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  1. Over the last few days I've been getting these. Need a set of white mirrors, I thought I had bought them with the spoiler but they weren't in the box so trying to find out where they are. Building myself all 4 cossie escorts, I know the WRC car didn't have the whale tail but I like that better. Will have to start building and painting them soon. Paul.
  2. On the subject of glue. What best for tyres? Mine spin on the rim when accelerating. Cheers.
  3. Do you need to provide the details or can you send them something and they scan it then create the new bits? Looks good.
  4. That's it, I was happy to sort a bank transfer but he cancelled it before I spoke. Hopefully sorted now.
  5. That's what I thought, but I've heard that only companies need PayPal. Private sellers don't need it in Germany.
  6. Hi, Quick thing. I want to buy a car on eBay Germany. I bid and won it the other night only to realise the seller won't accept PayPal, when I asked, he cancelled the sale and re listed it, with cash or direct bank transfer. Is there anybody who I can PayPal the money too, then have them buy it on eBay and pay for it direct transfer and give him my address to send it too? Hopefully that makes sense. Cheers Paul.
  7. Got a body with decals. I now need a chassis, wheels tyre and the spoiler and mirrors. Few things on eBay but doesn't anyone have anything on here Thanks.
  8. It's good the last owners boarded the loft so all I've done is put down the old carpet, not exactly a professional job. Need to add another light in there which I'll get done soon, In the summer it's fine but it's cold up there in winter, might look into insulation between the roof joists this summer. Going to put shelves up all on the chimney and just put cars up on there. Ivegot a complete interior from a ford Capri up there atm, but then that's gone my scalextric is getting set up. Had it when I was about 10
  9. That's. He's told me there's no box. But built and never used. I don't want to buy it then a re re comes out as its bound to drop in value. I've only got three tamiya rc cars and there all the basic and cheap ones so I've no idea on the more rarer models. Thanks. Will see what happens when I see the guy. Thanks for the help.
  10. Hi, I've got the possibility of buying one, owners not decided for sure but I've no idea what I should even be paying/offering it's been built but never been run. I haven't seen it myself, but if it checks out ok, what's going to be a rough value? Thanks Paul.
  11. There's a NIB for £250 on eBay I started the bidding on that. Was highest bidder at £21 looked back and was £98 There's a few cars on eBay so watching them now.
  12. Few days ago I tidied up the loft to make room, nailed down all the old carpet I took out of the living room so I wasn't walking on the wooden boards. Next thing is to get some shelving up to put the cars on and build a few more cars. The loft is my area so the Mrs doesn't care what I do with it Hopefully the pic will work
  13. Hi, Looking for an escort cosworth, an earlier one with the 'whale tail' spoiler, Need something thats serviceable, or just a chassis, and I'll find another body and wheels. But also looking for anything cheap to use and fix up as I go. Currently have a Mini Cooper, baja champ, and a F150 Baja truck. Had them for ages so looking at getting some other models to add to my collection In Birmingham uk. Thanks Paul.
  14. I've heard aBout a bigwig, built but never used, what should I be paying for it? They seem quite sort after. Very nice job on the resto My first post too, only signed up 11 years ago Thanks 👍
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