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  1. david, the nib SS will be on its way monday along with the nib ralt darwin
  2. david, the nib SS will be on its way monday along with the nib ralt darwin
  3. The Egress has the highest retail price (price on box) according to the Tamiya Perfect album. Egress 44000 yen Bruiser/Mounty 39000 Top Force Evo 38000 Avante 34800 Hilux/Blazer 33000
  4. Im looking for tire/wheels set for the Countach or Countach CS. I also want the rerelease gold tire/wheels set. Thanks, Darwin
  5. looking for those gold countach rereleased wheels and tires. please let me know if you have an etra set available. thanks, darwin
  6. Are the bodies for these two models the same? I know that the chassis are a little bit different. Thanks, DC
  7. This probably came up before. Can you fit on a mountaineer either a clud buster or jugg roll bars. Has anybody member of this board done this. Is it a direct fit or does it require little mod?
  8. Hi there. I am looking for 1 rear suspension spring, 2 dogbones (shaft that turns the wheels), and E12 (white plastic suspension piece). Thanks for looking. Darwin
  9. People with money on an ebay auction = good for seller, bad for the rest of us. I remember a couple of years ago when a NIB SS sold for 2500.00. Now, I think the price has gone down significantly. But then again, it's a matter of timing. The same item could sell drastically more or less than another identical item in a matter of days. It really is weird. The only thing I noticed on ebay is that these kinda things happen usually when someone with money is on a buying spree. Dee
  10. he sold an nib black porsche to one of our members for $1850 last year. he just keeps coming up with nibs all the time.
  11. I am looking for a Top Force evo in new built condition. I can pay or we can do some type of trade, etc. From the picture, one of the xr311s is the original. http://www.tamiyaclub.com/trades_model.asp?cid=2252&id=55
  12. Look at my Boomerang in my showroom. It does not come with electronics. I has Ball Bearings. It is dirty but in good condition. Make me an offer if you like. Tamiyafanatic
  13. Some one accidentaly stepped on my new built Super Champ body. Cracked it pretty bad...even the fog light went thru the body. Luckily, the new built Rough Rider body was unharmed...it was only inches away.
  14. I noticed that we have a vintage review section on this site. What about compiling a set of pictures that shows the actual life counterparts of our favorite vintage RCs. Recently, one member uploaded a picture of the Porsche 959 rally. I remember seeing a Celica grb back on Roby's old forum. We also know of those Rough Riders, Sand Scorchers, and Fords from that one site. Whacha guys think?
  15. yes, that was me. I finnaly got the insert for 25.00. The seller actually offered to sell the box with insert for 100.00. I declined knowing that it could probably sell for 75.00 on ebay. I was wrong, it sold for 150. Still, I would NOT pay 150 for a box with rips (no offense to seller, he is a great guy).
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