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  1. I went over to the "dark side" and bought a 1/1 Tamiya :-)
  2. The pictures don't show ... Very interested in this build!
  3. I'm looking for a NIB Vintage Toyota Celica LB Turbo bodyset. Thanks for yoy help! greetings Koen (Belgium)
  4. Yes it is. 313 bhp, 650 Nm. 5,7s for 0->100km/h and top 250 km/h with a consumption of only 7,5l/100 km in all comfort. Perfect for my daily routine and 60.000km/y.
  5. Who cares? that's probably why it never breaks down (it's my third one) ;-)
  6. My daily is an Audi A6 Allroad bitdi. Does the daily job perfect with 313 hp, airsuspension and 650 Nm torque. Fuel consumption: very acceptable (7,5l/100 km)
  7. Thanks for your help guys. This confirms my feelings. Did some research myself and quickly found out the same things as you do. As said. I opted for: "when in doubt, simply walk away" :-) cheers!
  8. Hi Wireless, this is strange, very strange ... I was offered by a friend a few months back an original RS500 from Switserland! It was used as a pacecar in 1986. It comes with a letter of intend form Ford Tjechie claiming it is the only original RS500 in Left Hand Drive. The asking price is approx half of the real value. I didn't really trust this and did not buy the car seen all RS500's were RHD. The car is still for sale. included a few pics. What do you think? grts
  9. You lucky guys drive on the right Side of the road. So you can buy all these fantastic Japanese sportscars. I'm slightly jealous 😀. I have a German duo, which does the job perfect 👍
  10. Hi Guys, some very nice cars here!. 5 years ago I turned 40 and wanted to by my dream car. Still scares the .... out of me everytime I drive it :-) grts
  11. I'm finishing the rebuilt of my Lancia Delta Integrale EVO 2 . I thought that it only needed minor repairs on the chassis. But someone measured pressure loss in one of the cilinders. Took the engine out and we discovered one thing after another. I wanted it to be perfect with original parts. So the quest for original parts started. Thank God for Walkers in the UK!. I had all bearings/joints/rubbers changed. New brakes/discs/pads all around, the list is to long to mention. The enigine is about 40% new parts. Total ... 8500€ ... a little more then I expected. But soon I'll be the owner of an almost perfect Integrale ... cause a perfect one doesn't exsist I fear. It remains an Italian car ;-)
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