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  1. I'm a massive cynic, so I would have to say the bottle was probably just balanced on something and eventually temperature change, or gas loss from the liquid, etc. unbalanced it. A fizzy drinks bottle is not a very stable item...
  2. I love the way that thread is working both ways...
  3. The deck is on its last legs - going to replace it soon. I'm quite excited to see what I might be able to recover!
  4. ^^ Lol. Always do your RC work on the decking in your back garden so that screws, small parts, etc. can fall through the gaps. Do this year after year. Nothing beats the thrill of dropping your last 850 bearing and watching it roll a couple of feet before dropping though... (I've finally got some magnetic dishes, but that only works for some items).
  5. Stadium Thunder. It's the only one that gets run, but it ticks all the boxes for me. Now if the question was "if you had kept only one"... it might be different...
  6. I've never seen them - I know that DF03 had a whole bunch of transparent parts available as options though? I'm curious - why would you want them?
  7. Yep, tinkering mainly. Running probably a couple of times a year (usually on holiday somewhere with a nice sandy beach). There's something satisfying about taking one to bits, fixing broken parts, making modifications, etc. A bit of wheeler dealing is good too. I think most people like to think they could take a wreck and add some value to it. I'm pretty sure I'm massively in the hole after 20 odd years of being back into the hobby though...
  8. OK, so now I'm doubting too...
  9. I know why you'd think that, but it doesn't really make sense - one tyre on it's own wouldn't crab, so two shouldn't make any difference?
  10. Somebody used to sell transparent covers on eBay - which are really useful for checking the pinion mesh. Been looking, but I can't see any - you could probably make one yourself pretty easily though.
  11. I'm also in the middle of the same conversion - Sand Rover on a SRB chassis. The SR front wheels don't quite fit properly though - I've had to use thinner bearings otherwise the wheels bind when the nuts are fully done up. I'm in a quandary though - I like the three spoke wheels and tyres from the Sand Rover, but the ones I have are battered, especially the rears. I'm tempted to trim off the outer rim to tidy them up a bit and spray them black. Or I could just go with Rough Rider fronts and Sand Scorcher rears which I have in better condition.
  12. Wire wool is good for removing surface rust too.
  13. @Ferruz - are they Kyosho wheels on there? They work great with the shell - a very unusual Manta Ray...
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