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  1. 67CamaroSS

    TA03rsTRF shocks

    That’s how they came. Do an image search snd you’ll see.
  2. 67CamaroSS

    The Cool Wheels Thread

    I really agree that wheels make a big difference. I think the HPI MX-60 wheels and tires are great. Lots of wheel options with different finishes and offsets. This was on an old X-press roadrunner with an ABC Hobby 510 body that I did.
  3. 67CamaroSS

    The Cool Wheels Thread

    Picked these up on eBay, did a quick polish and they look great. They are a little on the heavy side and probably won’t be run.
  4. 67CamaroSS

    '87 Lunchbox Body Advise

    I’ve used the easy-off method on an original Bruiser Body and an original Monster Beetle body, both with great success and no negative effect on the bodies. It’s not hard and you won’t loose the details on the bodies from the existing coats of paint. I’m sure there are several posts here about this method.
  5. 67CamaroSS

    Tamiya 58655 - Citroën 2CV Charleston (M-05)

    I am not the biggest fan of this car, but re-bugged’s version looks GREAT!
  6. 67CamaroSS

    Bullhead / Clodbuster alternative bodies

    The Traxxas Bigfoot classic body fits and it’s easy to line up the posts. There is a guy that made a video on YouTube showing you how. Here is a picture of one from the internet.
  7. 67CamaroSS

    Monster Beetle Repair

    Depends on what is broken, however, with the re-re out, sometimes it’s better to just buy a replacement part since most of the parts are identical to the original. Even if you don’t have broken parts,it good to stock up if you plan on running it. Either way, good luck with it and welcome to the club, you found a great source for your Tamiya RC questions.
  8. 67CamaroSS

    Clodbuster / Bullhead wheel wideners

    87LC is right. I have a set of those JConcepts Tribute and they look great and are easily adjustable. I have a set on my Axial SMT10. I tried the different widths and there is a noticeable difference in look and performance.
  9. 67CamaroSS

    TA02 M03 drift car

    Sounds interesting. You could also get a MF01X chassis which you can modify slightly and will give you a slighter shorter than 210mm length so the body fits better and still get the 4WD. I can post pics if you want to see the comparisons.
  10. 67CamaroSS

    wanted monster beetle rear plastic skid plate

    Where are you located?
  11. Are you sure that’s a TA-02? It looks like a TA-03F
  12. 67CamaroSS

    Wanted, Pirelli decals

    MCI Racing sells Pirelli decals for tires but they can probably make you set of sponsor decals. if they can’t help, message me and send you the contact info for another good supplier, but he is in the U.S.
  13. 67CamaroSS

    Lamborghini Gallardo

    I have one for sale and I could ship to Norway but shipping costs would be high. If you’re interested, let me know. Maybe move this to wanted section too.
  14. 67CamaroSS

    Paint options for lexan/polycarbonate

    Duratrax does. Their paints come in bigger spray cans and I've been happy with the results. https://www.duratrax.com/paint/index.html Spaz Stix makes nice colors too and they come in spray and bottle https://www.hobbyrecreationproducts.com/collections/spazstix-candy-colors
  15. I don’t think Rahal Logal.Miller Genuine Draft F103L was released as a kit.