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  1. OK its been a very long time since I've posted anything on this forum but I need to get the word out about an event that is happening soon... Its the annual Romanway Model Flying club show that is held at the Romanway sports & social club in Cowley near oxford, its situated just off the approach road to the BMW Mini car plant in cowley. They have been holdind models shows at this venue for a number of years and I have attended a few of them myself in 2005-2006 but not last year as I was doing something else on that day. I have some pictures of the 2006 event in my showroom here: http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.a...1518&sid=37 The event is held on the site which has the main building with a events hall that usually has some sales stalls, a few model railway layouts and a Robot wars display, in the main playing field you have the Model planes doing their displays throughout the day, there is a water tub with model boats going round, there is usually a large display or RC tanks including the really BIG ones andthere are some more sales stands and in the corner of the field we have the area where we normally set up our RC car display. Its an area of short cut grass, and there is a single thin rope barrier that keeps the public back, they give us a long hose pipe with which to lay out a track outline on the grass and we run the cars around on that, we also have a number of tables at the front where we display the cars that we have bought to show and some of the cars we run as well, we also bring the odd item to try and sell though you don't always get a sale. Its a nice friendly atmosfere, we do have to share certain radio frequences with the Boat & tank boys but genarally it runs well. Now usually its only a few TC people who know of this event and there is room for more to attend, you do need to get there quite early so you can get your car onto the field to unload it, also you can get in without paying that way if you just tell them you are with Tamiyaclub and the RC car display. If anyone is interested in going please drop me a Email and I will give you the details on how to get there
  2. OK... I know that I've been lying low for quite a while [] but I will be making an appearance but mainly just to try and sell some stuff... What I will have is: Clodbuster (Runner with Radio) Hotshot (Runner with radio) Hotshot (built from used spares) Grasshopper (Runner with radio) Monogram Lightning (Restored) Playtron Doberman (used) Kyosho Raider (used) Kyosho Pegasus x2 (used) and maybe a few other bits [] see yah all there.
  3. I have just seen the new Box top to the Super Fighter G and it has a old scool style artists illustration of the buggy being driven by a "Real" driver just like all the box tops they did in the good olde days [] also I think I've figured out Tamiya new Chassis numbering scheme for their buggies at least... all the new 4WD buggies have DF- prefix chassis while the 2WD cars have the DT- Prefix? I think that the "F" stands for FOUR and the T stands for TWO as in the number of wheels that are driven on each car [] don't ask me what the "D" means cos I haven't the foggiest [:S]
  4. It would seem to me (and to some others) that perhaps... after a very long draught Tamiya is finally starting to experience a bit of a Buggy Renaissence they have been producing quite a few new buggy designs lately (not to mention the Re-issues of some old classics) the Desert Gator is I think their best looking new buggy to date, based on the new DT-02 chassis which is debuted on the Super Fighter Buggy G (58340) the "Gator" has a number of hop-up improvements over the Toy like Fighter G like new wheels (and extra wide ribbed front tires) Tamiya BLACK CVA Oil Dampers, adjustable top suspension links, a shapely Lexan body shell (that looks suspisiously like it was lifted off the Super Astute?) and dare I guess it.... a Slipper clutch??? that last bit is pure speculation on my part? :S the Fighter G chassis does have some rather nifty transparent Gearbox mouldings with a large spur gear cover that could be adapted to house a Slipper Clutch?? anyway this all bodes well perhaps Tamiya have finally realised that there is a substancial Fan base of Collectots for their vinatge products hence the reason for all the reacent rash of Classis Re-issues, but they still need to be seen to be bringing out new and "happning" models, of which this New Desert Gator so far has a lot of potential it was a real shame that they canned the Neo Shot (58306) as that car would have been really something special? my only hope is that all the developement money that went into that cars design is not wasted... and that they send the car back to developement badword and tinker with it untill such time as it and the buying public are ready for it cos lets face it they need a new top brand 4WD to sell amongside the somewhat basic Gravel Hound & Rising Storm.
