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  1. I’ve read speculation that the body comes prepainted in white. If that the case, it’s a major boner killer for me. Can anyone confirm which way the body will come?
  2. Take the one you like the least. The salt water corrodes everything. The sand with get everywhere. My go to beach runner was my Rough Rider But now it’s my Slash
  3. From modelbuilds website, its most of the 40th and black kit is specked with plus ★ Comes in a special, dedicated package, using blister packs.
  4. With this grasshopper release I wonder if they will do a rere on the GT-01 cars? These are neat little buggies. I have a fox with a 8k brushless motor and a lot of hop ups that’s insane and a completely stock frog that’s boring. I hope they rere the optional aluminum dampers as the stock pogo sticks are their suspension downfall.
  5. That looks like a solid blue which is not so critical to back with paint. Metallic paints definitely need a backer before moving to the next color. However just to be safe I’d go with Frog jumpers recommend to back the blue then move on to the pink
  6. I had so much trouble trying to get the MFC-01 to work with the digital trims that I never tried to make them work on my MFC-02 units. I’ll be curious to see if you can get them to work
  7. I’m hoping for a rehash of the 40th and Black factory hop up chassis as I’d like to get one more for a Taiwan GT2 body. Hopefully they don’t cheap out and use the tub chassis from the white GT2 release.
  8. It’s only money. Buy it if it makes you happy. I have pretty much everything I could want but if I came upon a smokin deal for a nib Blazer or Hilux, I’d be tempted
  9. Shortening the prop shaft is really easy. I used a press to make the flat further up the shaft and then cut 6mm off. The metal of the prop shaft is pretty soft and could be flattened in a vice or with a hammer on an anvil.
  10. I agree with the others about the wheelbase issue. Tamiya could have easily fixed it with a shortened specially silk screened anniversary chassis and prop shaft. I’ll probably buy one more kit as I want one of those hopped up chassis for a Taiwan GT2 build.
  11. If it’s got a radio and can run by putting a battery in then it’s a runner to me. Anything that gets ran on a consistent basis is usually a badger because I usually run the snot out of it.
  12. If you plan to run it then replace the flexy fiberglass chassis with an aluminum one. Your body will thank you.
  13. I agree I bought 7 of them. It’s one of my favorite bodies
  14. That’s awesome. You got a cool Dad! I read your article you wrote and I’m glad you’re finally able to realize your dream.
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