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  1. Ahhhh - the Stadium Thunder in it's natural habitat, the beach. Mine hasn't been to the beach for a couple of years now. I think it's missing it.
  2. Your thread title seems a bit strong compared the to content of your post I'm not sure how you could mount the motor symmetrically? Unless you mount it longitudinally (which would require more gears), some part is always going to be asymmetrical. Personally I'm a big fan of both chassis - the Stadium Thunder is a great basher (with brushless and LiPo) and the Dyna Blaster is just nice to look at!
  3. I replaced all the threaded shafts on my Stadium Thunder with shafts and c-clips and have never looked back. They used to constantly keep backing themselves out - I guess the plastic is pretty old now. Yes, they are slightly more of a faff in insert and remove, but I'm happy with that knowing that they stay put. (not my idea by the way - I forget who it was, but it was somebody on here - many thanks whoever it was!)
  4. lol - they couldn't have chosen anything worse! Actually - a lunch box maybe...
  5. Fred was driving the electric odyssey: https://wordlesstech.com/extreme-e-odyssey-21-racing-electric-suv/ They made the comparison that it's just a big RC - it sounds exactly the same!
  6. As Busdriver says - it's never bothered them before. The Group 2 VW Golf, 58025 (released nearly 40 years ago - wow!) was RWD, when it should have been FWD.
  7. I've never come across this. Please forgive a stupid question, but are you sure the bearings are the correct size - considering the mass production of something like Blitzer Beetle I would be amazed if the wheels themselves were too large? If anything I find the opposite - I often need a screwdriver to get bearings out of wheels.
  8. I don't know what the wheels are to be honest, I got them with some used tyres. I would guess they might be Kyosho wheels because the hole pattern reminds me a bit of the classic Optima wheels. The front tyres are from an HPI Rush Evo.
  9. It's pretty easy to fit other front uprights and hubs so you can use other wheels. I think these are TL01 or something (can't remember) but all it needed was a plastic spacer for the lower arm.
  10. Conrad 240826 background reading... Lol - I always forget that Chris had to speak to somebody in that thread - that's a rarity in itself!
  11. There's a page here, but I haven't updated it for years: https://www.zaonce.com/stuff/tamiya-motors.shtml There's also a page on tamiyabase: https://tamiyabase.com/parts/motors
  12. Dynatech 02H, ActoPower Pink, Dynatech 01R, Technigold, Sport Tuned. But as @TwistedxSlayer says, all eclipsed by the Conrad 240826.
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