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  1. I suppose you are speaking about 4WD touring models, right? I remember we used the front one way and, eventually, the rear spool. Max
  2. The perfect configuration for every model is: - 1 Nib - 1 another Nib in case of rerelease - 1 Shelf Queen or King (Clod is a male in my immagination) - 1 Runner - 1 Custom version The custom version could be the runner itself, depending the choices and the customizations. Max
  3. Somebody could explain me, please, the need of a spool in the front end? Thanks Max
  4. Buy another Clod, a re release, mount the best parts on the vintage Clod and make it a shelf king. The remaining parts will go to the re release clod that will be your runner Clod that you will use without fear. Max
  5. Dark Impact, a very under rated model. The only thing I don't like in the Dark Impact is the missing of the front nose of the body. Max
  6. A 3 mm thick full carbon fiber lower plate will do he job. Max
  7. The axle in the middle could be Wild Willy 2? MAx
  8. No blasphemy, I also hate the Frog. Max
  9. The original Hi-Cap dampers can be improved. Personally I've done some work on mine and they are far away better now. At first I polished the inside of the dampers, then I coated them again. Then I rebuilt the piston plates, with self lubricant nylon and rounded edges. Diameters tolerance between piston and cylinder is the key. Then I rebuilt the lower nylon spacers and added silicon o-rings At the end gold coated Ti-Ni shafts and read top seals complete the work. They are still good dampers, after 30 years or more. Max
  10. VINTAGE: Ventilation on top, blue flat seals, C-clip on bottom, no lower cap, thicker mounting spacers, chromed springs RERELEASE: No ventilation hole on top, red seals, lower cap, thin mounting spacers, yellowish springs, different anodization. Probably there are some other differences concerning cylinder length and so on. Max
  11. If you collide with one front wheel the bulkhead will break immediately. If you mount the top Madcap brace you will save it. To mount that brace without the bathtub chassis you need two alloy columns. Check my showroom, there's a metallic blue Madcap, check the pictures. Max
  12. Your Madcap is beautiful but without the top brace you will break the bulkhead. Max
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