago but I can’t remember where from.. in my mind I was connecting them with AE because I used them on my T4 & B4.
  13. Anyone know what make these clips are? Made if thin wire with a nice big loop for grip, great for lunchboxes. I want some.
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