  5. Well the one set that I could really use right about now (and one that would be quite popular is AVANTE) though it would appear that the SUPER CHAMP decal set has won this argument hands down [] personally I would also like to see a proper set of HOLIDAY BUGGY and LUNCHBOX Decals [] as some recent repro sets I bought for these models from other sellers were less than perfect [] No-One does Reproduction decals as well as you Chris [] keep up the good work! [^]
  6. Hi jfretless [] I think I know the Ebay item you have seen.... was it not a MIB Associated YZ10? I saw it just the other week as I'm currently searching Ebay on a daily basis for an original Yokomo YZ-870C Super Dogfighter..... The Associated YZ-10 you saw is in fact a modified version of the Yokomo YZ-870C chassis with a differnt body and rebranded as an associated car... as the other TC members before me have pointed out Associated and Yokomo have quite a long standing relationship and I believe the Associated branded YZ-10 is a product of this union cos Associated are great at making 2WD buggies (with the highly succesful and long running RC-10 series) where as Yokomo are good at making 4WD buggies and have had equal success with there Belt driven design that started with the 870 chassis, as Associated don't do a 4WD car of their own I'm guessing that they asked Yokomo if they could do their own version car based on their chassis and after making a few minor modifications and calling it a YZ-10. to be honest this is the first and only time I have ever seen an Associated branded YZ-10 all other YZ-10's I've seen have been Yokomo branded ones? so I guess that makes this model quite a rare find indeed []
  7. I have just been sent information about next years Model Activ'05 which is to be held at the Warwickshire Exhibition Centre on the weekend 2nd & 3rd April next year. The dates have been confirmed and I know that weekend is going to be a very popular one for other events around the country so many of you will propably end up going elsewhere. Basically I have been given an oppertunity to hold a display of my RC cars at this model exhibition, I did this event earlier this year (march 20-21st) and along with a few friends put on a dispaly of cars for the general public (See pic.. http://www.tamiyaclub.com/getuserimage.asp...004211848_2.jpg ) it was a long weekend, a lot of effort was needed to set the stand up and pack it away at the end but the experienece of chatting to members of the public about cars they had from years back was quite interesting, in some cases it even lead to offers of Vintage RC cars for sale [] In hindsight this years event was a bit too much for me to handel alone, on the show days I did have the help of 2 other people but we found that for the most part we were undermanned on the stand, I had asked TC members for help, but unfortunatly none was forthcomming, so this time I'm hopeing that I can get some relible help from TC members which is why I'm putting the word out early this time, there are 5 months till the show so I'm giving plenty of early warning. This exhibition is not a mainstream show like you would get at somewhere like the NEC (National Exhibition Centre) Birminingham or the NAC (National Agricultural Center) Stoneleigh in fcat it housed in a building that can be best described as a converted metal barn that is rather cold and draughty? the hours are long 10:30 to 17:00 (that does not include setting up/packing away time that is even earlier/later) and you won't be paid for the time and effort you put it now will you be reinbursed on travelling/petrol costs. but you do get a rare oppertunity to display some of your collection to members of the puplic, and help to raise awareness of our club to the general public So if anyone thinks that they will be availble on the weekend of 2-3rd April next year and can travel to the Warwickshire Exhibition center just off the Fosse Way (B4455) near Leamington Spa to provide assitence with the stand then I would appreciate anyone who would be willing to help
  8. DOH!!! [8)] Typical of me to go shouting my mouth off with half baked theorys as usual without getting my fact right first [] OK to clear the air on how I came to such a ludacris conclusion... go to the Offical Tamiya web site and look at the promotional pics of the Gravel Hound and Rising Storm cars... the chassis pics are identicle for both cars... but I was only going by the ones for the Rishing Storm at the time? from what I can see of the chassis it looks to be fitted with proper thin metal dog bones... but the pics are not very detailed and I can;t make out the drive cups properly... so what I said was an assumtion as to what the car would actually be like... as it turns I was wrong [V] Now the bit about the Oil dampers..... I was sure that I heard someone say that their Gravel Hound had come fitted with Friction dampers only? since tamiya started making all their plastic dampers out of the same colour plastic (be they friction or Oil) it been a bit tricky to tell them apart from grainy low resolution Web photos, (when Tamiya made their CVA's in Bright yellow its was easy peesy) but in this case as before I was assuming that the Hound had only Friction dampers (going on the false hearsay I had received before) hence my mis-quote at the start of this thread.... (if I had looked at the Tamiya promo pics of the Hound I would have seen that it was fitted with Oil dampers [xx(] ) As for the bearings... that was sheer ignorance on my part, I did not know that the hound came with ball raced axels... I thought it was just fitted with nylon bearings? another fatal assumption [8)] so in hindsight there is nothing different about the Rising storm bar the Body style.... that would go some way to explaining why the prices of the two machines was about the same, I've given tamiya way too much credit for the re-shell on this car... My Bad as usual I've made a complete AR53 of myself.. but in saying that I've still gone and bought myself a Rising Storm off Ebay about half an hour ago []
