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  1. Mmm bummer. How much are the real kits going for these days?
  2. I joined TC on 4/29/02 so I’m member 34. I still come around to get my Tamiya Fix. Topics sure have changed as there have been a lot of new models release in the last 18 years to talk about.
  3. You can dye those green rere cups black. A better alternative are the RPM ball cups. I use them on many of my builds
  4. Sage advice except the pins are 1/8”. 3mm will make them sloppy.
  5. I would run it with the old chassis first and save the worlds chassis for when you need it. Like after a crash.
  6. Vintage RR front tires are slightly larger in diameter to the ones they produced for the Rere. Another route is a set of aluminum Wild one wheels from the Asian eBay sellers. They look just like the wild one fox wheels but in aluminum. I’ve been fortunate enough to get a set of Tecnacraft wheels for mine.
  7. I happen to be partial to the two color job I did on mine. The decals break the colors up nicely. Another color combo that looks good is brown on the bottom and tan up top
  8. Looks good so far. How about going FAV/ Rough Rider size tires and wheels
  9. Looks great. Are you planning to run it or shelf it? Running it is going to scar your new chassis up
  10. Great work and a nice location to take the shots. It would be a nice companion to my jager rough rider
  11. If Tamico doesn’t sell the black parts there are a few others selling the parts on ePay. I’ve picked up 6 spare body kits black Porsche decals
  12. Agreed, it may be a bit overrated. Look at the excitement over the supreme hornets which is just a set of stickers and a box. Tamico went through the trouble to get Tamiya to do another run of green wings and Valiant stickers and there are only 333 kits available. We'll see how that plays out for collectibility years from now. I suspect it will be the most coveted of the 40th anniversary kit family.
  13. The whole reason I went with A CBR 1000 is that you could buy this Rothmans painted bodywork from eBay China. This is 4th set of plastics. I’ve been down on the bike a few times. Once when a busted coolant hose sprayed coolant all over the rear tire. Another from a slippery new tire and last time was gravel from road construction.
  14. I think you would be doing yourself a disservice by not getting one. It’s a killer value for what you get.
  15. Provided you have the correct rear FAV hubs. They won't work with the wild one hubs
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