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  1. Love this topic. The FF-01 is my favourite chassis and I concider myself very lucky to own a few rare FF-01's NIB. Building and driving them is sadly not my goal. But watching you build and driving them is simply awesome!. Keep up the goog work!
  2. I went over to the "dark side" and bought a 1/1 Tamiya :-)
  3. The pictures don't show ... Very interested in this build!
  4. I'm looking for a NIB Vintage Toyota Celica LB Turbo bodyset. Thanks for yoy help! greetings Koen (Belgium)
  5. Yes it is. 313 bhp, 650 Nm. 5,7s for 0->100km/h and top 250 km/h with a consumption of only 7,5l/100 km in all comfort. Perfect for my daily routine and 60.000km/y.
  6. Who cares? that's probably why it never breaks down (it's my third one) ;-)
  7. My daily is an Audi A6 Allroad bitdi. Does the daily job perfect with 313 hp, airsuspension and 650 Nm torque. Fuel consumption: very acceptable (7,5l/100 km)
  8. Thanks for your help guys. This confirms my feelings. Did some research myself and quickly found out the same things as you do. As said. I opted for: "when in doubt, simply walk away" :-) cheers!
  9. Hi Wireless, this is strange, very strange ... I was offered by a friend a few months back an original RS500 from Switserland! It was used as a pacecar in 1986. It comes with a letter of intend form Ford Tjechie claiming it is the only original RS500 in Left Hand Drive. The asking price is approx half of the real value. I didn't really trust this and did not buy the car seen all RS500's were RHD. The car is still for sale. included a few pics. What do you think? grts
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