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  1. Some kits are too cool looking to cut up clamshells and build. In addition nib kits show you what was included in each version of the same car which sets the benchmarks for early or late restorations. My thought is if the kit is vintage, keep it NIB
  2. You can fudge the wheelbase issue by drilling your body holes in a slightly different location than the body hole mark on the body. Tamiya should have come out with a special 7mm shorter chassis, top deck and prop shaft.
  3. I feel the same way. I bought a 30th kit when they came out in ‘06 and couldn’t bring myself to break up such a beautiful kit. I wanted a runner and bought a spare body at a crazy price and was planning to make a shortened TRF415 to fit the body. I’m glad Tamiya came out with the 40th. I built one but like others I was annoyed by the wheelbase issue. With that said I still bought a few more kits as it’s a great deal for everything it comes with. One of the factory hopped chassis will go under my martini GT2 body. Since the bodies have been so inexpensive and available I’ve picked up a few so that I can paint up a bunch of variants for my 30th Runner I bought this year.
  4. Realize the 30th is a race car and has wheels that use the same size tires front and back. In addition the wheel is solid and mesh part is add on. Their really nice and strong. The two piece wheels wheels that Tamiya spec’d for the 40th and has used since the Taisan Porsche look great but are junk. The gold plastic used on the wheel centers is so brittle they will easily break with just mellow running. Including these in the 30th would have been a downgrade.
  5. The vintage 934’s are a crude motorized chassis and not really comparable to the recent 934 releases. The Tamtech 934 is a very underrated car. The chassis needs some choice hop ups to make it exciting but the body is really nice. The 30th anniversary kits is super nice. The body and chassis are top notch. Anybody hating on this car is just jealous. The 40th anniversary car is awesome but not as a whole. The tricked out TA-02 is a killer chassis to use under all your short wheelbase cars like the Porsche GT2 and Lancia Rally. The body is great to use for spares for the 30th anniversary car
  6. A little bit. It was 9 degrees this morning as I was warming up my truck
  7. I’ve been working in Denver for the last six month and can’t access any of my toys so I went out and bought a boat. There are tons of lakes reservoirs and ponds to run it at. I have to say it’s a blast running 3s.
  8. Painting bodies can be daunting but practice makes perfect. Try painting inexpensive bodies. I have a bunch of worthlessness 1/10 pan car bodies I try out color combos on
  9. One of my favorites is a Porsche GT2 I painted using Martini RSR decals. GPM carbon chassis. Tamiya Red dampers. Kawada wheels with Rogue Element aluminum hex nuts The RSR body is physically bigger than the GT2 and so are the decals. I photocopied them and cut them down to fit. Then used those pieces as templates to cut the real decals I filled in the holes in the wing for a smooth look
  10. Jagermeister liveried mini lunch box?
  11. Way too many unfinished projects. I have been traveling for my job for most of the last two years. Living out of hotel rooms doesn’t lend to RC projects very well. However I have been buying parts and cars so when I do have time I’ll have what I need
  12. I’ve heard TA-01 knuckles fit. I was lucky enough to find a vintage set of Thorp knuckles for mine.
  13. For me it’s two vehicles. First is my full option Pershing tank. Spent a ton of time building and detailing. Once I ran it for a bit I was utterly bored. Maybe if I had another tank to battle with it I might think differently second is my High Lift. I loved this truck with the MFU. Once I bought a SCX10.2 and a TRX 4 I realized just how poor it’s performance was.
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