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  1. Took my Schumacher Cat to a skate park once - wore the fronts through & they fell off so I drove on the rims
  2. I stand corrected! Bravo sir! Dry grass/dirt is great but we also raced in the wet at our club and I usually did well so I prayed for rain. There were ppl even then who didn’t come out in the rain though it has to be said. For me trying to waterproof/protect the electrics was all part of racing. Lap counting was hard with the mud on the numbers tho & there was plenty of fall-outs over that. Oh and operating your transmitter inside a plastic bag hahaha 🤣
  3. Takes me back, cheers for posting Wooders much appreciated. Yes I’m in a minority of ONE on here lol. I’m not anti-progress with all aspects of RC though far from it, LiPos BL motors telemetry etc has made helis awesome and I’m loving that
  4. Ha thing is that photo you posted is exactly how I liked it and confirms even more that the hobby I knew is history! My Kyosho Lazer ZX came home like that regularly, I used to wash it down with a pump up garden sprayer then disassemble & rebuild it like new, every if it was just dusty. I’d love to have done 1/8 buggy in those days but I couldn’t afford it, they really churned the mud up! RC racing used to be Stiff Little Fingers, now it’s Coldplay.
  5. Brilliant! Yes I was in bits, that was an expensive buggy BITD and full of Novak goodies - the best in my fleet at the time, probably cried if it’d gone lol. Ha I’ve done that but at Santa Pod I was right round the other side of the track when I realised, hot August bank holiday, leathers. A zebra crossing around the 1/8mi point would’ve been handy
  6. Nearly did.. after taking this shot of my brushless B4 I was on my way home and suddenly had a terrible feeling I’d left it in a busy public park Following a U-turn and rather ‘focussed’ 20min drive back I was very relieved to see it still sat where I’d left it!
  7. Thanks for the link, unfortunately I’m allergic to Facebook but I did look EARCC up on Google, seems like a decent enough club but the racing didn’t appeal, sorry. Anyway since starting this thread I’ve made the decision to pack in the cars altogether. After 44yrs of doing it I can’t shake off the ‘I used to do that but when it was good’ feeling which is completely the wrong attitude to have about a hobby and makes me bitter. Besides I’ll gain another hobby flogging all the clobber! Other than that it’ll just be my vintage restos & helis.
  8. I built an Element over Christmas but lost interest & still haven’t gotten around to painting it. It handled the office terrain fine tho
  9. I wouldn’t swap my MT-44 for anything, for me it’s the best (car) radio I’ve ever used & I’ve used top-end stuff costing way more. It took me a while to get it set up physically, including a slight chamfer on the trigger & some messing about with shims, spring tensions etc but once dialled in it fits like it’s not there & it’s pretty much weightless with a LiPo pack in it. Firmware & software do all I want it to and plenty more I’ll never use, good clear display, cloned RX’s are cheap as chips from Ali, it’s even got flashy blue LED mood lighting in case ur into rap or wear shades indoors. I actually got mine without servos bc I like to choose those for myself so can’t comment on the Sanwa ones but the TX is a fine bit of kit. Highly recommend it. Way more modern looking than an equivalent Futaba too..
  10. I remember a Mugen MRX4 + engine setting me back a fair bit at the time & I’ve had some quite expensive radios over the years but if you really want to get rid of the cash get into helis.
  11. Oh yes I get the reasons I just don’t like it, at all. Like I said it’s all evolved into something I’m not interested in so I’ll swerve actual racing & stick to what I’m doing.
  12. Thanks BG I appreciate that. I’ve come to the conclusion that r/c car racing has moved on.. to somewhere I just don’t want to be. Back in prehistoric times I raced i.c. circuit cars on tarmac and electric buggies on dirt, the idea then was to mimic real racing cars but now it’s to mimic Gran Turismo. That’s how I see it anyway. I will look into the Rackheath club (1hr from me) to see what they do but I’m not hopeful. I’ve also looked into switching to powerboats for a more interactive surface and possible even some naughty nitro(!) but so far I’ve not found anything near me.
  13. That takes me back.. we were so poor we only had the one cell & grandpa soldered it to his tongue to keep warm in the winter.. we didn’t have much, but we were happy.
  14. One day I might hire some friends & give running r/c cars on the beach a go.
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