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  1. I’m digging the little plate they are including. It will go nicely on the car stand
  2. Much better color for that gulf body.
  3. I was wondering what the black part was and realized my wheels came built with it already installed
  4. My first Tamiya was a frog bought for me on my 13th birthday. Below are some vintage 80’s pics of it. As you can see I was in love with the super champ. I made that rear cage out of arc welding rod and the wing made from sheet metal.
  5. It’s not too hard to get a good even coat with a rattle can. However before screwing up an expensive 934 body I practiced the paint combo on a cheaper HPI body.
  6. I count a little over 100 cars in my rc10talk gallery which I know isn’t close to what I really have which is way too many. I need to start getting rid of the one that no longer interest me.
  7. I did very light coats until the can was done. The paint with run if sprayed too thick. Paint the hard corners and creases first. Leave the big flat parts for last
  8. I’m surprised there is no mention of the Arrma infraction/felony/ limitless chassis. 80+ mph out of the box on 6s. Big stable chassis for speed. Several people have gotten their chassis past 100mph.
  9. I think Bruisers have been done in about every color. Find a color you love and go for it. I think black washes out the details and didn’t the HG knock off come in black also? Don’t hate on the RC4WD stuff. I applaud them for coming out with scale stuff that Tamiya wouldn’t touch.
  10. I do both. I pop the body post holes and get it trimmed out fairly well with a hobby knife. Once painted you can easily see the cut lines. I go in with a dremel with a sanding drum to clean up the body
  11. I guess I was luck as they got me all set up my showroom log on and a TC photos account.
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