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  1. I have three runners I take to beach. First is my Rough Rider. Slightly overpowered with twin rooster tails Next is my Traxxas TRX 4. It just mobs on the beach and will even run better when I drop a mamba X brushless system in it My Traxxas UDR is a recent addition to my collection. It’s incredibly fast and makes beach running super fun.
  2. Shodog

    I'm satisfied...

    I’ve been up and down in this hobby. From 1996 to 2008 I was hot and heavy into. Tons of buying and selling and restoring. In 2008 my ex asked for a divorce and logged my collection as a martial asset. This precluded me from selling anything to help with my legal fees. I was so disgusted that I didn’t even go into my garage for over a year. Once I settled on the property portion and gave her my real car so that I may keep my toy cars, I resumed the hobby. I’ve been in a relationship for 8 years now but not married so I don’t have to answer to anyone if I want to buy something. This is good and bad. I’ve bought more bicycles and motorcycles than you can shake a stick at. I know I have way too many R/C vehicles so I have to be choosy on what I buy. My son has got me into the crawler scene so I’ve been buying trucks lately. It’s something we can do together as adults and that’s more fun than anything else.
  3. I’m waiting on parts to come so I took advantage of the nice weather we are having to spray the blue paint on the cage. First a primer coat Then sprayed the TS-50 mica blue paint. The color is beautiful and looks great under the Oly body.
  4. Parts came in from China. I replaced the rear axle housing with a stock plastic one and installed the aluminum parts to the front and rear axles. Finally there has been a break in the weather this weekend so I can start spraying the paint on the body. Taped off nearly the entire body to spray the black. Then sprayed the Sky Blue Anodized Aluminium (PS-49) leaving a strip on the botttom for the rocker color Was torn between silver or white. Went with white as it felt more old school made a final sanding with my Dremel to clean up all the edges. Drilled holes for all the body parts and applied all the stickers I want to.
  5. Shodog

    Anniversary 934 upgrades

    That’s great you were able to get him to cut you a smaller chassis. Does shortening the chassis change the body mounting points?
  6. I was thinking the opposite. The rere’s killed the value on the originals. I remember when you couldn’t touch an original Sand Scorcher Kit under $4k. Now they regularly sell for half that. Same thing with Bruiser stuff. the HG407 really killed that market.
  7. Shodog

    30th Anniversary Porsche 934 Build 49400

    This is one of my favorite kits and I applaud you for building it. I bought one back in 2006. The packaging is beautiful and I just couldn’t bring myself to build it. I spent a fortune on a spare body and was going to fab a shortened chassis for a TRF 415. I was so happy when Tamiya came out with 40th anniversary that I bought multiple kits to fill my 934 desire. I look forward to see how your 934 turns out. Are you going Box art on the body or something else?
  8. Shodog

    Remove paint from abs king hauler body?

    Personally had good luck with oven cleaners that contain a good amount of caustic soda. Others have had good luck with car brake fluid. Takes too long for me.
  9. Shodog

    Ideas wanted for painting a 911 GT1

    How about the pink pig livery or maybe even a nice road car
  10. Shodog

    What’s in your current collection ?

    Collecting parts for a RC4WD 4Runner project. I’ve got the body and Marlin chassis and TF2 transmission. Just need to choose the axles and whether to go 4 link or leaf.
  11. Shodog

    I really don't know what TamTech is?

    The cpr unit uses a specially shaped servo that fits perfectly into the chassis. With so many current choices for micro gear Im sure there is a small enough servo around now that would fit with modifications.
  12. After lots of bashing I ended up breaking the plastic C-hubs in the front axle. Resisting the urge to bling out this truck I went back with the stock plastic axles. I have a set of the aluminum C-hubs, knuckles and rear collars for the axles on order. So I’ll switch out the rear axle casing when that stuff comes. The toyota SR5 body and Proline hyrax tires kind of gave the truck a toy look and I wanted to go a different route. I picked up an Axial blazer body a couple months back and I’ve finally got it trimmed out. I also added a set of RC4wd rally wheels with some Proline BFGoodrich tires.
  13. Shodog

    What Chassis to Choose

    It’s a good thing the body holes are not prepunched otherwise it would really limit your chassis selection. This chassis would look very nice under that kexus body I want to get one to use for a schnitzer m3 body Alloy & Carbon TT01 TT01E Shaft Drive 1/10 4WD Racing Car Chassis Frame Kit
  14. Shodog

    TT-01 BMW E30 shelf king build

    That’s a bummer about the decals. I have one of these kits to build and would like to build it with the schnitzer livery to compliment my road car build. Is that and HPI body on your gray one on the left?
  15. It’s a lot of work and expensive to make a cage like this. I doubt they would produce very many more than what they needed for the kits they made. Originally these sold for around $900 but Banggood has been banging these out for around $600.