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  1. Horizon hobby is still taking preorders. Maybe their getting a huge allotment.
  2. That is a good price for that car and if it tickles your fancy then definitely buy it. I don't think this car survived long on the market as brushless motors were in their infancy and normal brushed motors would overheat like crazy. A brushless motor system was what was needed to make this car run efficiently. For some, aftermarket hop ups are a turn off but for me I seek them out. The reason the carbon fiber chassis hop up was so popular was that the stock chassis was that bad. there were a few other manufacturers making hop ups for that vehicle. Aluminum dampers, knuckles, arms and wheels and a whole slew of other stuff makes this car collectable.
  3. Bottom line is the one who spends the most wins it. If I can't be there to bid I use auctionsniper.com
  4. Sorry I didn’t save the cut off wheel well piece. I used gunmetal and it turned the bright yellow into this brownish puke color. Many have seen my red gun metal Porsche. That color it beautiful and I would recommend it to anyone. On my slash I used Translucent green backed with metallic gold I liked how it came out but man that farm king above looks fantastic. I think any of the translucent colors would look electric when backed with that chrome paint. I would love to try those combos but I don’t see that brand of paint being sold in the states and shipping an aerosol internationally might be an issue.
  5. I've used Trans yellow backed with gunmetal looks kinda gross. Not a fan
  6. I made that post above quite a few moons ago. This is how my fast attack turned out. Along the way I picked up a new built FAV so this restored one became my runner. Built pretty much stock with a Wild One suspension and thorp differential. My wild one project stalled out once I got the new build done. I'm going to go a different direction and go FAV wild one hybrid using a set of Tecnacraft wheels
  7. If you want to go black, you could go this direction. RCWD makes these trim stripes
  8. I can only speak to the CC-01 and high lift. Both are great trail runners but unfortunately their limitations really show when it comes to crawling. CC-01 has limited suspension travel just like its 1:1 counterpart so you can’t take it into too crazy of terrain without fear of rolling it and boogering up your paint job. My high lift with MFC-02 is my go to runner when I am showing off something R/C to someone. It’s a complex build and customizable. There are four link kits that improve articulation but fo me running with a soft two leaf suspension has been good enough for the light stuff I run it on. somthing with a hard body is going to keep you occupied over the winter
  9. I’m digging the little plate they are including. It will go nicely on the car stand
  10. Much better color for that gulf body.
  11. I was wondering what the black part was and realized my wheels came built with it already installed
  12. My first Tamiya was a frog bought for me on my 13th birthday. Below are some vintage 80’s pics of it. As you can see I was in love with the super champ. I made that rear cage out of arc welding rod and the wing made from sheet metal.
  13. It’s not too hard to get a good even coat with a rattle can. However before screwing up an expensive 934 body I practiced the paint combo on a cheaper HPI body.
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