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    My name is Massimo Russo from Turin, Italy. I love this hobby and the cinema too.
    Cheers Ciao. Max

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  1. Out of the hobby but I miss it so much.

  2. Here another solution I tried for my King Cab. I never realized how bad my picture were. https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=4709 Max
  3. Have a look at here, old and bad pictures, sorry, and you don't see too muck. Another issue of A&L transmission: the motor must turn reverse and no gear reduction inside, due the lack of the iddle gear so with bigger tires you can't have the correct final gear ratio, you are always a little bit too low. As I said I'm not particularly happy of this belt transmission but there was nothing better at the era. If I will come back to the hobby I will replace this transmission with another one. https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=52319&id=24 Max
  4. I have this transmission on my King Cab. You must to cut the rear end of the chassis. Other issues are related with the transmission. I needed to shorten the diff cups to not limit the suspensions movement. The part is rough but really strong. When I purchased it there were no alternative, today I would have a different decision. Max
  5. Where did you find these pink wheels? Thanks Max
  6. I lurk in the dark I'm terrible sorry, no time and no money to follow the hobby :'-( Max
  7. Concerning my old post from the far 2014 I was right upon one thing: after 6 years Hot Shot II yet not rereleased. Max
  8. You resumed a very old post. Obviously I was speaking about original models, without modifications. Currently I think that the best option for the best performances with non modified Hot Shot serie models is the Boomerang with Bigwig front suspension arms and dampers. It's the lighter model with the longer dampers. Max
  9. Why do you think this? I don't believe it. They are rare, simply. I own a NIB Terra Scorcher and a runner. Max
  10. This is the result of the anodizing on my Hi Cap for the Avante 2001. Light gold like the original Avante. Max
  11. You never PMed me to anodize the shocks. Max
  12. Some sort of Dyna Storm, Dyna Blaster, TR-15T, Super Astute uprights but in red. Max
  13. Sorry, I don't sell the kit or the parts. Max
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