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    My name is Massimo Russo from Turin, Italy. I love this hobby and the cinema too.
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  1. Yes, I did it. I used to cut with scissors some strips of sponge and the glue them to one side of the gearbox, then greased them and close the gearbox. This kept sand, dust and debris out. Max
  2. Tamiya Legend group on Facebook, one of the biggest groups, I believe with more than 6000 members. Founded by Glenn, I become the administrator when Glen quitted, now we are two administrators and two moderators. Max
  3. Nice to see that I made school. Max
  4. I'm referring your image with the Boomerang stickers by MCI. I drawn the MCI stickers for Boomerang, Madcap and Vanquish. Max
  5. kontemax

    Avante 89

    Arghhh!!! You are stealing all my ideas. Also the Avante narrowed front wheels... Max
  6. I have black roll cage on my Wild One and it is really better than red one. Max
  7. That licence plate... TO, Torino, my city. Max
  8. I perfectly know this model in the pictures because it's mine. What you don't know is that my model has been for years in a shop window under the sun and the plastic became brittle. Infact the repair has made before the use. Anway, being so brittle, the rear motor mount took a lot of abuses on the track and never broke more than that lines you see in the picture. I also own a Dyna Storm that uses the same part. Also the Dyna Storm has been abused on the track with big jumps and the rear motor mount never broke. This could not be trusty but it's my experience. Max
  9. Well, I've seen the entire manual and my opinion is that Tamiya lost another occasion with this rerelease of the Super Astute. Except for the TTC, I see always the same issues. Tamiya modified the only part that didn't really needed to be modified, the slippery clutch. I run the Super Astute for a while and the only problem with the TTC were the lack of pinion gears and the difficulties to the fine set up the clutch but anyway the part was good enough. At the end the weak points of the model remains the same. Who needs a 6 mm embossed rear plate if the A1 part still continue to break? Other weak points? - Rear arms mounts - Rear Hubs. - Rear shock tower. - Front bulkhead. - Flexible single sheet FRP chassis plate. No upperplate. - 6 mm ball joint replaced with smaller ones. - No adjustable turnbuckles. - No CVDs. Another issue: 730 brass bearings all around. Weight on suspension in abundance. The gear differential works good. Would I buy anyway this model if I would have the money and if I wouldn't have a Vintage Super Astute new in box? Yes, for sure, cause a Super Astute is always a Super Astute. I hope that Tamiya, or some thirty part brands, will release some hop up for this car. Max
  10. I raced the Dark Impact in the past years. The model needs to be upgraded. Once do it I believe it's fast. Slippery clutch, CVDs all around and full steel rear diff cups are mandatory. Max
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