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  1. lol - this thread will never die! In all seriousness - take note of that orange arrow. Get it wrong and it will take your arm off.
  2. You'll probably want to add some protection for the battery - the TL01B is a nice simple chassis, but it really exposes the battery. If you run on sand, you'll sand blast it quite badly. If you google, you'll find a few solutions, but mostly it will be fitting some kind of plate or protector underneath. The other thing to watch out for with the TL01B (or any Tl01/M01 type chassis) is that hard knocks will crack the suspension mounts - and because they're molded into the chassis, you end up having to totally strip it down and replace the chassis halves. Previously I've used braces made out of carbon fibre, but I can't remember where I got them from. As the guys said above, waterproof as much as you can and be prepared for a good clean afterwards. I run with bearings on the beach (rather than plastic), but expect to have to bin them after a while - dog bones wear out quickly too. Beach running is great fun (my favourite), but expect it to be hard on your kit!
  3. You could search for a repro Dyna Blaster body too - it's the same. May not help you though...
  4. lol - I'm sure you will fit it to something Kev
  5. Thought this was a bit expensive: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/353733573133?hash=item525c29fa0d:g:EeMAAOSwYhNhcAV~ Until I looked a bit more carefully...
  6. Really sad news. Truly a club legend.
  7. Great work - always wanted to do one of these too. I'll never forget the first time I saw the Bowler on Top Gear - awesome stuff. "I am a driving god!"
  8. Tamiya plugs also corrode badly when not used for a while - one of the pins will go green. My replacement plug of choice is PowerPoles - they're a bit chunky but the big plus is you can fit them without soldering. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anderson_Powerpole
  9. Sticks for me - wheel controllers just feel wrong (but then I'm old).
  10. Wish that main gear had been available before I sold mine. Brushless was fun, but I got nervous that I was going trash it and end up with a shelfer.
  11. Yep, lovely in the sun (when it's not too crowded) but rubbish for RC.
  12. Yeah, beats my beach by a long way!
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