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  1. If you're getting wheelies, then it's not surprising that you're stripping the spur gear. I'd just buy a load of them...
  2. I've got a blitzer beetle that I don't need - it comes with 90% of another one for spares too. Great bashers - even better on the beach, Bulletproof drivetrain (will take LiPo and brushless without problems), and cheap to fix when you break it.
  3. Hi - good question. There's probably about £150 quids worth if I split it all and parted it out on Ebay, so I guess I'm looking at something around there...
  4. I got this from another TC member as a restoration project and was going to try and do a hybrid as I've always thought the Sand Rover shell should really have been on the SRB chassis. Unfortunately it's been sitting in my shed for a couple of years and I don't think I'm going to get around to completing it. There's basically a complete Sand Rover, needing some TLC. Then there is an almost complete SRB chassis, including a stainless steel screw kit. I rebuilt the front end of the SRB chassis, but somebody has painted the gearbox with black paint at some point, so I was in the process of removing it, but I think it's going to need bead blasting or something. That's where I lost interest. The Sand Rover could be restored on it's own - the only thing missing as far as I know is the steering arms. Every thing in the pictures would be included. Anybody interested?
  5. You can put Tl01 arms on an M03 chassis and get some better ground clearance and wider track - see avatar pic
  6. +1 for No More Nails tape. Super sticky, but alsoeasy to remove... The version you can get in the UK has changed and is now white, but they used to do a semi transparent version which works the best. I managed to find it in France last year, so I stocked up...
  7. Did you know - the Large Hadron Collider is actually powered by a set of slightly modified Conrad 240826 motors...?
  8. The gearbox is bulletproof, so stick brushless + Lipo in it and then just replace parts as they break. You'll probably need a supply of dogbones, but they're peanuts from ebay...
  9. Well if that's the case, then that's sad news... he loved his cars. He had a TVR and Range Rover too - and did up a nice scirocco for his daughter...
  10. Yeh, it happens a lot on the show. It's great to see the reaction of some of the people when they realise what's happened, but a shame they don't get to drive the cars much after...
  11. Have you seen the one where they did up a guys Audi Quattro? I was watching it thinking it looked really familiar and then realised it was the guy about 5 houses up the road from me! The sad thing is, after it was finished it sat in his front garden for ages. I think it's moved into his garage now, but I've never seen it being driven which is a shame...
  12. I'm quite enjoying the new series of Wheeler Dealers. I thought the hand crafted spoiler on the escort was an interesting new angle - can't imagine Ed going that far. The only thing I'm not so keen on is that they seem to be doing cars that are unavailable to most of us. With the older series there was a nice connection when they were doing things like Mk1 Escorts, XR2s, Corrados, etc. interspersed with the odd Ford Pop.
  13. I've always thought that it works both ways - when it's not covered, anything that does go in has a good chance of going out again. Unless you've got a totally sealed box, there's a danger of something small getting in and staying in...
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