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  1. Got a Savage XL roller that I want to turn into a Flux using HPI parts - anyone on here done this? The official kit is discontinued so the plan is to get a XL Flux parts list to compare it to the nitro one, add up the cost of the different bits and (if it was substantially cheaper than a new car) get the bits off eBay or wherever. If not I'll probably just blow the money on prostitutes & viagra. Cheers, Buzz.
  2. Loved my Jug2 but only after I'd stretched the wheelbase and made the cab flip like the bed lol. I wish I'd thought of Shodog's trick with the tyres tho... Doh!
  3. Mad Zero

    Spektrum DX4S with AVC

    Nail, head, hit!
  4. Mad Zero

    Show your alternative boddies

    Don't know if this counts but here's a Pumpkin body on a TLT crawler I made.. remember this one Andy.??
  5. Mad Zero

    Spektrum DX4S with AVC

    Thanks this is what I was hoping to hear.. interesting about the binding too
  6. I was looking at the Spektrum DX4S and reading about it's AVC (active vehicle control) system - is it any good? I had been thinking of trying a heli gyro in one of my cars to help stability on loose surfaces but would the DX4S do this for me anyway..? Also, can I assume that the older normal non AVC Spektrum receivers would bind ok to the DX4S transmitter?
  7. Mad Zero

    Grasshopper Black Edition in the pipeline.....

    Here you go BB..
  8. Mad Zero

    My Super Hornet-ish Grasshopper

    Looks superb and will make a great gift for the little'un..!
  10. Mad Zero

    Grasshopper Black Edition in the pipeline.....

    Hi, I just got a bit more prep to do on the chassis (locknuts here n there and some waterproofing) then it'll be done - should be in my showroom by this evening..
  11. Mad Zero

    Grasshopper Black Edition in the pipeline.....

    I'm actually really liking my Blackhopper (lol I'm patenting that name!) now that it's got it's stripes on, I used the red/green ones on mine as I don't like the yellow ones it makes it look like a Hornet..
  12. My most popular entry is a diff locking 'how to' guide added 29/12/2007 at 3151 but for current models it's a Mardave Ministox added 14/06/2010 at 1641
  13. Mad Zero

    Grasshopper Black Edition in the pipeline.....

    I'd swap my new black body for a green one in a heartbeat
  14. Mad Zero

    Grasshopper Black Edition in the pipeline.....

    Very nice job there!
  15. Mad Zero

    Car list updating ( need help guys )

    yeh well I went to the loo didn't I.. or I'd have had ya!