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  1. I like to use primer to help identify the mold lines. The HG truck had some serious flashing along the top/sides of the front fenders. @87lc2 The beds and cap came out fantastic on your trucks! Nice work.
  2. This same scenario happened to me. Now I know why my Dad didn't like going to the shop and spending money.
  3. Finespec radios are very nice. I have a TTU-09 for by Bruiser re-re. Futaba radios are fantastic too. Most of my cars have Futaba gear. BUT, for those of us that have dozens of cars, the FlySky radios are perfect. The receivers are cheap and they work perfectly fine.
  4. I thought OP asked if the Frog could be brought withing striking distance of a 6 gear RC10? Did I miss something?
  5. I always thought the Frog's handling was kinda weird. It should drive like a mid-motor car but the motor is so high, I think it makes the rear lose traction. The short wheelbase probably amplifies it. Or it could be the other way around. I don't think, drivers being equal, it could outrace an RC10 of the same era.
  6. I did the same. I installed an extra 540 Johnson motor I had lying around. Yes, I had to do some modifications to get the ESC and switch in right. First, I cut a notch in the ESC box instead of having the wires come out from under the battery box. This makes it much easier to plug and unplug the battery. Second, I had to remove some material on the switch mount to install the Tamiya ESC I'm using.
  7. I removed the stock steering servo saver and used a Tamiya heavy duty one. Initially, I also purchased a horn that was too long.
  8. You haven't been able to drive it yet? Have you driven a re-re Bruiser? I thought it was weird that they drive and sound different despite looking identical.
  9. Well, those are certainly pretty. I will probably upgrade both cars with some alloy shocks at some point. I thought I had a set of the pink/red shocks that fit the FF01/TA02 series but I can't find them.
  10. Nice, I love the carbon fiber. What is the part number for the gold shocks? I was digging around in my parts box and found a couple sets of the Tamiya silver turnbuckles. I'll probably add those to the FF-01.
  11. Ok, here they are. The FF-03 is stock other than the bearings mentioned in the post above. The FF-01 is stock other than I added bearings, motor heat sink and some HPI wheels and tires. The FF01 did not come with bearings and it advertised that it included a 3-step speed control. Yes!
  12. I had a Big Brute too. I wore it out. The plastic half shafts turned into four pointed stars. I cracked a bulkhead and the weird wheel mounting thingies also cracked. I think I changed out the stock shocks, but I don't remember what I used instead. The steering got sloppy once the steering slider started wearing out. I think I still have the body somewhere. That's all I have left.
  13. I've always thought that the steering knuckles for those Ultimas were very brittle. I broke so many that I still have NIB spares in my parts box. I built an Ultima from spare parts a while back. I used some new (at the time) RB5 parts to get 2.2 wheels all around. I worked well. Much stronger and access to more tire options.
  14. So yeah, I know I'm late to the FF-03 party. I just assembled my JAS Motorsport Civic and Wow. It's light years ahead in terms of adjustability and features compared to my FF-01 New Beetle. The only mods I've added are bearings to the rocker arms and steering. I still have to paint and assemble the body. I also need to bring out my FF-01 and make some changes there. I haven't driven it in so long.
  15. Nice! I did not realize it was belt drive. Looks fantastic!
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