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  1. The 414x cars were normally only intended for the us market, and it was quite difficult to get hold off them in the pre-ebay era. Some made it through to Europe and the importers sold or gave them to some of their drivers. I got mine via Terry Rott, quite a famous american rc racer, who was so friendly to buy two. I can't remember which chassis number it had, but this car was so rare that I lent it to a French magazine who made a cover-story out of it. I sold the car a while ago to a german friend, but it was the car that started the Tamiya touring car succes. It came with a number indication and some nice blue setupwheels. I'm really sad I sold this car. David
  2. When we were racing the TA03, it was quite a good car. It does understeer, but this made it easy to handle. This is the setup we used back then: Front; old red springs, 200WT oil, red stabilizer and oneway. Rear; old blue springs, 400WT oil, blue stabilizer and ball diff. We used the old 26mm Tamiya Type A tyres with the foam inserts or the blue molded ones. In my opinion, it was an easy and forgiving car to drive.
  3. Hello Biggus, Yep, I remember that! [:I] I was really quite amazed of the speed of the cars in Snetterton. Because of their smaller size, they seem a lot faster than the 1/10th scale cars. Max, thanks for the tip! Do you use M chassis tyres on your porsche? I've heard they might fit on these cars.
  4. How does the Celica handle with the the middle differential? Is it less twitchy to drive?
  5. These cars were all nice cars, but the handling wasn't so great I think. the 959 really handles well and is quite fast too. That's why it's my runner favourite.
  6. I have run quite a lot of vintage Tamiya cars. A while ago, I bought a Porsche 959 which I intented to use as a runner. The body was in pretty bad condition, but mechanically sound. I put a modern speedo in it and used my KO propo radio to steer the car. Last night, fellow TC member Bibbo and I tested the car, and we both had a grin till under our ears on our face. This car is so much fun to drive, it really makes you happy! It was even more fun than my 12V Audi Quattro (of which the motor only lasted two packs!). My choice for the greatest runner ever goes to the Porsche 959. What are your thoughts on this?
  7. I have dealt for over two years with RC Champ and I can really recommend them. They offer a great service.
  8. Hey Darryn, I found a lot of spare parts for the AYK super trail (front wheels, gears, dampers, suspension arms, ...) and a secondhand car in a fair condition. This guy has Hirobo cars and spares as well. I think that in total there are some 4 boxes of old parts. Would it be worthwile to buy them to exchange them for Tamiya parts your reckon? Cheers, David
  9. The black set is actually the older of the two. Tamiya released many parts in different colours. SP 1011 was always white, but sp 1077 was first released in black, and later in white. The black gears were thinner, and they were also included in the early versions of the Porsche 936, Countach (both versions) and Celica. If you have a NIB car with an RA number (instead of 58009 e.g.) it will certainly have black gears. It's the same thing with the bumpers of these cars. The older bumpers where black, and the newer ones white. That's the reason why the black bumpers are more sought after than the white ones. David
  10. Hey Scorchio and Twinset, now you ruined my reputation![:I] I used to use old Tamiya body set boxes, but I thought I could use some more "interesting" boxes. Next time, I'll try to get some XXL condom boxes from our local warehouse []. Anyway, I wish to say a big THANKS to Roby who helped me a lot with my Rough Rider project. It's really cool that you are actually able to build such a car at a limited cost.
  11. I think it's much nicer to deal with people on the club than via Ebay. Thanks to some good luck, I got hold of a lot of parts, and I made some profit on it. I thought it would be a good idea not to sit on this stuff, but sell it for reasonable prices. About 6 months ago, I sold some of these parts on ebay, and got real high prices for them, but I'm not into this hobby for the money, so it's better to let more people benefit from my (almost extinct []) Tamiya mine.
  12. Hey Koen, it was Bib who started the foul language thing.[:I] He made me say those nasty things, please give me an M3 [:X]
  13. Hi Koen, can you sit down again, or do you still have a sore arxx? [] The shopkeeper told me he had a quite good time with you in his warehouse []
  14. I think it would be the Surikarn Evo3, with the Ferrari Modena shell (it is a two door, so technically it isn't ISTC legal, but who cares), 11 turn Tamiya racing motor and the tyres that were supplied in the TRF414M kit (but I forgot their name). If you run a Protoform Stratus shell however, you will find you have much more downforce than with the Modena shell.
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