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  1. Shodog

    WANTED Wild Willy Wendy Driver Figure

    Nope. Never responded to my eBay mail either.
  2. I make it a point to only put on Facebook what I’d be willing to go to the front door and scream out to the world. Anybody who thinks their information on a public forum is private is a fool
  3. Shodog

    WANTED Wild Willy Wendy Driver Figure

    The seller dropped the price to what I’d pay. I hit the BIN but seller cancelled my buy because he won’t ship to USA. SMH
  4. Shodog

    Is this the same Tamiya club??

    Not the same club. However Chris May have had this name when he started this message board. There was an older message board named Roby’s old Tamiya database. Something was happening to it and it was going away and this club started as an off shoot of it. I used to be member 34
  5. Shodog

    WANTED Wild Willy Wendy Driver Figure

    That looks great. I’d love to find a Wendy 2
  6. Shodog

    WANTED Wild Willy Wendy Driver Figure

    I sent the seller a fair offer but was rejected. The lack of certificate is an issue. The packaging shows its from Matt but having a numbered certificate that matches the number on her bum proves without a doubt it’s authenticity. The paint doesn’t look like the normal high standard put out by Matt
  7. Shodog

    Help needed identifying SRB parts

    I bet those arms have bee home modified. CRP sold a pin that replaced the brass sleeve on the torsion bar Those pins with angled mounts are for the MIP arm set. I’d be interested in them if you’re not going to use them
  8. Shodog

    30th Anniversary Porsche 934 Build 49400

    Wow that is turning out beautifully.
  9. I’ve never been a huge convertible car guy as I rarely even open the sunroofs on my cars. However last year I spent three weeks with a rental Mustang convertible and loved it. I’ve been looking for about 6 months and I recently came across this 2002 Porsche Carerra 4 cabriolet. It’s in really nice condition for a 17 year old car. I’ve been spending a lot of time restoring it from years of neglect. Sanded the oxidation off the the front headlights Then polished them back clear with successively finer sand papers and polishing creme. Ran a clay bar over all the paint to pull out the impurities and waxed it up. Scrubbed out all the pebble grain surfaces of the interior panels with detergent and a soft tooth brush. I used Lexol products to clean and condition the leather.
  10. That looks like an MIP diff. Here is a pic of mine. yours has longer outdrives for the SRB universals.
  11. Shodog

    Help choosing a new, larger build.

    Since you like the scale running, get the F350 high Lift. The three speed transmission and hardbody will present plenty of challenges you’re looking for. It’s a great scale runner that’s plenty fast. Later on buy the MFC because it makes it super fun to run. I bought one many years ago and it’s one of my go to runners.
  12. Very nice work on the body mods and inner fender wells
  13. Shodog

    The Cool Wheels Thread

    Great thread. Cool wheels can either make or break the look of the vehicle. It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Tecnacraft wheels. They were produced in a machine shop about 60 miles from me. I’ve collected sets from the Philippines to Europe buggy applications Stadium truck Monster trucks On road application
  14. Happy birthday, Shodog!

    I have enjoyed reading your posts and following your various build projects here on the forum. Here's hoping you can enjoy many more years - especially on TamiyaClub!


  15. I have three runners I take to beach. First is my Rough Rider. Slightly overpowered with twin rooster tails Next is my Traxxas TRX 4. It just mobs on the beach and will even run better when I drop a mamba X brushless system in it My Traxxas UDR is a recent addition to my collection. It’s incredibly fast and makes beach running super fun.