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  1. Hi Good People ! Just discovered that the 'Kyosho 34mm Flywheel for 2 Shoe Clutch [KYOIF109]' has been discontinued....does anyone know what's the replacement for this, please? Btw, it's for my vintage 'Magnum Pro 21S-B' nitro engine. Any help is highly appreciated! Thanks, Good People !
  2. Thanks so much for the feedback markbt73 ! I really appreciate that !! :-)
  3. Hi Good People! Just wondering does anyone know whether the 1/10 Gallop share the same gearbox as the re-re 1/10 Tomahawk / Scorpion / Beetle ? How about other parts? Would be delighted for any info.. Thanks in advance, Good People !
  4. Brilliant idea, Re-Bugged !! Never thought of that ! Cheers, mate !
  5. Thanks so much, Good People !! I really appreciate that !!
  6. Well....anyone? Anybody ? Somebody? Where are the Good People of tamiyaclub. com ??
  7. Hi Good People ! Does anyone know where can I buy some 'Front Rib Tyres' for the Blitzer front wheels of a different brand other than Tamiya? Also for the Rear Tyres too, please? I find the Tamiya ones a bit "soft"... Thanks in advance, Good People ! Happy Racin' !!
  8. Hi Good People! I have a NIB 'Tamiya 1/10 Wild One Off Roader [58525]' ( and a few other kits) up for grabs ! Here's the link ( I hope it's allowed, if not, please delete Mr. Admin and I apologise ) : https://www.ebay.com.my/itm/TAMIYA-1-10th-Scale-WILD-ONE-OFF-ROADER-58525-NEW/153451099582?hash=item23ba65f5be:g:BzgAAMXQjwVQ~Ae8 Please check it out! Thank you, Good People !
  9. Was hoping for the 1/8 Kyosho Circuit 2000 buggies...
  10. Thanks Yonez and acprc ! I thought so as well....! :-(
  11. Does anyone know whether Kyosho will ever re-re the 'Rowdy Baja' ? Always wanted one since I was a kid...
  12. Mr. Tamiya, please re re the Lamborghini Cheetah ! I've been waiting for just too long...about 40 years !!
  13. Thanks so much, Wooders28 ! I'll give it a shot !
  14. Hi Good People ! I just bought a brand new 'Kyosho 1/9 DRX GP Subaru One11 Impreza rally car' and discovered that it's no more in production which mean parts are hard to come by...! I'm already facing one part : the 'body shell' ! Does anyone know where can I get a repro ? I've checked on "evilbay" and found one 'Kyosho Ford Fiesta' body is going for an "evil" price !! Any help is highly appreciated ! Thanks in advance, Good People !!
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