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  1. Using the body clips and a lack of tools on it I would say it is a 56001 Version of the Sherman. In the model database section/manual scans... you can see that Tamiya changed the body mounting system after this model.
  2. So it looks like a june release date then.. both the Hooben and the KV1. Time to hit the overtime.
  3. Panther you are so right. I know people like tanks from other companies but nothing beats a good full option tamiya tank. I wonder if the motherland markings will be painted or decal... Strike that -I am excited to paint the figure using my new set of water colors.
  4. I was looking at getting a panzer next but I might need to save up for this thing. My goal is to have my tamiya tank collection complete sometime late next year.
  5. OMG -wow A russian 1:16 tank from tamiya. I am very very excited what is the release dates.
  6. Congrats to the winners and everyone else- fantastic photos.
  7. IMO bearings will help with general wear and tear over the life of the model. Plus going back and adding bearings later could be a really big task. Other than that your plan sounds great and should be a really fun build.
  8. There is a link in the FAQ section from tamiya.com with that shows how to setup the sherman for 4ch use.
  9. IT does not really matter if tamiya is tops or not. IMPACT and companies like IMPACT fill the gap for providing us ways to make our non-fulloption tanks and other tanks -battle ready with sound. Other than the Panther, Tamiya has come out with some great tanks -but- has refused to come out with some other ones (see T34). With IMPACTs products, I can take another companies tank and put it on par with my current ones for a decent price.
  10. I like what I see so far -congrats! How does the new battle unit handle multiple hits? IE I shoot a sherman but the tiger behind it takes a hit too. Thank you, Sean
  11. I think I am going to mist on a little bit of German Grey in that area. Wash the tank using the DAK watercolor method -the final bit will involved some Dullcoat. Fingers crossed.
  12. Updated Photos. I am happy with the overall results of the weathering. However I am not happy with the back end of the turret.
  13. Tamiya 1:14 Trucks and Tanks is to us what Lionel Trains were in the past. Some people may wonder why we drive a FROG, HORNET, or HOTSHOT but to us it is part of the hobby that is RC cars. The same holds true for 1:14 trucks. The joy is in making something to scale that sounds and runs like its 1:1 sibling.
  14. Thank you. I feel like my post shading came out way too thick. -BUT- as I learned with my King Tiger the next two steps really go a long way to blend it in.
  15. Just a quick update. My Tiger is built and the base coat is painted. Now it is time to do some post shading. Next I will dull out the thick post shading lines by using a light misting of paint as a filter. http://jackburton.smugmug.com/gallery/6723...429334291_8PWwY
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