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  1. i totally agree, the thundershot is massively under estimated. it is brilliant as a basher.........shame about the weak chassis tho andy
  2. hi again i am sorry i dont carry any alloy props at the moment mate. sorry. andy
  3. hey again sorry for the delayed response, no work today so i got roaring drunk last night...lol if all u require is 8 1150's then no problem but, i do think u will require 4 more than that, dont u need need 4 for the prop too?????? i can delivery 8 of those to the uk for the princely sum of 4.75 gbp if that all ok, email me for payment options mate andy
  4. i can supply u a ball race kit mate, for just about any tamiya infact on the grating noise, i often find the cause is a knackered motor. replace it with ya other motor to find out for sure. andy
  5. lol how much did it cost ya then mate?? hope not too much andy
  6. hi there, it depends on what colour the o ring r. the red are silicone, the blacks are the same as the ones u get in nib kits for the axles and inner drives. if u need any i think i have some put away, please note tho, i cant give u enough to rebuild 4 shockers tho..... andy
  7. HI RETRO. YEP i now totally agree, i turned my hobby into something, i shouldnt of done. a earner. i have now returned to basics, and just running rc stuff and selling the odd parts off as i go along, i am now in part time employment, looking for full time work. i have given up on the ebay scene, or rather, turned it down a bit. unfortuality, i still have over 2000 GBP worthof stock, so i have to offload some parts as i go, but most can be used in my own builds etc(or stored). i did get dis hearted with tc and ebay and all the rc scene for a while, BUT now i have dumped to idea of selling to support my family.........i have found a fresh breathe of air for the rc scene and the tc club. god luck to all andy
  8. thanks guys. this has been the best thread i have read on tc. absolutly brilliant. i will be back to check progress andy
  9. hi terry, yes mate i am self employed and declare all earnings, which to be frank, due to a forced holiday, anit up to much...lol i am now considering takling up full time employment, and leaving the rc scene just as a hobby, with the odd side sale. MANY THX TO EVERYONE FOR THE LINKS. andy
  10. hi there, although i dont carry alloy parts i have many hop ups available to trade / part ex againest the super sabre.....let me know what it is u are looking for exactly, and i will search my boxes of stuff, for what u want, and then we can talk money after that andy
  11. there is a set nib rothmans decal kit on the bay @ 75 gbp, i do have ot say tho, it is over priced, as they are really only making 50 -55 gbp if looking for a cheaper replacement try modelbuild as they do tend to have or can get repo stickers, for the kamtech tech.......cheapo and nasty andy
  12. i have 4 sheets of black and white trf decals i set of the 415 decals and one set of the red blue trf decals andy
  13. i have the red wheel drives if u require 2. free if i ship to the uk....also i can provide a complete front end for the ht1 if needed andy
  14. ebay are geared for the newbies. the main stay of their market are getting dissillunsioned with them and their marketing ploys. therefore thay have to draw fresh blood from newbies, as the die hard although still there on ebay are looking fo rways to leave the site, without losing sales. eventually ebay knows we will find a way out. so they need to keep re hashing them selves to get new buyers in new buyers means some will become new sellers.... PLEASE SHOW ME A LINK TO ANOTHER AUCTION SITE andy .
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