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  1. Years ago, I built an Ultima with some 80s/90s bits plus some modern wheels/tires and gave it a very fluorescent paint job. My favorite buggies are the Ultimas and RC10s from the late 80s and early 90s. It's probably easier to find parts for the RC10s.
  2. I would say most of my cars are non box art, especially my racers. Though, the last few Tamiya kits I have purchased have been box art. I currently have a FF03 Civic and an FF01 Civic that will get the box art treatment.
  3. The Tamiya Bruiser uses the Tamiya 51000 hi-torque servo saver for the steering and shifting. This is what I use.
  4. Yeah, same here. All my gear is packed waiting to move to our new house. I'm excited though because I'll have a workbench!! Once things settle down, I know I have a ton of stuff to post and project updates.
  5. Sometimes approvals slip through the cracks. You're all set now.
  6. Great build. I'm amazed that the chassis is just a huge transmission full of gears. How am I going to sneak one of these into the house without my wife seeing?
  7. Wow! That looks fantastic. One of my favorite Kyosho buggies.
  8. A .8 mod pinion is roughly a 31.75 dp pinion. Not exact but really, really close. It should work fine.
  9. Well, I hope this is true and they beef up a few bits. That was always a fun car to play with.
  10. Which version of the FF01 are you building? I have the VW New Beetle version and it shows the "correct" assembly. I'm guessing it's just a way to adjust rear toe. The wheelbase is the same with both configurations.
  11. Guys, let's stay on topic. This is not a covid political views thread. Thank you.
  12. Do you need Sideways specific parts or Ultima parts?
  13. The Bruiser is really a museum piece. Seriously, it's a fun build and it looks like a real Hilux. I drive mine around the garden. Full speed in top gear with the included motor is probably about as fast as you want to go with it, especially after all the hard work most of us put into the paintwork.
  14. I like it. Maybe if it's strong enough, you could add a winch mount for it?
  15. Sometimes they have good sales. Last May, they had the Bruiser for $500.
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