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  1. You build it the short 251 mm wheelbase. You need to use the staggered wheel setup with wide wheels in the rear. the decals go on in a sequence. Put the stripes on first then the window trims
  2. Finally photobucket is working. I got two of those huges bearing installed into both rear hubs on my 996. I’ve taken it on a few mountain drives and no more squeaky bearing sound.
  3. I bought an item from a German eBay seller way back on 4/28. He claims the package was returned to him as DHL in Germany is only exporting premium shipments and not ones with normal tracking. I can’t find anything on the German DHL website that says this. Is this truly the case or is he jerking my chain?
  4. I always tell this cautionary tale. Be careful with what you share with the missus about your R/C collection. My ex wife knew full well what it took to build my collection. All the buying of old hobby shop stock and selling on eBay I did. The business ventures I did to make a sell parts. The day after she asked for a divorce she printed off every entry I had in my tamiya club showroom and logged my collection as a community property asset. This precluded me from selling anything to help with lawyer and divorce costs. She took my real car because it was paid off. I had to sell her SUV at a loss and buy another car to get around in. The kicker, I had to give her the value of my half of my car just so I could keep my toy cars. So try not to brag to them about what things are worth
  5. I sanded and primed the wing with tamiya fine line primer. Shot it with gun metal and let that cure. Then shot the clear red to the shade which matched the body. The more you put on the darker the red goes
  6. Lock down has got market for RC things heated up. I’ve seen some really good deals going down and I’ve seen some surprising prices on other things. Im trying to be fiscally responsible but some deals are too good to pass up like the $500 nib bruiser kits from tamiya.
  7. With the wing on my 934 I used the PS colors in reverse then shot a few coats of the TS clear
  8. In the process of collecting bearings for my Porsche's. small one is a 6mmx2mm for the front wheels of my tamtech Porsche 962. Medium is a 5mmx11mm for the rear axles of my 934. large 45mmX85mm is for the rear axles on my Porsche 996
  9. That turned out great. How do you like running it?
  10. I just use lame bodies to try out my color combos. Never really liked the tail section on this Carrera GT so it was my tester to try the clear red with a gun metal backing combo I tried clear red and light gun metal and got this.
  11. Looks great so far. I would suggest an aluminum chassis. Your home made skid stiffens the chassis but an aluminum chassis would stiffen it further. A flex chassis is the number one reason bodies get broken.
  12. The High Lift is a great truck that has a lot of limits. They made the truck 4 wheel steering because they didn’t want to make a different straight axle for the rear. When the trucks were current, there was lots of aftermarket support then better trucks came out and popularity waned and parts dried availability dried up here is my highly aluminum Hilux High Lift chassis Its one of my favorite runners MFC-02 drops right in to give you killer sound, lights and the ability to plug an iPod in to play music through the speakers
  13. Mokei is correct the two vehicles share very little. RC4wd makes a cool blazer body https://store.rc4wd.com/RC4WD-Chevrolet-Blazer-Hard-Body-Complete-Set_p_4811.html that has a 287mm wheelbase. I’ve seen clod bodies on bruiser chassis and they look odd because the body is so narrow
  14. another one of my favorites to run is my Wild Willy 2. Slightly overpowered makes it tons of fun. The body is hammered.
  15. My favorite runner is my Rough Rider
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