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  1. Here are some Pictures. Nothing so spectacular because they look similar to the ones known already but this is more or less final configuration beside some minor Details still to be done though. I still have to figure out how they made the front tires aligned. In the Promotion Video only a very thin wire is visible.
  2. Hi there! It moves! The last two days I spent with measuring and marking and measuring again and then finally.... I used the router and slotted the openings for the moving rods... Okay - so far so good. I did it right. The four power Units drive the rods are mounted as well and are connected to the wishbones. Tentatively with normal threaded rods. Will have to make some nice rods. Still the one or other Thing to do but... yeah - ran out of Motor shims so I could not finish off the Motor Installation. Will do the wiring underneath tomorrow and still have to figure out how to adjust the power from the battery through the swith to the power Units an the Motor to have them turn the right Speed. Will take some Pictures today evening. Thomas
  3. Hi Folks! I am so sorry for not posting any update. This is due to lack of time. I have all Tools here waiting for the right time to go ahead with the milling work for the Slots where the rods come through the base to let the Suspension go up and down. This is a quite crucial stept because once I've made a mistake it will ruin the whole Project. But I am eager to finish it soon. So you may find an update here soon.
  4. That's right, it is me who makes the copy of the Hotshot bench model. Unfortunately due to lack of time I have only slow Progress. However, once I prepped the wooden Display cabinet, I can Mount the model and only have to make the elektroniks underneath. I will sure present further Progress soon.
  5. I am thinking of selling the red Funco Bel-Ray buggy that I have build some years ago. The body is a heavily modified Rough Rider/Buggy Champ body to match the shape of the genuine Funco Bel Ray-Buggy. Perfectly done with polystyrol. Bright red/white paint job with smooth and shiny finish. The chassis is built from new parts. New wheels and tires. Wheels have outer aluminum covers with super scale hex head screws. Super scale black RC4WD shocks with internal springs. Metal plished front skid plate and vintage Super Champ HD steering kit. The roof is also custom made of metal painted in gunmetal. http://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?/topic/69881-red-funco-bel-ray-buggy-racer/ This is a very rare chance to get a super scale and super nice, absolutely unique Funco Buggy body for your display project. The acrylic display stand is alson included. Both the body and the chassis have neever been used. Make me an offer please. Feel free to ask any question or for additional pictures. I will ship worldwide at cost. More pictures:
  6. Selling my vintage Bruiser project. Collected parts over couple of years to build up a display model. Changed my mind and now it is up for sale. Started with the frame, it is hand polished, all parts are very good condition. Will make a beautiful display model. Body is great too and paitn is a solid base. Have a look at the link below and if any question rise, just ask. Can send more picures too. Ship worldwide at cost. http://www.tamiyaclub.com/trades_model.asp?cid=119775&id=108
  7. Selling a set of unused Bruiser RN36 axles. More details see link: http://www.tamiyaclub.com/trades_model.asp?cid=119747&id=108
  8. TamTom


    Selling a vintage Bruiser/Mountaineer 3-speed transmission. Pictures and description, see link. http://www.tamiyaclub.com/trades_model.asp?cid=119748&id=108
  9. Selling my new build Buggy Champ. I build this one backe some years ago. It is 100% build of new parts. I collected all the parts my self. It has a RC-Channel rear suspension upgrade, a black anodized bottom plate and aluminum outer wheels. I paid attanten to details. Radio box is painted flat black. I used a blue metallic paint with clear coat from automotive paint shop. It has also the Tamiya ball diff installed! The inside of the body is painted black for better contrast. It is an absolute perfectly built flawless display model. Please make me a fair offer. The SRB stand is included.
  10. Thank you. You really think this may interest anybody at Tamiya?
  11. I apologize for beeing lazy on that. Still have your parts here. Willtake pics and get through all my mails soon!
  12. TamTom


  13. Well, I got stuck in progress a little. I have been rebuilding the hobby room. Got new furniture and did not have time because I sold one of my real cars (the Toyota Land Cruiser) and bought me another real car (Dodge RAM). So I spent a lot of time with other things. But will going on soon. You mean the pins on the upper wishbone? They were used on the pre-production cars.
  14. Today I got the RC4WD Yota axles in. Could not wait to install them and so I began with the installation immediately. First I replaced the white nylon inserts of the front leaf hangers and shimmed with 4x 3mm washers. Also I had to trim the frame at this section accordingly. So the leaf hangers come out 2mm each side wider and therefore the axles directly fit the leafs. Attached the axles with RC4WD u-bolt kits and fitted the body. Wow!! The ride hight is just perfect for my taste. And nobody can say that the width of the axles and tires look goof. It sits just like a real K5. However, with a little wider steelies it would look even better. ;-)
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