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  1. I have a completely disassembled Big Brute sitting in a storage container. I used to run that thing everyday, rain, shine, whatever. Eventually, it started wearing out..same issues that everyone has discussed. Worn out dogbones, cracked bulkheads, wobbly steering rack, general lose suspension parts. I have not made any effort to get it back to running condition. Have you guys had a hard time finding parts? Ideally, a replacement diff with metal dogbones would be nice. I believe one was made but I fear they are probably rare and expensive.
  2. It's great to see these old Frogs running again. My first rc car was a Frog. Years ago I found some new/old stock and replaced the worn out parts. Then i was too scared to run it. Luckily, the re-release came out and I bought one of those along with multiple sets of tires and another body set. Totally worth it.
  3. This should be fun. I was wondering about the G-made TS shocks for my F350. They look cool, but do they perform? Also, I was thinking of getting one of those HG P407s to bomb around in. I have a Bruiser re-release and it should be a museum piece. It's absolutely amazing.
  4. Yeah, that's what I figured. I'd like to use this radio on my F-350 too. The preprogrammed buttons on this thing are amazing.
  5. Hey guys! I bought a Tamiya Finespec TTU-09 4 channel radio for use with the Bruiser rerelease. Does anyone know where I can buy an additional receiver? Or if there's a compatible Futaba unit? I'm guessing it's Futaba. 😃
  6. @King Zulu It's time to take a break from the keyboard.
  7. That looks fantastic. I have a vintage turbo optima and a reissue body too. i just have not had time to paint it. May have time now due to recent events.
  8. There must be something in the air this week.
  9. This looks great. I just bought a rere body to finish the restoration of my Turbo. I started it 15 years ago!!!
  10. Do you have a list of part numbers that you used or did I miss it? Top job!
  11. I just want the body. I have a restored Turbo Optima that just needs a body.
  12. I think modifying is part of the fun. I'm going to try one of the hot racing ones. I really like some of the work that many members have done on their trucks.
  13. Hey guys! I know I'm late to the CC-01 game but I finally bought a FJ Cruiser. I've built it with bearings, of course, and the aluminum motor mount. I have the 54541Tamiya shocks on order for some shiny eye candy. While building this truck, I did notice that the steering seems a bit sloppy. I've done some forum searches but I'm not sure what is the best steering upgrade. There's several out there. I don't want to chop off the front and relocate the servo. I think I'm leaning towards the Hot Racing kits? Thoughts?
  14. I'm back too! We should have a party. I bought a CC-01 to get back into it.
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