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  1. I’ve tried my pumpkin in the snow and it was a no go. You need to have four wheel drive and preferably a boat load of power. Last year I was was working out of Denver Colorado for 6 months. While there I bought a slash VXL. The pics below were out in the parking lot before work one morning. I have driven it in much deeper snow. Once it gets planing on the snow it really goes.
  2. Everybody bad mouths the 30th anniversary wheels. While they may not look as cool, the centers don’t shatter into pieces like 40th anniversary wheels do.
  3. I’ve been cheating on miss Tamiya for years now and I’m not ashamed to say it. She is a good solid gal but some times I need to get some real piece of T and A At the same time I was giving it hard to Yoko If she isn’t doing it for me I call up my girl Losi I think you’d be lying if you didn’t admit you’ve dabbled with traxxas girls. She doesn’t even mind a Menage a trois with others I ain’t ashamed to admit that I have a thing for HoneyPI too. but lately I’ve been down and dirty with Axial
  4. Well now I’m not so sure. The rim is supposed to be the BBS LM. You can buy them two different ways
  5. You’ve got it done correctly. Most, including myself, have them painted incorrectly.
  6. Lots of good advice. Build it with bearings. Take your time on the transmission. Braid the wiring looms of the MFC to keep them looking tidy
  7. The 934 body is probably my favorite one from Tamiya so when they released the 40th anniversary and black Porsche I went nuts and bought a few kits and bodies. I was lucky enough to get #14 of 333 of the Tamico release and I plan on keeping it NIB. I see you have a Lancia 037 project. Would be cool to have a 037 body on top of an 40th anniversary chassis.
  8. That turned out great. Those bodies require more work than most. I’m surprised you built that kit. Most will probably be kept NIB. I agree with you that it’s just a rebadged black kit but with only 333 kits released, it will become a sought after kit.
  9. I was running the car in the street in front of my house. My neighbor Asked to drive it. A Ford Expedition comes driving down my street and because X-ray was coming towards us and controls are opposite , he turned it right into the path Instead of away from of the SUV which promptly crushed it.
  10. For me it’s going to be a life change. In the next year I need to start clearing out my garage for a complete rebuild that will give me a one bedroom living quarters over it. This will require me to totally clear out my garage and place it’s content in storage. I need to make some hard decisions on what I want to keep and store and what I need to sell off.
  11. Those Hellcats are crazy fast. I’ve had a few rental chargers from Avis and their fun, I bet you have a blast with yours. When I was married I was really into my RC cars because it was all I could afford. Financially I had a few rough years after the divorce and it took a bit to get it all balanced out and I’m doing much better now. Since then I’ve been able to get some other things to keep me preoccupied. My current money suckers are my two sport motorcycles, a 911 cabriolet and a F150 4x4 truck.
  12. That’s a great quote because it is so true. Sometimes progress is good. I resisted 2.4ghz, brushless and lipos for a long time. Once I got some I realized their benefit which effectively rendered all of my sweet FM radio’s, hot brushed motors and high end ESC’s obsolete. I don’t agree with the cashless society model. I see no benefits in that. It’s just a way for the government to track and tax all your transactions. Automatic transmissions in cars have gotten really good. I had a rental mustang with a 10 speed automatic and it was always in the right gear when you mashed the throttle. Have said that, I still specifically sought out a 6 speed manual in 911 I bought.
  13. It’s not something I got but I bought a Team Associated Enduro 24 for my neighbors son who just turned 8. I think he is going to dig it.
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