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  1. There is only one chassis that truly fits the body and that’s the 30th anniversary chassis that are super pricey and hard to find The 40th Anniversary car and black Porsche are great kits with everything that is included. They were cheap as chips for a bit but have gone up in price now. I love mine but wouldn’t recommend one as a primary runner. They are a 25 year old design and Buying parts for it when you break it won’t be as easy as going down to the hobby shop and picking up a new plastic sprue. their like Pokémon, you gotta collect them all
  2. MHD, would love to see how your RX7 looks out in the Sun. I’ve been looking for nice blue colors to do some bodies in. I went the safe route with pactra metallic blue backed with pactra silver on my RSR. It looks really nice but I wish I would’ve went with some PS 59 Dark Mettalic Blue instead. Here is a translucent red backed with bright gunmetal. The paint looks silky in the sun. has anyone tried the PS44 translucent green backed with gun metal?
  3. A while back Tamiya America was selling the rere bruiser for $500. It was too good a deal to pass up and I bought one. I have not built it and I’m not sure if I will but in looking at it, it is much improved over the original. I have an original mountaineer that I run occasionally. The transmission is clunky and don’t dare shift it under power. It’s a beautiful truck but limited by the materials they used to produce it. Metal on metal causes parts to wear. My Hilift gets beat on quite a bit. It’s a great trail runner. The plastic transmission shifts smoothly and under power. Axles and gears are built beefy and can take a fair bit of abuse. but as others have said is limited by ground clearance and it’s leaf spring suspension. if I Wanted a runner and could only buy one I would get the high lift.
  4. He marked mine as shipped. After waiting about a month I contacted him and he said it was sent back to him. Thing is he never contacted me to say that he got it back. Very disappointing.
  5. I bake my rims in the oven at 300 for about 15 minutes. The rim expand and snaps the glue off.
  6. I would. A shiny surface will look better than the dull finish of just the paint
  7. I might have to do that. I just got frustrated with the seller. It was always excuse after excuse. I got my money back but I’d much rather have the chassis. The discs are ones you see on eBay all the time. The tough part is that you have to mill the shoulder off the axle and then shim the caliper bracket to fit the bearing seat to make it work.
  8. Your car turned out really well. How you cut the pop shaft and mashed the end was what I had in mind also. I have one of the max speed chassis for my anniversary build and when I found out about the 230mm I ordered one up. I started a new black Porsche build. Then COVID hit and the BS with maxspeed started. They stated DHL was no longer shipping small packages. I asked on here about shipping and some confirmed the decreased shipping but then I got two different parts from two different German sellers so after 4 months of waiting I got my money back. Here is where it sits
  9. I have both the TRX4 and SCX10ii. TRX4 is a good value with a two speed and lockable portal axles. The downside is that the servos and esc are junk. I didn’t get a scx10 RTR so I cant compare included electronics. SCX Chassis is lighter and more capable than the TRX
  10. You’re right. That’s the best way to test your paint ideas. When I was deciding on a color for my Porsche 934 body I made these test samples. The Wild Willy body substituting for the wing. I painted the gold first then sprayed the clear red. The wheel well cutout got the red first then backed with gold.
  11. It’s definitely a cool color. I used it on an Axial SCX blazer body. Backed it with sliver then sprayed the white lower. I also used it on a cup racer body where I just sprayed the whole can and didn’t use any backer I think either way you go, backer or no backer, you have to spray the entire can out
  12. The wheels are some inexpensive one piece 1.9 plastic mesh wheels from eBay titled Plating Wheel Rim Offset 9mm 4P 2082 Fit RC HSP HPI 1/10 On-Road Drift Car The 49400 wheels are actually quite nice. Much better quality than these mesh wheels above. I was lucky enough to find a spare set before they started selling for crazy prices. Kawada makes some great wheels that come in a 31mm wide rear. These would fill a 934 wheel well nicely
  13. I’ve come and gone a few times. I once stayed away for a bit because I didn’t care for one member who would post on everything and would alway try to point out minor inaccuracies of people’s replies. Eventually he went away. Another time I took a break from RC while going through a divorce. My entire RC collection became a marital asset that I couldn’t touch until the property portion of our estates was settled. It was weird going in my garage to see a partially built Hilux with years worth of dust on it. Recently I’ve noticed that I have nothing much to add to the discussion. I don’t have very many new tamiyas and some of the cars people talk a lot about I have no clue on. Tamiya club has lived on so long that the focus has shifted from vintage to the current vehicles.
  14. I used to coordinate office moves for my last company. Some movers are just a bunch thieving ex cons. On one move, several laptops went missing from multiple offices. I call the moving company the next day to inquire and they miraculously find a “misplaced” box with a few laptops. Moving company eventually had to reimburse my company for the rest of the missing laptops.
  15. The KBF is much wider than original Blackfoot so Tamiya subbed transmissions they would have to bring the front suspension too to match the track. So in the end you would get a KBF rere not a true blackfoot I had a Super Blackfoot with a monster beetle body and it was a solid runner. Always scared to roll that hard body though.
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