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    My name is Massimo Russo from Turin, Italy. I love this hobby and the cinema too.
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  1. Yes they are the same and yes, the prices are crazy, you can replace them with modern CDV but you must modify the rear hubs. Max
  2. Left to right Top Force Astute Dyna Storm Avante, Egress Vanquish Max
  3. Is this shell made from an original Tamiya? Why Tamiya didn't continue to produce it? Max
  4. Different parts are: - Front knuckles - Rear Knuckles - Front Arms - Rear Arms - Rear Hubs - All upper arms - Battery tray - Gearbox A list of common parts was faster I believe: - Front Bulkhead - All FRP parts - Front C parts - Bumpers - Rear Arm Blocks - Rear damper stay Bit and pieces alla around Max
  5. Have you ever known that thing called humor? Max
  6. TD2 and TD4 are so monstrously ugly in such an inhuman way and you worry about the clear wing? Really? Max
  7. Maybe a Sonic Fighter body adapted to this chassis would be a better choice than the original bodies. You know what I mean. Max
  8. No matter about the paint job, only a custom body could hide better the ugliness. Max
  9. Ok, thank you, I was not sure about the word "courses" that obviously means courses but most commonly I always met "races". Probably the use of the word "courses" it's because the other word "horses". In Italy we use other expressions like "I gusti sono gusti" (Tastes are tastes) and the meaning is that it's useless discerning about tastes. By the way we use also the latin locution "De gustibus..." (About tastes...) that is an abreviation of the complete locution "De gustibus non disputandum est" (Don't argue about the tastes). Max
  10. Sorry, I'm not English mother tongue so I can't fully understand this line. Max
  11. Thank you. I studied too much history of art, design, color theory, modelling, shaping theory, graphic design, photography, visual arts, theatre and cinema in my life to do not recognize beautiness and ugliness. And this is pure ugliness, believe me. Max
  12. I must check for these. Longer arms at first, then I'll think to the shafts. Max
  13. Yes, I believe that they doesn't exist. TB-01 could be useful for the rear end. Max
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