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  1. No, i run 12x2 brushed motor. I used 12 teeth steel pinion gear. I modified the gearbox to accomodate a 5th steel plate for the pinion gear position. You can see it here: Max
  2. My interpretation of the Falcon. Not finished yet. It is missing the raised rear wing, the pilot, the headlights and a few other details here and there. https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=118563&id=24 I believe the Falcon will not be re-released due to its fragility. It needs to be strengthened. This means changing some parts of the sprue and costs a lot. Max
  3. Concerning original parts the Vanquish part is far more durable than the Egress and Avante 2001 one, cause it is a single piece of moulded plastic. if you replace it with an alloy one probably it will be stronger than the Vanquish one. Max
  4. The only upgrade you need is the Kontemax's brace. Max
  5. Front nose, correct. Rear window, no mask on the rear window but the result is ugly. Mask it. Max
  6. Alu (minum) motor mount All aluminum alloy hop ups you can find TA01/TA02 plastic gears Steel pinion gears Carbon fiber plates Aluminum dampers CVA shafts Braces all around Eliminate all self tapping screws - go to M3 screws and nuts Front one way if you like Any sort of 3D printed parts Max
  7. Best bodies with undertry? Easy answer: Avante Avante 2001 Astute/S.Astute Egress Max
  8. Still riding the crest of the wave. Max
  9. At the era? Due to the (supposed) superior performance: Hot Shot II Avante Astute/S.Astute Egress Dyna Storm Due to the strange, unusual and surprising (and not necessarily beautiful) design: Falcon Super Sabre Winger Big Wig Thunder Shot Max
  10. VC, Vercelli, Piedmont, Italy. Great car! Max
  11. If I run a shelf queen is no more a shelf queen, it's a runner. If I build a NIB is no more a NIB, is a new built. Max
  12. It is not easy to explain these nuances of language that are currently used but to explain them we need to stop and think about them a lot, because they are often used and we don't even know exactly how and why. As in all languages, I suppose. Furthermore, Italian is a very difficult language, I think. Max
  13. I speak Italian. "Corsa" is the action of running but it's not a verb, it's an adjective. So "corsa" can be a foot race, a horse race, a bicycle race, a marathon or a car race and always refers to the event (or spectacle) and not to the action of running. Corsa is singular and refers to a specific single race but written on a car the meaning changes slightly to "made for races" or "made for racing". "Fiat Abarth 1000 Corsa" is the abbreviation of "Fiat Abarth 1000 da corsa" which means that this particular car model is dedicated to the action of racing. "Da" is a complement of purpose. "Corse" is the plural of "corsa" and refers not only to racing events (plural, more than one event, one race) but also, by extension, to the entire world, culture, stories and imagery that revolve in general around them. "Reparto Corse" means "department dedicated to racing" therefore "racing department". For example, "Ducati Corse" is the abbreviation of "Ducati Reparto Corse", Ducati Racing Department. I don't know why Tamiya changed the word from "Corsa" to "Corse", maybe a mistake? Or perhaps a lack of precise historical documentation? Or maybe they read "Corse" elsewhere and thought that was the right word and "Corsa" was wrong. In reality, historical research should be done to understand which word Fiat Abarth chose to use because in the end both can be used for this purpose. Max
  14. Because Japanese needs many many time to decide. And yes, the perfect absolute graphic design is a little black point in a white paper sheet. Max
  15. A personal suggestion for the Dyna Blaster, keeping in mind that its body is metallic red... Max
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