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  1. The link on his first post is the Black 49mhz version of my Red 27mhz one.
  2. Here you go. The tire is about 24mm in diameter. the wheel is about 11.8mm
  3. I have an original Turbo Hopper. Tires are WAY smaller than Grasshopper tires.. I’ll take some pics and measurements.
  4. I think that looks very good. Its very hard to get that same fade with spray cans. The Colors look great. I don't know what you used for masking, but you can try precut vinyl mask or just vinyl tape mask next time. It seals much better than paper tape.
  5. I think the TT02 is a better option. The MF01 has a weaker chassis, poor suspension and you are more limited with body and tire options because of the M-size. Also, since the chassis and shock mounts are the same pieces, if you break a mount, you need to buy the chassis parts. I don't think the MF01 is discontinued, but the parts are more expensive and more difficult to find. The only thing I like the MF01 for is if you do a 959 Tribute, because of the size and the 4WD.
  6. I think the Traxxas Bigfoot decals would work too. I have only seen them with packaged with the clear bodies, but maybe contact Traxxas?
  7. I should have said that you remember when they were everywhere!
  8. How about, You remember what it’s like to troubleshoot glitching problems You saw the movie Dead Pool and immediately bought that 63 Vette body and BoLink foams for your RC10 You remember when the JRX2 came and spanked the RC10s right out of the box You bought a monster truck conversion kit for your buggy. You used Velcro on your ESC because you only had one no matter how many cars you had You thought Neon/Fluorescent paint and wheels were cool Your charger had a hand turn timer on it You have heard the dreaded clicking of a failed Frog/Blackfoot tranny/rear end. You heard about the MRP High Roller floating on water. You drilled holes in your RC10 Chassis. You know what a matched pack is. You saved your red SCR packs for race day.
  9. No problem. If you, or anyone else is interested, let me know.
  10. What you see is what you get. One of rear gear cases is broken at the shock mount. Also missing motor mount and part of battery holder. It does include the 2 front steering turnbuckles (not shown). Appears to be all stock. Please see pictures for condition and let me know if you have any questions. Asking $120 shipped in the U.S., rest of world $110 plus actual shipping cost. Thanks for looking.
  11. Sorry, a slider is chassis with no body/wheels or tires. So this is an unbuilt chassis kit.
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