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  1. Alvin is right. Check out this video. Looks good.
  2. I had no idea that many kits outside of America were not shrink wrapped. I can confirm that every Tamiya America kit I have purchased in recent memory has been wrapped.
  3. I second that paint maker for smaller pieces, it looks great. There are products online to re-chrome,, but if I recall, they were fairly expensive, i.e. hundreds of dollars. As for paint sprays, I like the Krylon Premium Metallics. The "Chrome" comes out like a shiny polished aluminum, not quite Chrome, but nice for $7.50 Here, i painted the bumper on the outside and you can see it has some mirror effect.
  4. Here are some of mine. All have alloy wheels. I have a Mounty, but it didn’t make the pic
  5. I agree, very good looking wheels. They fit regular touring tires just fine. Here are some on my Sport 3. Sorry for the bad pic, but you get the idea
  6. Saito, thank you, you hit it right on the head. After your post, I did a search and found this https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/tms-2403-nos-mini-spike-tires-1858153280
  7. Got the from a friend that used to race Clods. Any idea who made them or what they are called?
  8. Hopefully you can find what you need here. But I also usually buy metric hardware on ebay. It is very cheap and usually includes matching nuts. They always have the exact size and length you need and sometimes even have a good variety pack in different lengths. They always come in handy. The only negative is the shipping time, but as long as you order them before you really need them, you'll be okay.
  9. Also, I think original decals have "Tamiya" printed on the backside. Considering there is no photo of the back and judging by the gloss that doesn't look right, and the super low price, I say they are repros.
  10. Spaz Stix Candy Blue is nice too https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3D7vrGZ49_bJw&psig=AOvVaw1mM3WFQSsJZo3b38D6Q85d&ust=1619759614061000&source=images&cd=vfe&ved=0CAMQjB1qFwoTCPCKj_bYovACFQAAAAAdAAAAABAE
  11. Since the currently available main body part is cheap, about $20.00 USD, I would just buy a new one and reuse the other original parts. I had very good success with Eazy-Off Oven Cleaner, the yellow can. Spray the part liberally, put it in a plastic bag and leave it out over night. Paint rinsed off next day with water and light scrubbing. Since this topic comes up so often, maybe the moderators should just make it a sticky so it’s always accessible.
  12. New/Unbuilt from a kit. It will include an instruction manual. This will build you a slider, so NO WHEELS/TIRES/BODY/MOTOR/ESC/RADIO/SERVOS. Asking $80.00 OBO shipped anywhere in U.S.
  13. It’s a very easy mount. For the front, the brat body mount is a direct fit. For the rear, you have to get a little creative. Here is a runner and another work in progress. As far as performance. They still look good and perform much better than the SRB Chassis. Hope this helps.
  14. Thanks jonboy. I think Proline just released an 80's Camaro for drag cars so this look would be easier to do on the bigger/ longer chassis. Only problem I see is finding a wide enough light bar. Even this one was almost too narrow.
  15. I did one with a TA01/02. Looks good but won’t be competitive due to limited drive ratios. See here I don’t know how easy it is to get Traxxas parts out there but I think the slash is the way to go. Easy to work on and very durable. Check out my Slash conversion here
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