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  1. Thanks. Anybody want it? Just pay shipping from San Diego.
  2. Not even sure it’s Tamiya
  3. Found this nitro stuff. Even a couple new glow plugs. Free to anyone willing to take ALL OF IT. I am in San Diego, just cover shipping.
  4. Does anyone else remember going to these in the late 1990's-earl;y 2000's? They had them around spring at the HQ. I remember seeing people driving on the track and I loved looking at some of the built kits on display. But the best part was the sale section they would set up outside where they would sell incredibly cheap kits and parts. Miss those days...
  5. This is what I have. I think they were mounted but never run. They are not glued to the tires. As you know, the rears are hex mount but I’ll include a set of adapters to mount these on the original 5 holes. Asking $115 shipped anywhere in the U.S. (rest of the world at cost), same price with or without the tires. If you’re interested, let me know.
  6. I attended on Saturday in Pomona and I can say easily one of the most disappointing RC events I’ve ever been to. They combined it with an Outdoor expo to make it seem bigger when all it really was about 10-12 booths with no major manufacturers there,, unless you count FMS, Hitec and Redcat. I used to go to these show years ago and Tamiya, Kyosho, HP,I, Associated, Traxxas etc were well represented along with a lot of good smaller companies.. Even worse, was an “article” in RC Car Action that touted it as “Bigger and Better Than Ever”. Definitely will not go back.
  7. For Tamiya kits…. 1. If it’s a Porsche, I buy it, period. 2. If it’s an M Chassis, I seriously consider it 3. if it’s re-release, I seriously consider it, especially if it has a cool touring body For other brands, really into realistic, scale looking kits, crawlers and drag cars, especially anything Vintage American. Some of the other manufacturers like Traxxas and Kyosho, even Redcat make bodies rivaling Tamiya quality. The Kyosho Fazer series includes the Camaro, Chevelle, GTO, El Camino, Bel Air even a cool looking old Skyline and 240Z. The HPI Trans Am series are also high on my list.
  8. This topic comes up a lot. I agree that true chrome is expensive and difficult and the best you can hope for is an aluminum looking finish with a rattle can "chrome". WIth that said, the best spray that I have used are the Krylon Metallics. I've attached a pic of a body I did. I used the spray on the bumper, painted on the outside. Also just added a drag wheel i painted using the same paint. https://www.krylon.com/en/products/craft/premium-metallic#accordion-8fed2f2552-item-5fed8d0ddc
  9. Other Tamiya bodies that fit the M06- Beetle, Karman Ghia, Alfa Romeo GTA Guilia (if you can find one),
  10. MCI Racing makes good tire decals and you can change the color.
  11. Check out the guys at mciracing.ca they make some really nice 3d printed sets.
  12. Too bad you cant get Spaz Stix, its the best I've seen on lexan. Just make sure you back it with black and will really pop Alclad II is also good and they make a spray. I don't know if you can get it in the UK, but there are British and American flags on the label!
  13. For the guys in the U.S., I used Eazy-Off Oven Cleaner, the regular one in the YELLOW can. Anodizing came right off with a short soak. Also worked great for removing paint from hard plastic bodies.
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