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  1. With the upcoming Tool album coming out I’ve been revisiting their catalog again.
  2. You could search for a set of Tecnacraft wheels for Kyosho Ultima that use a hex mount hub. Then get the frog hex mount hubs to adapt them to Wild One
  3. Tamiya’s “proper” F1 is absolutely lousy to run on anything other than a prepared track surface. Run one out on the street in front of your house and you’ll be spinning donuts and chipping the foam off the tires. The F201 is was more durable and easier to run
  4. F201 was a car before it’s time. With a brushed motor the drivetrain drag would get the motor hot. It’s runs a 100% better with a brushless motor system. The 4wd and rubber tires makes it handle really well. I really like mine.
  5. The salts and other minerals from the ocean are enough to dull the pot metal and rust most every steel screw. My runner shows proof of that. Makes me wonder if the rere parts were tumbled in a media at the factory. They seem shinier than vintage. Basically a polished to shiny finish. Would explain why the luster came off so easily.
  6. Why wait for Tamiya to come out with something when you can make your own. While building my TFL Bronco I noticed that with some significant modifications a RC4WD Blazer body could fit over the cage. With addition of a wing would make a cool truck
  7. Almost everything is different. I think the only things they share is just the axle cases
  8. I feel the classic RC will be quite the collectible in years Rumors that only 2500 were made make it by far the rarest of all RC10’s With the exception of the aluminum screws I feel the Buggy was made well. It compares a lot better to the original than how the HG407 compares to a bruiser. I felt honored to get a chance to buy a NIB kit. To go through all the trouble to produce a kit that they couldn’t have made all that much money on the venture for a small collector market is special in my book
  9. I don’t see a way to mount the motor capacitors or if their needed. They might be internally installed in the motor. I’m at the point where I’m going to go brushless and 2.4
  10. All three bodies are the same. The 40th and black one both have 49400 molded in the body Two extra dimples as body mounting in the rear is different Not super big fan of the Valiant livery. I love this body I painted. I think it’s going to become my runner body
  11. Was secretly hoping you did a Coors light livery. Your buggy came out very nice
  12. This morning I set out to replace the ESC And Motor for something faster. As I suspected it was a tame 35 turn motor. I dug through my boxes of goodies and came up with an 11x3 team Orion revolution motor and a Novak GTX to power it. Got everything installed and plugs and motor soldered up. Took it out for a run and discovered a new set of issues. Diffs are way too loose and I’m not loving how it brakes with the front one way. I may change it back to the stock pulley. I’m getting radio interference so I’m not sure if it’s the way I have the antenna mounted or having no motor capacitors.
  13. Try this Facebook link https://www.facebook.com/matt.hicks.585
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