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  1. Alright. I think it's ready for the paint booth. This may wind up being a one color spray while using the included Dirtmaster decals and some assorted others from my stash. I swapped out the Dirtmaster wing with a JConcepts 5.5 inch version. Also, just for fun, I changed the tires to the stock Dirtmaster ribbed fronts and pin rears. I was hoping to paint the body this weekend, but we are supposed to get rain.
  2. Fantastic build. Quick note: On my build, I added some track bars which I later removed because they did bind the suspension a bit. And per my PM, the spacers indeed do work on the Re-Re. Also, if you want to get crazy, I 3D printed some 1.9 wheels with the proper offset to get the front and rear track width to be equal. This also opened up the door to many more tire options.
  3. I like those shock towers. When I replaced the shocks on my Blackfoot Xtreme, I used a set of Traxxas oil shocks with red springs. They are ugly since they are generic black plastic, but they work very well. It looks like the shocks you have now would really benefit from some oil. Hopefully, they have proper seals and can handle it.
  4. "I quit" and then a build thread? Dude, you're going to be OK. We will support you and maybe you should switch to decaf.
  5. Finished! It's like I didn't do anything. At least my shocks won't be leaking anymore with the new cartridges. Also, if anyone knows where I can get a new front bumper, that would be great. The one I have is the original and it's rather worn. Plus, one of the holes is stripped.
  6. I found some time to replace the belts this weekend. It amazes me how these NOS Losi belts just dissolve into a sticky crumbly mess. One belt even left a tooth in the rear diff. Now that they have been replaced, I moved on to fixing the shocks. After disassembling them, I noticed a couple of shock shafts have scratches from the previous owner using pliers instead of a shock tool. I may have to replace them. Though, I could replace them with some AE parts I have on hand. Don't tell anyone.
  7. Yes, it's a bit fiddly but I really like this buggy. Recently, I replaced the bevel gears with the metal versions and updated the ball diffs with a proper diff nut. Lots of disassembly involved and I launched an e-clip into low earth orbit. Probably should have done this during the initial build but it was a good look into the transmission for any wear.
  8. It seems like they have everything ready for doing another re-release. The clear nonsense was probably a test run and since people went bananas for them, I feel they might take a chance and do it again. Last time didn't go so well. Fingers crossed for another go.
  9. This isn't really a build thread but more of a "I have to disassemble the whole car so it might as well be a build" thread. When I initially restored this buggy, I replaced the belts with original Losi parts. As history has shown, these belts literally dissolve as they age. I have a new set of belts from Tough Racing to install. Also, the original owner used a toothy set of pliers to tighten the shock cartridge to the shock bodies which massively distorted them so they leak. I did not realize that Losi still makes the cartridges so I bought a set to replace the old ones. This thread will show the disassembly, installation of new parts and then reassembly because the car will literally look the same after I make these updates. I don't remember if I told the story about this one but about 10 years ago I was buying old Novak ESCs. Mostly Cyclones and Atoms. I liked the Atoms because they are tiny and fit anywhere. I was searching ebay and found a Novak Cyclone still attached to this Losi XX4. The auction made no mention of the car being included and I didn't really care because it was a deal. I won the auction for $60. About a week later, I got a box with the car and the ESC. The car looked like it had been run and put away wet. The rear shock tower was broken, it was missing some parts including the body, and most of the metal parts had a thin layer of surface rust. I was able to source all the missing parts add some new ones and reassemble the car.
  10. Is this for the OG slipper or the new one?
  11. Do these YouTube micro influencers even generate sales? I'd love to know their metrics for this.
  12. I've found that the CVA shocks are perfectly capable if built correctly and with using AE's green slime. But, the TRF dampers are simply amazing. Yes, they are more expensive. Yes, you probably won't notice the difference on the track. Yes, they are smoother and longer lasting.
  13. I don't really miss out much...good luck, I guess. I normally check Kyosho USA and Tamiya USA sites for when they discount kits when a new version is coming out. I missed out on the Ultima RB7 to add to my Ultima collection. I still have one option left for getting one cheap. One of my local hobby shops has three of them gathering dust and still marked at full retail price. The boxes all have massive shelf wear from being constantly moved around to make room for newer stuff. Which reminds me, I should probably go look and see if they've dropped the price. This is the same place where I got my RB5 for my Dirt Master build.
  14. I want to go to bed. It's almost midnight here in Los Angeles so this thread is locked. I'm almost tempted to nuke the no words thread too. It barely offers any value, it's not searchable and this is the second or third time it has caused problems here. Grab a pint and relax. Sheesh.
  15. Alright. I've made edits to the offending post. Just FYI, the post in question did not violate any forum rules. The only issue is that the guy violated a made up rule by a forum member with no authority. Additionally, please keep this down to a dull roar. Having a discussion about this is fine, but there's no need to get personal. I don't want to have to lock this thread.
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