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    My name is Massimo Russo from Turin, Italy. I love this hobby and the cinema too.
    Cheers Ciao. Max

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  1. Concerning my old post from the far 2014 I was right upon one thing: after 6 years Hot Shot II yet not rereleased. Max
  2. You resumed a very old post. Obviously I was speaking about original models, without modifications. Currently I think that the best option for the best performances with non modified Hot Shot serie models is the Boomerang with Bigwig front suspension arms and dampers. It's the lighter model with the longer dampers. Max
  3. Why do you think this? I don't believe it. They are rare, simply. I own a NIB Terra Scorcher and a runner. Max
  4. This is the result of the anodizing on my Hi Cap for the Avante 2001. Light gold like the original Avante. Max
  5. You never PMed me to anodize the shocks. Max
  6. Some sort of Dyna Storm, Dyna Blaster, TR-15T, Super Astute uprights but in red. Max
  7. Sorry, I don't sell the kit or the parts. Max
  8. Yes, I did it. I used to cut with scissors some strips of sponge and the glue them to one side of the gearbox, then greased them and close the gearbox. This kept sand, dust and debris out. Max
  9. Tamiya Legend group on Facebook, one of the biggest groups, I believe with more than 6000 members. Founded by Glenn, I become the administrator when Glen quitted, now we are two administrators and two moderators. Max
  10. Nice to see that I made school. Max
  11. I'm referring your image with the Boomerang stickers by MCI. I drawn the MCI stickers for Boomerang, Madcap and Vanquish. Max
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