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  1. Perhaps they finally found a cure [] [8-)], Twinset I could say the same thing about rock LOL [].
  2. LOL, yeah thanks I have the more driver experience and my car is very well maintained I also have a nice 3600mah battery up my sleeve, or should I say under my car[].
  3. Ok my mate recently bought a rising storm and I need to beat him in a race with a fox the terrain will probably be rough concrete maybe a bit of grass and possibly a bit o' dirt in the mix aswell. Any tips on how to beat him? both cars will be running standard cans.
  4. It's great your all into the "old school" or as It should be known pure hip-hop[<)]. Most older people "disagree" with hip-hop because of it's swearing and refernces to violence and drugs but most of the great hip-hop artists lifes have involved these things examples NWA, Tupac, Dre, Snoop so shouldn't there songs involve these things? Unlike many death metal bands like I dunno Slayer or Ozzy Osbourne who have had a comfortable upbringing and choose to sing about Mutillation, Cruelty to Animals and Sadistic killing. Anyway in short Hip-Hop rules!
  5. Well it's not really a song but there is this amazing Tupac Vs Biggie freestyle battle that I love, my fave song is probally Tupac - All Eyes On Me. My fave artists are Tupac and everyone from NWA and their are a couple of funky DJ's like Dj Tiesto and DJ Yoda.
  6. GTA games are made by Rockstar and Rockstar North who's location was next to Leith links in Edinburgh and now opposite the ST James centre in Edinburgh, so they base a quite a lot of names and places from Edinburgh around the games.
  7. I would go for the Jato, I've had a look around online for spares for the XTM and it seems that spares are only readily available in the USA. The Jato is a very good, very fast truck and most of the bad comments you hear on it are just AE, Losi fans bashing Traxxas[:@]. Heres a good article regarding the Jato www.rccaraction.com/articles/traxxas_jato3.asp.
  8. Although Nitro isn't my strong point I was looking for one a while ago and was seriously thinking about a T-Maxx, what steered me away was the fact that alot of people are commenting on the T-Maxx's durablity or lack of. Personally I would look into the Jato or although you haven't listed it this. www.modelsinmotion.co.uk/product.asp?productid=17732&catCode=519&tamiya=268 Similar to the Jato albeit a little cheaper, it's not very common in the UK but it is fairly popular in the USA It's your choice...
  9. Yeah, post yer mugs! It's often really weird to have a face put behind someone online, and It's strange that some people are so different to what you thought!
  10. Do you ever let other people drive your rc cars? Personally my friends aren't really interested although I did used to drive my Madcap around with them and they were always carefull and if a random person asked the answer would be no, unless it was like in a LHS then I would because they have experience.
  11. Or you could push the boat out, litterelly this has the power! www.fusionhobbies.com/model_info/jat3.htm Personally I would just wait 'till the new FG's come out and see what you prefer.
  12. Man this car is big pimpin, it's rollin on tinfoil dogg! Seriously though it looks like it was made on Blue Peter!
  13. Oh yeah and all those pictures were coutresey of Top Gears fantastic Carbage section[]. www.topgear.com/content/timetoburn/sections/carbage/pages/0464/
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