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  1. There is a spray called bitter apple and it tastes nasty. You spray it on anything you don’t want him to chew get the smallest crate he can fit in. Dogs don’t like to be by poop do if he barely fits his crate, he won’t poop in it. Give him lots of love. He is crying in the night because he misses his pack. Your wife and you are his pack now. Keep him close
  2. A lunchbox is a wise choice. Couple of upgrades I’d recommend. Aluminum body mounts because the stock plastic ones will break. Make a brace to go across the front shock towers. You’re going to love it
  3. Others have mentioned whether to use primer or not. I think primer is a must. My plan of action is a complete scuff of the body with a very fine scotchbrite pad. Then a few light of coats of Tamiya fine line primer with wet sands in between. This gives the best surface for paint to adhere to. I’ve tried painting without a primer coat and the paint will pull away from door seams and other body details.
  4. After spending all the time it takes to paint the sand scorcher body shell, you’re not going to want to run it very fast
  5. chassis fits the body so much better. I’ll probably paint a new body for this car. I have to use some funky spacers to get the body to fit the old body holes. Would be nice to have a new body that fits it perfect
  6. Used a press to smash the end of prop shaft and cut 6mm off of it. Tamiya really dropped the ball on this release. They could have made the 40th special by shortening the shaft And chassis then print 40th anniversary on the top plate like they did for their 30th anniversary chassis. I’m going to scrap the idea of the caliper brackets. Even with the milled axles their not working right. I’ll just use the brake rotors for hex hubs. Got the 236mm anniversary chassis set up for my Martini 🍸 GT2
  7. It’s a combo of clear red and gunmetal.
  8. You’ll be the only one that knows the difference. I’m particular also. I bought a replacement chassis for one of my new built cars because I accidentally slipped with the screwdriver and scratched the chassis.
  9. Thanks I bought them a couple of years ago. They are overpriced but very nice.
  10. Next step of the build is to mount the shock tower. The holes for the shoulder bolts are not big enough. I used a #28 drill to enlarge the hole. Tore open two new packages of dampers. Gear cases complete Chassis finished. I used a set of aluminum Fuchs from RC4wd 6 mm is a huge difference. The chassis fits the body so much better.
  11. I don’t care what people think. If they have a snide remark I can usually lob a crude reply right back. The meanest I’ve seen people get is when someone is flying a drone. Once I saw a guy at the beach flying his drone. In the time that I chatted with him, three people came up to complain about it.
  12. This will be my second 40th Porsche 934 build. I chose to use a black kit as I was lucky enough to purchase this kit before the prices became insane. I started this as a lockdown build in April of 2020 when I found out that Maxspeedparts was making a 230mm chassis. I got the rear gear case built and that’s where the project died. Because of German post policies and COVID issues the chassis I ordered never came And I ended up with a refund. I was bummed as that chassis was the whole reason for this build. Then on December 8th I took my chances again and ordered a set which sat in a German post office until it showed up today exactly 4 months later. Here you can see the size difference My plan for this chassis is to replace the chassis currently under my redmetal body. I couldn’t live with the wheel base issue. This will give me a nice 236 mm chassis to use for my Martini GT2. I plan to build this chassis the same as above with the sweet 53155 low friction dampers, Orion motor and Taisan silver gear cases, just 6mm shorter One thing I experimented with was adapting a set of the eBay aluminum disc brake kits to this chassis. The issue I found was the 6mm outboard bearing seat on the axle that interferes with the caliper bracket. I had my neighbor use his lathe to mill that bearing seat to 5mm for me. Now I can use the 5x8 outboard bearing in the caliper bracket.
  13. This one is a shelf queen and I’ve never ran it. Along the way to collecting this one I had three others in various states of damage. The body even though lighter than a stock body still takes a beating.
  14. The Kyosho mini-z 4x4 and Axial scx24 make killer coffee table desk crawlers. Here I am rock crawling at Pikes Peak Colorado.
  15. I do take mine to work occasionally to show my coworkers. There is a huge area on our campus that isn’t used which makes a great running spot. I’ve got a few Of my coworkers hooked and they’ve bought vehicles. A while back I was working offsite and took my slash. There is a beach within a short walk which I could run my buggy on during lunch.
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