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  1. www.knightcustoms.com will take you straight to our shapeways page. Just watch the spelling as people often incorrectly type knightScustom.
  2. Jenny, thanks for getting one of the engines. The trick to get the printed nylon smooth is to build up a 3-4 layers of Tamiya primer first. Then only sand back the primer. We chose nylon as it’s tough enough to withstand most scale adventures and isn’t brittle & will not melt like the PLA material most 3D parts come in. BUT it doesn’t like to be sanded. Sand down just the filler and you’ll be fine. For the areas you want to look like cast metail just a few brush coats of Tamiya silver with a wash of thinned Tamiya Black will get you the best results. No need to sand those areas.
  3. On sale now, but I couldn't fix the t-shirt, so if you want one, you have to have the "thrashed" look logo.
  4. Yep, 3D printing was a game changer for me too. For me it all started because I wanted a Flat four engines for my Sand Scorcher. After chasing down a cast replica from the 1/8th Kubelwagen, seeing all the work I needed to do to make it look right... and then realizing I wanted 3 of them for the other SRB's I had. I realized 3D printing a engine would allow me to easily make as many as I needed. One thing lead to another and I now have a small business designing and selling 3D printed parts. The ability to make and share your designs means there are some really cool parts out there from all sorts of designers that would have never seen the light of day before 3D printing. Mokie Kagaku is right, we are only just starting to see the potential of 3D printing - I too look forward to the future of it all.
  5. Looking good Bjorklo, Shodog is right, build up lots of primer and sand it back for best results. Nylon has good mechanical properties but does not sand well. James.
  6. Thanks Steve, Here is an update on my latest JK build, seen here used for my Recon G6 promo.
  7. Here are the latest parts for the Axial JK Rear lights Hood latches Full length Exo cage & basket 4 gallon RotopaX (official licensed)
  8. Great to hear your story and a simply amazing project (both the Ferrari and the Porsche). Keep up the great work, James.
  9. Amazing, one of my all time favorite cars. What is your Shapeways shop called? James.
  10. Yes, all the great entries in the TC comp were a good source of inspiration for my build.
  11. OK, I just got my decals (stickers) in the post - AWESOME!!! and they are die-cut. Thanks Simen, great work. James.
  12. Thanks guys. Peter the new editor is really pushing for a much broader coverage of RC in general and it was great to be asked to help contribute to the mag.
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