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  1. I went last year. I was done in an hour. So, I didn't go this year. It was LAME. But yeah, in the past, most of the big manufacturers were there and you could pick up free decals and buy gear.
  2. Does anyone have a part number for the body set? As I mentioned before, I want to use one for my NIB RB5. So, I'll have a modified Dirt Master or a Dirt Master - bodied RB5.
  3. I too tried a low profile Hitec servo that I had in my stash. It was too long and too wide. I've totally forgotten what I used instead. I'll have to go look.
  4. I was hoping it would be delayed until July. Then I can pass off as a birthday present for myself.
  5. I guess it's time for an update. I was missing some 4x8 bearings and some 5.8mm balls which was keeping me from adding turnbuckles and wheels. I made a small upgrade to the rear by adding axles with cross pin to eliminate the old pressure fit hexes. There's some miscellaneous hardware that needs to be replaced to Kyosho/period types like the front axle locknuts. The body was painted probably 10 years ago with a color shifting paint. I don't remember the brand or color. Really, all that's left is finding some suitable shocks and tires. Maybe a set of MCI decals with custom colors would look cool. Though, I have a ton of 90s era decals that would work nicely.
  6. Really? What side of whose bed did you wake up on this morning?
  7. Those cars are beautiful. Fantastic collection.
  8. I think that's part of the problem. Not knowing what to call it is making it hard to find. There needs to be some sort of picture glossary.
  9. Banned. 🤣 I'm totally kidding, don't want this to get out of hand. 😜
  10. Please excuse my ignorance. https://www.amainhobbies.com/schumacher-cat-l1-wide-rod-end-socket-pillow-ball-set-schu7367/p766188
  11. Yes. I guess what I'm looking for is something like these pillow balls on the left from Schumacher. This is p/n U7367.
  12. After installing the CVA dampers (I guess I got a cheap kit that didn't come with any of the upgrades mentioned ), I noticed there's a lot of slop using the kit supplied step screws and brass tubes. I have 5mm Tamiya ball connectors, so I can fix most of that. The problem is, I can't find a 5mm ball with a 3mm hole for the lower mount for the front shock. Does Tamiya make something like this? Or is there a suitable item from another manufacturer?
  13. Very nice! There are several big time fans of the FF01 here at Tamiya Club. It's nice to see these old cars getting another go. Last year, I upgraded my old VW New Beetle FF01 with a few period hop-ups and added a Castrol Civic body. The car is an absolute blast to bomb around in the back patio.
  14. I must be old because I remember doing this back in the 80s.
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