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  1. I have a few of these old Tamiya PC jars. The paint has thickened considerably and I want to know what I can use to thin it and re-mix it. Not sure if they are water based. Any is appreciated.
  2. This was recently brought up with the Lunchbox thrown in the mix. My vote is still the Clod, especially at the price you quoted. https://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?/topic/92758-monster-truck-which-one/&tab=comments#comment-784992
  3. Do an eBay search for “Tamiya 9005741”, I just saw a bunch.
  4. Wheels are Gear Head 1.55 Slot Mag one piece aluminums. They were just what I was looking for the baja paint scheme I have in mind.
  5. I had the exact same issue. The Pajero Rally body uses two small metal mounts in front and the ones sticking out horizontally from the rear, like the Jeep and hard body Pajero use, so they are no good for the Bronco. You need 19115291 and 19005741. You will also need two long screws, about 3x40mm, which I just bought on eBay.. I think with the 19115291 you also get the correct chrome bumper. I’ve attached pics of my work in progress. You could probably make some other mounts work on the front, but the rear is so high, that Tamiyas design is best, otherwise I think it would wobble too much with just long straight mounts. I would just bite the bullet and buy the a Tamiya parts. Hope this helps.
  6. Try one of these. I used them to get more length. I have not tried to run them but maybe with the washer and even a little threadlock, they might work. They say fromt, but will work on the back https://www.ebay.com/itm/FRONT-WHEEL-AXLE-ADAPTER-Tamiya-Blackfoot-to-Futaba-FX10-Buggy-RC-Team-CRP-1565/352999084969?hash=item52306293a9:g:krcAAOxyVaBSxMsh:sc:USPSFirstClass!92122!US!-1
  7. If you find one and are planning to build it, I have a Stainless Steel screw set if you are interested.
  8. Looks like they aren’t as popular everywhere else. I only race in local parking lots races held once a month and they are the most popular class by far, and seem to grow every month.
  9. This class is pretty popular these days, I think mostly because they are cheap and fun. Here is a pic of mine, Im interested in seeing others.
  10. If I recall, the rears line up perfectly. The front just needs repositioning of the body mounts, easily achieved by making a couple of holes on the chassis. I can send pics if needed. I saw it on a video on YouTube. its a very clean and easy mount.
  11. I’ve had all 3 the Lunchbox/pumpkin is very bouncy and fun but not a great performer. The Blackfoot/Beetle handle the best but that rear end will fail. If you go with either of the above, I recommend picking up a lexan body. The hard bodies look great but break easily. I Also agree with 3-speed on the Traxxas. They handle better than the Beetle/Blackfoot without the weak points and parts are very easy to find. These are great for younger users. In my opinion, the best “monster truck” experience is the Clod. They are super tough and look more like real monster trucks. Also they have way more body options. The 4WD/4WS is great and with lipo batteries will give you the extra speed to make it more interesting. Also metal gear high torque servos are cheap and a great upgrade. Even though most of the suspension comes from the bouncing tires, they are stable and lots of fun. As another option, take a look at the Axial SMT10. They are still selling them for about $300 USD RTR. They are much faster and handle better than the clod. Only drawback is the stock tires are too small, I think. You can upgrade to Clod size tires/wheels for about 100. You still get the look of a monster truck with more speed and better handling. And they only use one motor. here is a pic of my SMT 10. Happy Bashing!
  12. "tonysparts" on eBay used to sell them. He's out of the UK, maybe check with hjm
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