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  1. You're putting the bodies on backwards you silly oaf!
  2. Thanks a lot for all the pointers and help chaps. I'm going to get myself a pair of Frog rears if I can find them. And Bugjammer, thats an interesting post! I'm gonna have to experiment I see!
  3. My re re Brat has been bashed to within an inch of its life, and it desperately needs a new body. Are there any that will fit straight on, or is it a case of buying anyhting I fancy and making it work? Are there any different tyres which will fit it? I live right near a beach now and the original ones don't really cut it for sand bashing. And also if anyones got any tips for upgrading it I'd be more than grateful to receive them. All these years I've been running it stock, apart from a new motor. Cheers in advance!
  4. Took my Brat down to the local bike jumps nice and early before all those pesky bike riders get in the way. Broke it to pieces! Its the last time I'll bash my Brat, its gonna be a flat ground runner only from now on!
  5. Went to the local farm tracks and had a Brat Bash and didn't break anything! Thats a first!
  6. Where did you get theses from? I wouldn't mind a pair myself! I've done nothing today, I'm waiting for the postie to bring all the bits I need to get my cars back together! (A holiday in Cornwall wrecked all 3 of them!)
  7. I couldn't make it either, me and my boy didn't have a single running car between us! Thats what a holiday in Cornwall will do to your garage, if its not jammed and stripped with sand, its bashed to heck at the skatepark! Maybe the next Dorset meet for me then.
  8. I've had lots of the stuff you'd need to make a camper lying around for ages now. Doesn't look like I'll ever get the chance to use it so I've put it on ebay. Maybe it'll fund my next RC purchase! My ebay camper goodies
  9. Anyone interested in these? VW Camper van and Dodge Charger
  10. Whats the third one, would that be the Rising Fighter? So all I'll need to get are front stub axles and a set of wheels then?
  11. Are these two cars the same apart from the wheels and shell? Are there any other differences? My boy has trashed his Fighter Buggy, and I thought it might be cool to rebuild it as a Mad Bull.
  12. Awesome, it'll be two new members, I'll bring my boy along. I've got a Brat and a Slash, and he's got a Fighter Buggy.
  13. Hey guys, I'm in Struminster Newton, about 40 mins from Yeovil. Can anyone pop along? When and where is the Yeovil meet, has it been decided yet?
  14. It is indeed. I'm new here but have been dropping in to see whats what every day!
  15. Sorry for the title, not sure how to put this. I haven't got a video camera, but have taken some cool in sequence pics of my Brat. What sort of program do I need to find to stitch them together in a video montage kind of way? Almost like stop motion animation? Cheers.
  16. Finished painting my Brat (badly!) and am now waiting in for my Slash to arrive. So excited!
  17. Hello, I've added an avatar to my personal profile, but its not showing up in my posts. I added it a day or two ago. Did I get something wrong?
  18. I'm putting in a new receiver on my boys Fighter Buggy, putting my Brat back together and then we're off to the local bike trails for some serious bashing.
  19. Whats wrong with some duct tape and kitchen roll?!!!
  20. Thanks for all the help chaps, I'm blowing any sort of budget and getting both the charger and batt. Weee!
  21. Cheers for the offer butler, I'm cool. I have an Ansmann at the mo but it seems to be staggering towards the end of its life span. Its only working intermittently. How about this charger? That seems alot better. With its 5A, am I right in thinking it will charge this battery in less than an hour?
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