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  1. Sorry - I must have misread your post. 3s in the Blitzer makes much more sense! The beach is it's natural home.
  2. Not sure the WO gearbox will cope with 3s!
  3. I swap from self tappers to machine screws quite often. Never had an issue - they don't seem to back out.
  4. Agree with @BusDriver, the Wild One always feels a bit fragile to me too. I think it's partly because it is so scale looking, whereas the Blitzer doesn't look realistic at all. Probably also because my second hand Stadium Thunder cost £18, so I've no guilt about breaking it, or putting upgrades on it.Sticking LiPo/brushless and working dampers on a Wild One just doesn't seem quite right.
  5. Don't forget the 959/Celica... those dampers. Good luck finding one though...
  6. Pre coronavirus I think spares were widely available? Lots of parts are shared with other models too (e.g. Bearhawk).
  7. Only weak point I've found on the Blitzer chassis are the where the tub attaches to the front assembly. Easiest fix is to drill all the way through and put two long bolts from top to bottom. Never broken one since. Can't comment on the C hubs as I use some others so I can fit different wheels. Pretty easy to use different ones though.
  8. I'm surprised more people haven't recommended Stadium Thunder/Blitzer/Beetle. Not a modern chassis, but ticks all the other boxes...
  9. A cheaper option to the braces is to drill the whole way through from the top to the bottom and use long M3 bolts. I think parts availability is just the covid thing - it seems to have affect Tamiya a lot. The only other thing you'll probably want is some better rear tyres - the stock ones wear out quickly. I've used Schumacher V4's in the past, but have some prolines on mine at the moment.
  10. @Waterbok - where have you found them at that price?
  11. Lol - 4 unfortunately, but any would be greatly received - with out without pins.
  12. These seem to be a crazy price on eBay at the moment, so I was wondering if anybody had made any themselves?
  13. I'm a massive cynic, so I would have to say the bottle was probably just balanced on something and eventually temperature change, or gas loss from the liquid, etc. unbalanced it. A fizzy drinks bottle is not a very stable item...
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