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  1. Philyon

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    Nice one ! I had the '87 white model, I crashed it in less than 30min during the first run after a bad receipt.. The shop changed it by a new red one. It was my first and Last Nikko, but very nice model indeed. After the Dictator I got the GH2.
  2. What nice topic, and what a collection you have ! I'm waiting for a mini NIB Kyocho Rocky 4wd from my postman in few days and I'm looking for a mini Grasshopper 2. I saw some variant about this mini gh2, in pearl gold like this one :|parentrq%3Ac20c5e4016a0aa4874c9b374ffc39972|iid%3A1 Awesome price for a mini. I'll try to find the classic version.
  3. I was ready to go this afternoon to my shop to buy the only one gh2 they have in stock, but it was sold this morning ! Argl... They place a new order for me, I hope to have it next week !
  4. She looks nice. The packaging is different from the original one but this is a very nice opportunity to buy the very first Tamya car i've owned. They must re-re the Super G too !
  5. Philyon

    Kyosho Optima re-release coming!

    I allready have the original but... I want it. :)
  6. Philyon

    Kyosho Optima re-release coming!

    Yes, thanks. In the meantime I found a french website that offers this. Not yet avalaible but less expensive.
  7. Philyon

    Kyosho Optima re-release coming!

    I'd like to find the starter pack 82140 with.
  8. Philyon

    Kyosho Optima re-release coming!

    Not so expensive, An original NIB cost almost twice.
  9. Philyon

    Kyosho Optima re-release coming!

    I Agree. The first Optima was an iconic model, all started from this one. Re-re is a logical thing.
  10. Grasshopper - Monster Beetle - Avante for me
  11. Philyon

    WTB - NIB Grasshopper 2

    @emibus -> Thank you but I'm looking for the "2". TamiyaBB-> Ok thanks. May be I'll send you a message if it doesn't work.
  12. Philyon

    Kyosho Re re Original Ultima

    Nice news ! I think the Optima and Javelin will be next.
  13. Philyon

    WTB - NIB Grasshopper 2

    Hi, I'm looking for a NIB Grasshopper 2. If you have one in your collection you want to sell, please contact me. Thanks !
  14. Philyon

    Re release news

    I think so.
  15. Philyon

    Grasshopper2 Super G Manual Wanted

    I'd like to find a Nib GH2 SG but it's hard to find...