  9. If like me you have noticed Tamiya latest 4WD buggy offering the RISING STORM many of you might think it is little more than a re-shell of the Gravel Hound, in some aspects that is true but its actually a lot better than the G-Hound than first thought? For starters its got a much more stylish body, with a forward control wedge shaped cockpit much like the Terra Scorcher and Vanquish and its also fitted with one of them s****y new contoured rear wings that have also started to appear on the new Tamiya Nitro buggies, other features to its credit... 8 ball races (2 for each Wheel axle), Black CVA type Oil dampers and it also comes supplied with one of the Tamiya basic ESC that seem to be supplied with most of their new kits these days... But there is something else that I have noticed from the grainey web pics I have of it... something that is a vast impovement over the G-Hound... it appears to be fitted with proper METAL dog-bones and drive cups the G-Hound has got them silly chunky plastic dog bones and drive cups similar to those fitted to the Falcon... I have yet to be able to confirm this finding as I have not yet seem a detailed enough picture of the chassis and drive train? but if my suspicions are correct then this represents a major step up on the G-Hound and from what I have seen of the pre-quoted prices for this car.. it seems to priced the same as the G-Hound Well I'm not a real fan of the G-Hound but I do like what I've seen of the Rising Storm thus far so I know what one of my first new purchases is going to be in the new year
  10. You and me BOTH pal [] I'm after an original SUPER-DOGFIGHTER as well [] though I would settle for a good used one? as Yokomo's go they are rare as hens teeth, it first appeared in about 89 but was soon superseeded by YZ10 which was a modified version of the 870 chassis and soon displaced them? you hardly ever see the 870 on Ebay and when you do they go for a right premium [8)] I see the 870 as the first PROPER Yokomo buggy [] much better than that ugly chunky chain driven thing they had before it (YZ834 Dogfighter) the 870 chassis went on to give Yokomo great successes in the world champs after it came out and Yokomo kept its performance ahead of the competition with a series of progressive modifications, but the 870 was thier first belt driven chassis, and it all kicked off for them with this car and thats why I want one []
  11. I have just got the last car in the "Pegasus" chassis series and it is the Cox Ultra Stock, it's based on a real Baja style Off-Road grand-Prix car based on a Toyota Supra that was run in the mid 80's in competions in the states. I got the kit and it was almost a MIB? but the instructions manual is missing [] so I really want to get hold of one of these manuals and as I've helped so many of you other guys out there to get copies of rare manuals before I guess its time someone returned the favour. Ideally I would prefer and original manual? but if one is not availble then I will settle for either a Photocopy or Scanned version that can be tranfered via Email. if anyone knows where they can get hold of one for me? then please let me know ASAP by emailing me at wldnas@hotmail.com Thanks for you time []
  12. I concour with Erik Swe [8D] I have a picture of the Box top to the Nichimo Porsche Twin Turbo 935/78 and both the body style and decal designs seem to match perfectly, if it is a Nichimo then the chassis should be 380 powered with a simple flat chassis deck made from aluminum plates, a bit like some of the very earliest Tamiya chassis designs.
  13. well I broke just about everything that I run and those that I didn't still had brief runs due to flat batteries and interferance problems :S but the biggest damage was confined to these cars... SATUDAY: Wild Dagger: steering servo kept slipping outa position/servo saver knackered [8)] Kyosho Nissan Pathfinder: ripped off the rear bumper Winger: snapped the right/front/lower wishbone on half (was cracked anyway?) Wild Willy: Steering rods snapped off the Servo Saver, Bumper kept falling off [8)] SUNDAY: Avante: Mangled the rear wing, sheared off half the antenna mast and snapped off the steering rod from right hand upright Ranger: servo saver slipped outa position, further cracked the front bumper. TXT-1: kept pulling out front suspension rod ball joint ends. the rest of the cars I took never got raced for one reason or another, still it woulden't be a Tamiyaclub drive if you didnt break something []
  14. OK here is the Radio Frequencies that I will be bringing with me 27Mhz AM Brown 26.995 Red 27.045 Orange 27.095 Yellow 27.145 Green 27.195 Blue 27.255 SPLITS Silver/Brown TX26.975-RX26.520 Brown/Red TX27.025-RX26.570 Red/Orange TX27.075-RX26.620 Orange/Yellow TX27.125-RX26.670 Yellow/Green TX27.175-RX26.720 Green/Blue TX27.225-RX26.770 40 Mhz 40.675 (CH51) 40.777 (CH58) 40.825 (CH82) I also have some US 75Mhz AM sets but I think they are mostly fitted to cars that I'm NOT planning on bringing with perhaps the exception of the MRC Desert Thunder Monster Buggy which is too big to run in the normal racing classes and will probably only be for demostration running?
  15. This is all well and good obviously there is some fine tuning requied, and Racing Tamiya only classes is to be expected, but what about those of us that bring non-tamiya cars? I mean hows about races for Vintage and Present day Competition 2WD and 4WD's? as for anything else? will you just be able to slot them into the other race classes depending on their type and vintage status? For instance? I'm going to bring My Hirobo Alien to run? that could go in the Modern 4WD class? (I have my Avante and Top Force as well?) and what about my Kyosho RV Nissan Pathfinder in an XC race? cos its sorta the same thing? anyway I'm going both days and bringing different cars on each and I'm sure things will be all sorted out on the Day/'s BTW Jimbo is a King Cab classed as a Stadium truck? I could also perhaps use my signature vehical The Tamdai Wild Wolf in this class as well?
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