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  1. lol funny story, It's never a good idea to smart mouth a cop, tends to go down like a lead balloon
  2. The UK, I've not heard about the spare bulb / fuse rule, not sure if that's a law here ?
  3. Just got pulled by the traffic cops on the motorway (again) and charged for having one brake light out on my VW, it's like the Spanish Inquisition or something, can't believe they read you your rights for a ******* dud light bulb lol funny how I never see the traffic cops when Mr BMW M3 shoots past @130 mph. Car over 15 years old = magnet for traffic cops, I've lost count of the number of times this happens, even if they can't find a real fault they'll make one up, last time it was a "low" brake fluid level, actually it was just above the "max" line so I couldn't figure that one out, you still have to get a mechanic to rubber stamp the paper work to prove the fault has been fixed though, even if the fault is fabricated, and of course that all costs $$$... tedious.
  4. Ok cool, good luck with your project. cheers
  5. They do look similar but aren't the same, nope.
  6. Maybe it's the eBay seller strike taking affect ?
  7. qatmix Please let me know if you've got it yet, cheers.
  8. Richard Kohnstam - Excellent company/bloke I always wondered what happened with RiKo and Tamiya, didn't they go bust owing Tamiya millions ? that's what I read someplace on the web anyway. Regarding parts before the internet... I remember making adaptors to fit Hotshot wheels to my Frog with epoxy & old tap washers... also made a front shock mount from plastic cut from the back of a junk TV
  9. Ok, was posted this morning
  10. Tottaly agree with the above, I think eBay have lost the plot now with the new feedback thing.
  11. You see less Tamiya cars or parts on eBay in general on the main eBay.com website because since last year the worldwide search is no longer the default search, eBay now hides items that are located in the UK for example, if you search on dot com and you check the tick box on the left of the screen next to "worldwide" then search again you get a lot more results, eg... An eBay.com search for "tamiya sand scorcher" with the default search gets (at the time of writing) 68 results An eBay.com search for "tamiya sand scorcher" with the worldwide search gets (at the time of writing) 177 results I'm sure ya'll probably know this already but some people don't so I thought I'd mention it.
  12. I have a wild ceptor chassis, it's new & unused for 6 posted, I'll take a photo.
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