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  1. Yeah, I've been wondering about parts availability too for the newer models. For sure, if you're looking at older stuff, it's hard to find. I have a nitro RS4-2 and nitro RS4-3, which I guess may be considered vintage at this point. Parts for those are impossible to find.
  2. I cleared out the comments in the "no words" thread to clean it up. Remember to let your friendly mods know if there is something that requires our attention.
  3. Ok, here's the status now. All the plastic parts have been replaced except for the two top plastic top plates and the steering bellcrank. I've added some Factory Works turbo ultima shock towers. The original ones are plastic and you're limited on only using shorter shocks all the way around. Next is figuring out if I have the correct sizes for Kyosho turnbuckles. I think I may be a short a short set. The original parts are solid plastic links. I still have a bunch of parts to find. I know I have new servo mounts somewhere and new drive shafts. Oh, the wing mounts are original too. They are in good shape despite being rolled over on many times.
  4. ...and it was delivered this afternoon. Yay!
  5. Yeah, I got a shipping notice this morning so I guess they are knocking out orders.
  6. Wow, sorry you had such a negative experience. This car brought nothing but joy to my brother and thanks for the luck! This car is basically an Ultima so I have tons of parts for it. Probably 20 years ago I obtained a boatload of Ultima/Optima spares. I had some time this weekend to blow off the dust and disassemble the car. The transmission was previously rebuilt with new internals and a new gear case so it was good. I broke open the NIB chassis, installed NOS suspension arms, added a NOS rear bulkhead (version 2), a NOS motor plate and a motor guard. I have an Ultima aluminum rear shock tower there just as a place holder.
  7. How long ago did you pre-order? Seems like they underestimated the demand.
  8. Oh, that's good. I've had one on backorder since August I think.
  9. Alright! 2nd build post. In the box with lots of shelf wear is an unbuilt Kyosho Ultima RB5. It was for sale at a local shop. The box was opened and several of the parts bags had also been opened. I was able to make a deal and upon a more detailed inspection at home, it was only missing the rear chassis plate. That's the part that connects the transmission to the main chassis. I guess someone opened the box and only removed that part. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ The only modification I'll make is adding the Lunsford turnbuckle set. The RB5 in the picture is my original RB5 that I bought back in 2007.
  10. Hey guys. If you can believe it, this is my first build thread. I figured I would start a couple since I literally do not have any spare time with full-time work, full-time school and a wife + 2 teen daughters. This way, I have an excuse for slow updates. So this car is a Kyosho Outrage which is a cheap-o Ultima and it actually belongs to my little brother. It was his first r/c car and he has no time to do any restorations since he also works full time but has like 47 kids. I had started doing a bit of a restoration years ago. I replaced the suspension arms, gear case and added some weird purple shock towers I had found. One of the huge issues is that the chassis is cracked in three places. I finally have a replacement chassis plus some other nos parts. So, this will go back to ALMOST stock with some performance updates. The shocks are AE gold shocks which may stay. I have not decided. I do have some period correct Duratrax gold shocks but they leak like a sieve and I think my brother may actually want to drive this since his boys are getting close to the age for driving r/c cars. Also, it's kinda dusty.
  11. Is this another ship of Theseus thought experiment? I've used re-re parts on almost all of my restorations, especially with ABS plastic bits that get brittle over time. Even a shelf queen will crack if the ABS parts are 30 years old.
  12. I had one of those Futaba MC112Bs. Talk about old school. Manually had to set the neutral and high end. Those had terrible brakes. Mine eventually burned out, no doubt because of using a motor that was way to hot for it.
  13. Please be alert guys. Easy_man is scamming people on other sites. Don't get scammed by people that don't participate.
  14. I've been ordering from Tower since the 80s. I've never joined their super saver club. I just don't order enough to justify spending money to save money.
  15. I usually like to have a ball bearing supported steering system. That and titanium turnbuckles are my usual hop-ups. What are the other hop-ups are there? Does this buggy have any known soft spots? Well, not like I'm going to race it every weekend, but you know, general weaknesses?
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