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  1. hello thanks for your first response In france we are the same problem. shops close and remaining ones are expensive compared to internet shops.
  2. hello I'm going to London in August for Holidays. can you give me somes RC stores addresses and / or electronics stores (without Maplin ) thanks for your response ps: i'm french sorry if my english is not perfect
  3. hello, i'm just starting to restore my Porsche 934 and i'm saw not the front bumper support. i can see it's very difficult to have and would be reproduce it. If someone will give me all dimensions of it (the 2 parts constitute the support thanks for your help Laurent ps: sorry if my english is not perfect
  4. Hello, Visit this site: www.camion-rc.fr.st Thanks
  5. Hello I've just find a Tamtech Ferrari Testarossa but whithout manual If someone can i help me with a scan of the manual and send to my DSL mail Thanks for your help Laurent My mail : laurent.picq@wanadoo.fr
  6. Hello, My little contribution !!!!!!! http://www.tamiya-and-more.fr.st
  7. If nobody can't scan the manual, i'm very interest by your photocopy. For information, i'm laeving in France Stay at the end of the week-end Thanks Laurent
  8. Hello, I've bought a Tamiya Tamtech 1/14 scale Lotus 102B If someone can help me to scan and send me, by email, the instruction manual. It's my first Tamtech !!!!!! Thanks for your response mailto:laurent.picq@wanadoo.fr
  9. To finish my NIB Willy's "version A", i don't have: "Bronze Bearing Bag" + "Differential Gear Bag" + universal joint + 2:ball race large and 2 Harm Stay. If someone can help me !!! Laurent[]
  10. Hello, A friend of mine, propose te sell me a complete Porche LeMans Tamtech in good condition. His price is 65 Euros. Is it a good price ??? Thanks all for your help Laurent []
  11. The video are great !!! Many Thanks But now, the server is down ????? I'dont download the last file
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