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  1. That body will be a lot bigger than the 1/12 scale pumpkin chassis. You could lengthen the wheelbase by making custom rear gearbox mounts.
  2. I saw your post on RC10TALK and chuckled. You don’t even realize the rabbit hole you’re about to step in. Like an SRB there are so many ways you can go with the RC10. They are super cool buggies and you’re going to love it. There are a ton of parts out there on the market so take your time. Completely strip it down for a good cleaning. Then you can see what is broken and needs replacing new parts command a premium but used ones not so much. You can bring back some of the original white color by soaking the plastic parts in hydrogen peroxide and sunlight or you can dye the parts a color you like with fabric dye The original six gear transmissions can be suspect especially if you try to run big power through them. There are several aftermarket transmissions but be prepared to pay handsomely. Bodies are getting somewhat scarce. I’ve pick up some beautiful painted ones from Andy’s on eBay.
  3. The Wild Willy 2 drives so much better than the WW1. I like them so much that I have 3. A new built for my Wild Wendy 1 2 others that I alternate beating on. Don't even hesitate to buy one.
  4. You can easily spend 1.5 times the price of a kit just on Wendy alone. Just goes to show how expensive women are. Here is my Wendy 3 waiting for me to build her a ride.
  5. One of the main reasons I got so heavily in R/C was after an argument with my ex wife I realized I needed a hobby I could do at home. My bicycle racing took a lot of time away from my family. So for about 14 year I built tons of cars. Bought and sold parts. Did little businesses ventures to make money on the side to support my hobby habit. Then my divorce happened. She logged my collection as an asset which precluded me from selling any of it help with my $22k in lawyer fees. I had to give her my real car to keep my toy cars. I was so disgusted I did’nt even open my garage for a year. I came back to the hobby but I’m not as actively building vehicles like I used to be. Too many other distractions now. Riding my motorcycles, and working on my 1:1 Cars. I got to finally buy a Porsche 911 that the Ex would never allow. I’ve been going to all sorts of different places with my girlfriend which takes up a lot of my free time now. Eventually I’ll get to my projects
  6. This thread is turning into a Willy Love fest. I never had a Wild Willy when I was a young teenager back the late 1900’s. First time I saw one in person was in ‘83 at a hobby shop in Alaska. Around ‘86 I had a Lunchbox and felt it probably drove the same so I never really pursued getting one. While on a business trip to New York around 2000 I bought a huge stash of vintage parts from America’s Hobby Center. In it were a bunch of Wild Willy parts. Even then It wasn’t on my radar of cars to get, I had the fore sight to keep one of every new part I had. Probably 6 years later I pic up a runner. Put a few parts to it and ran it quite a bit. I loved the quirkiness of the Jeep. A couple of years later I come across a new built locally on Craigslist. I replaced anything that wasn’t pristine and finished off the build. Sadly the tires while new were dry rotted. I paid nearly $300 for a set of new tires and the cherry on the top Fabrizio painted driver. It’s one of my most favorites that will be last to go when I get too old to enjoy my R/C’s.
  7. If your surface prep was as good as you say, it was probably too cold to spray. Warm paint cans spray better. I use my hot tub to warm them to 100 degrees F
  8. It can be done well with clear paints. I used Tamiya clear red to do the centers of these Tecnacraft wheels
  9. I’d be interested in a chassis if you decide to cut another
  10. That’s about the most accurate analogy in regards to running the bruiser. Ive ran my Mountaineer a fair bit but I never super bashed on it like I have my high lift. Those pot metal axles can and will bend if mistreated i have a set of the bruiser axles and I knew the internals were junk. I have a whole collection of period stuff saved for a future Bruiser build and since I probably won’t run it when I’m done I figured the axles would be safe.
  11. Many moons ago RC4wd made direct bruiser replacement axles. The cases looked killer but the included axles and gear were super rough and notchy. Not one of rc4wd’s shining moments.
  12. In my experience I have not had any issues spraying the clear over PS paint. I used that method here on my 934 wing Like Willy said. Warm your cans and make sure you’re not spraying when it’s bitterly cold
  13. Any side jobs you can do to make extra coin? My ex wife would never let me spend money on r/c with joint account. I did bicycle maintenance on the side. Buying and selling parts and I did a couple business ventures. This way she couldn’t say a thing about what I spent my money on. Glad that witch is gone because now my money is my money.
  14. Guess Moffman wanted to really make sure I got his reply 😉
  15. Not trying to hurt anyone’s feelings but those HG bruiser clones are junk. I planned to buy one but after holding one in my hands you can see why they are so cheap in price. All the metal is significantly thinner than a real bruiser. The drivetrain is not as smooth an even the body felt cheaper. I think this could be the best time price wise to pick up an original before the market rebounds.
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