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  1. As the title says - looking for a Schumacher Cat 2000 of any model and/or parts. Will be used purely for vintage racing so focus is on function rather than looking pretty on the shelf. If you have anything to offer, please send me a PM! I live in Sweden, and got Paypal ready..
  2. Not sure if I ever wrote in this before, since the thread has been alive for a while. But for me I'd say it's several, really difficult to single out one of them.. NIB TRF211X The two pre-211X prototypes, one brand new 411X (one new built, one runner, one ex-team driver used) TRF 1991 Astute (ran at the worlds and euros)
  3. Display only. Can't decide though..
  4. Updates have been made, I'll do my best to try and snap a few shots tomorrow =)
  5. Realized I have made some further work on the actual build thread car since I did this thread (all original parts); * Damper top caps * Plastic slipper centre * Gear cover * TRF springs (yellow front, orange rears) * Rear damper mount Will post a few pics this weekend if time permits. Might also add genuine aluminium ball ends (with normal nut style, unlike the Top Force evo ones), but still undecided wether or not to butcher up a used 211X just for this. Also cutting up a new unpainted body, but I'm even more undecided there...
  6. I have quite a good stash of these (new and unused) since I've decided not to race with them anymore. Material is just too weak. Let's sort out our parts swap / interchange soon
  7. pUs

    TRF211X - Replica

    It could be done, it all comes down to how ambitious you want to be. The hardest parts, from a purist perspective, will probably be the outdrives, the layshaft pulley, the front gearbox plastics (particularly if sticking to the cog-based belt tension setup) and possibly the drive belt. I'd say all the rest can be done, either through machining nylon or aluminium, or borrowing stuff from other cars. Small stuff that you can't spot from the outside can of course always be simplified, such as hex or square shape (outdrives + pressure plate) instead of splines, but it'll still be a ton of work. I have all parts if somebody would be ready for a serious attempt, but that's gonna be one big project. And it'll require lots and lots of Dyna Storm hardware for whoever wants to complete their replica..
  8. pUs

    TRF211X - Replica

    Such a work of art. awesome!
  9. I've got a build thread here, never did any on Tamiyaclub (I think?) https://www.rc10talk.com/viewtopic.php?t=43438
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