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    My name is Massimo Russo from Turin, Italy. I love this hobby and the cinema too.
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  1. Terra Scorcher, as top end of the Thunder Shot line, absolutely deserves the Hi Cap Dampers. Max
  2. This is probably the best Madcap of all Tamiyaclub and related forum. Max
  3. The perfect rims for this model are the Rough Rider style rims, in white. Or Mangels wheels style, in white. Max
  4. Performance seems ok, the model is fast and the suspension work is efficient in my opinion. It's ugly, simply. Max
  5. Ahahahah I assumed that my serious and half-joking comment would generate hype and scandal. The bodywork of the model is indisputably ugly, anyone who knows me knows my positions regarding beauty and ugliness, my language was deliberately hyperbolic and emphatic. Max
  6. Better but not good. Also because worse was impossible. Max
  7. You really have to be an absolute evil genius to design such a historic, ugly, devastating abortion. The perfect synthesis of wrong choices, bad taste, cognitive inconsistency and total inability to distinguish between good and evil mixed with an infinite arrogance in wanting to try to do a job of which one has no ability, competence, art, awareness, ability of judgment, intuition, taste and enlightenment. There is no color scheme that can save or beautify this monstrosity. Max
  8. Another one is Tamiya Legends that I know very well. He was interested only on numbers. I also invented the name of the FB group, then I was kicked off. He has also a YT channel. Bad person. Max
  9. Just yesterday I found the YT channel of Kevin Talbot where he destroys everything. I commented very bad under the video but I believe he doesn't care. His earning is 120.000 monthly that means 1.440.000 per year. Follow the money. Hobby is dead. Max
  10. Wonderful couple. One is evolution of the other one. HS1 deep in the 80ies. HS2 almost in the 90ies. Max
  11. How I hate these Japanese videos full of writings! I believe the body, with the Velcro, will not last longer, I believe. Anyway beautiful. Max
  12. Also Hot Shot 1 is not completely different but the name of the second version has a number so why not the 3th version? Max
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