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  1. Not going to preorder the 10T Fed up fighting over the 6 gear not knowing if I would get one,now I have 3 by mistake.,well thats what I tell myself? No parts support also ""really"" it gets at me also ! I paid almost 100$ more to order from AE site because of shipping and getting scalped by extra duty fees. . I bought one in Canada and it was 90$ cheaper,now the Dealer seeing the demand upped his retail price,PFFT! stuff it.
  2. Dear Valued Customer Team Associated is thrilled to celebrate our 60th anniversary alongside the release of the RC10T Classic. It's more than just a model; it's a journey back in time to a period when RC racing was at its peak. Get ready to unleash the power of the Stealth transmission and write your own chapter in RC racing history with the RC10T Classic by Team Associated. Pre-Order the limited edition, RC10T Classic Kit! Kits will begin shipping in late June! Don't miss your chance to celebrate history with Team Associated! Pre-order now at www.associatedelectrics.com
  3. AE shipped right after I called and I ordered on the 16th early morning last month, Now I have ordered from other places thinking I was not going to get this kit,now i will have too many! Its more expensive to order from AE website as one it crosses the boarder the Duties and taxes adds another 93$ CAD and a 50$ shipping fee is not a deal!
  4. I ordered on the 16th early am and was a little above 2900,still saying awaiting fulfillment so i do not think they took more than 4000 from AE`s Direct ordering??
  5. I emailed them Today (2nd of may)and they said they are shipping according to the day and time received,still no movement and I have one at 2500`s and another near 3000..
  6. Everything just about is out of stock? Do they make batches every so many months?
  7. I have serched for Fine RC and I cannot find anything under that Name??? Would You havea Link??
  8. Drivetrain is finished,all has to be replaced,nylon still looks good,quick sand to the bottom of chassis and i have perfect match paint,need a new shell and wing. rear tires are more than half gone.
  9. i have one in the 2500 and another around 3000 ,still no movement yest
  10. Just grease and shim the differentials as tight as possible without bulging the cases, with a Tamiya shim kit. for the screw holes You could put Heli coils in but I did find the plastic to be thinner than older kits from the 80s and my hotshot is cracked at the screwholes in the battery mount also(always been that way) and its 38 years ago I bought it. 10 turn Hobbywing type motor that uses a 380 size rotor in a 540 size case,the older blue type is as fast as You will need and much more easy on gears and still has good top end with ripping the gears out prematurely !
  11. If they are anything like the the CC version theres still 15 at a shop I sometimes use, at over 500 CDN a pop I do not think there going to dissapear? I want parts as im putting the tubs away and will order extra bodys and tubs asap as i want runners! I cannot find spares and fix the ones i have sitting that are worn out and I sold the ones with stealth Trannies and could kick myself. I had 2 stores over the years and still have 60.000$ plus in just Tamiya and about 15.000 in models let alone planes boats etc odd kits?
  12. I just recieved one a few days ago and the tub is turn upside down and both are wrapped in plastic ,so no scratches to the Body!
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