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  1. The point was to separate you from your money. There are several trucks and buggies that I missed out on back in the day. Thankfully, the re-releases have helped me add them to my collection. The two left that I really want would be the Losi JRX2 and Yokomo YZ834b. If either company were to re-release these, I would be first in line with cash in hand.
  2. I'm late to the game here with a comment. I've added the carbon fiber front and rear shock towers to my Cougar along with some titanium turnbuckles from Lunsford. I've been gingerly driving around with an old school 19 turn brushed motor. I'd like to add more speed but I feel I may run into the same transmission detonation that affected you. It looks like I may have to upgrade the transmission. I'm interested to know how the new one works once you've put a few hard laps in. September isn't that far away! Also, the manual should have a note that says: If you'd like to save 60 minutes of swearing and possible finger injuries, buy an aftermarket servo saver and the carbon fiber rear shock tower.
  3. How is the build going? The Leadfinger B7 body arrived this past Friday and I have some Lunsford turnbuckles arriving tomorrow. This may be the final RC10 build to have Lunsford titanium installed.
  4. I guess this thread should...stay?
  5. Great topic. Also, it's Friday night and I'm trying to enjoy my margarita. Don't be a buzz kill.
  6. I have not started my build yet but I love seeing your progress so far. Before I go any further, I should say, that I do like the paintwork you've just completed. I just saw a new retro body for the B7 made by Leadfinger RC. It has a "normal" buggy look with the cab towards the rear which is a shape that I like. I just ordered one. I'd like to get one for my B6.3 also once they start making those. Maybe I'll start a build thread once the new body arrives.
  7. Will they remake the Frog Jumper body, Mr. Frog Jumper? I think that's what everyone wants to know.
  8. I currently have a B7D sitting here new in box right next to me so I will be following your build. Generally, I would say to build your kit for the track you plan on racing at. Which means, you'll have to check around for tire choice, shock settings and gearing.
  9. So missing hardware not parts? Missing parts would be a first.
  10. I don't know. Sounds like drama. I would avoid.
  11. Yeah, I think that's the line. I've also crossed it. 🤣
  12. Ok, yeah, I'd be interested to see if they are acceptable.
  13. Finally complete and painted! The RB5 with a Dirtmaster body and tires with a JConcepts wing. I went with a Tamiya PS23 gunmetal grey and the wing is a metallic black. I wanted the blue parts to pop a little bit. I added most of the Dirtmaster decals and a few vintage ones to go with the body style.
  14. Here's the way mine (HG P407) looks now after all the updates and removal of crappy hardware and other subpar parts.
  15. This came out beautiful. I think it will look even better when you get the decals on.
  16. Tamiya part no 54558. Currently available at TamiyaUSA.
  17. Yeah. Pass. I have the previous RC10 re-release. What am I getting that's different? Laser etching and a cardboard stand? Maybe if it were $100 less, I'd order a couple.
  18. Welcome! Thank us for welcoming you!
  19. Alright. I think it's ready for the paint booth. This may wind up being a one color spray while using the included Dirtmaster decals and some assorted others from my stash. I swapped out the Dirtmaster wing with a JConcepts 5.5 inch version. Also, just for fun, I changed the tires to the stock Dirtmaster ribbed fronts and pin rears. I was hoping to paint the body this weekend, but we are supposed to get rain.
  20. Fantastic build. Quick note: On my build, I added some track bars which I later removed because they did bind the suspension a bit. And per my PM, the spacers indeed do work on the Re-Re. Also, if you want to get crazy, I 3D printed some 1.9 wheels with the proper offset to get the front and rear track width to be equal. This also opened up the door to many more tire options.
  21. I like those shock towers. When I replaced the shocks on my Blackfoot Xtreme, I used a set of Traxxas oil shocks with red springs. They are ugly since they are generic black plastic, but they work very well. It looks like the shocks you have now would really benefit from some oil. Hopefully, they have proper seals and can handle it.
  22. "I quit" and then a build thread? Dude, you're going to be OK. We will support you and maybe you should switch to decaf.
  23. Finished! It's like I didn't do anything. At least my shocks won't be leaking anymore with the new cartridges. Also, if anyone knows where I can get a new front bumper, that would be great. The one I have is the original and it's rather worn. Plus, one of the holes is stripped.
  24. I found some time to replace the belts this weekend. It amazes me how these NOS Losi belts just dissolve into a sticky crumbly mess. One belt even left a tooth in the rear diff. Now that they have been replaced, I moved on to fixing the shocks. After disassembling them, I noticed a couple of shock shafts have scratches from the previous owner using pliers instead of a shock tool. I may have to replace them. Though, I could replace them with some AE parts I have on hand. Don't tell anyone.
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