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  1. The body on the right side looks like a 89 Ford. Its not a 79. I think its a JConcepts, which is a direct fit for the Clod WB https://www.jconcepts.net/shop/1989-ford-f250-monster-truck-body That metallic blue is very close to Tamiya PS-16. See it here backed in Silver. If you back it in black, it will darken a little. MCI used to do Bigfoot decals but they are off the site now. Maybe ask Nathaniel if he still does them.
  2. The tires looked just about new, the body wasn't bashed and the chassis had very few scratches on it. I don't know anyone that would go to that much trouble to hide a bad $15 motor on an entry-grade chassis, but you never know exactly what they did, I guess. I may take Mad Ax's advice and pop it open and post some pics.
  3. I dont think the mesh was off since It uses the motor mount and essentially fixed.
  4. I race my Buggyra Fat Fox Truck in the spec parking lot race class. Other than a 22t Pinion and ball bearings, the truck is stock. It uses a 2S lipo. I also put on a couple of Associated heat sinks on the motor. I practiced for about 5 mins, let it sit for about 30 mins and ran the first heat. Toward the end of the heat, the truck was running a little slower. Right at the end of the race, it got very slow. The motor and heat sinks were very hot. After it cooled off, I replaced the battery for the 2nd heat and the motor turned a little then nothing. I’ve never burned a motor so I suspected the ESC. Today I hooked up a battery directly to the motor and it won’t turn. When I turn the shaft by hand it sounds like something is rubbing, almost sandy. I then tried another motor and the ESC works fine. The drivetrain is free and turns easy. I got this thing lightly used. I initially did the water break in on the motor and it ran fine the first 4 days of racing. Did this motor just expire? In all my years of bashing with silver cans, I’ve never burned one out. Any thoughts?
  5. I have a good amount of the gold shocks and some of the teflon coated sets. I am in the U.S. but shipping shouldn't bee to much given the relatively small size. Send me a message is you are still interested.
  6. Yes its a textured paint. I bought some regular flat spray to test it on a scrap piece and I liked this look better. Mad Ax- the over spray film is so thin, just a little pressure with a brand new blade does the trick. Its nowhere near the pressure when I trim a body. Also, many of the crawler bodies are made of thicker lexan so I don't think weakening the body is an issue.
  7. At first I was going to mask the bedliner, paint it then hit it with matte spray on the outside. But I think it’s difficult sometimes to mask these things so I went a different way. 1. After I painted the body, with the overspray film still one, I lightly scored the area around area of the bedliner.. Don’t worry if it’s straight, you will mask it later. 2. I then peeled off just the portion of the bed that wanted lined. 3. Then I applied vinyl tape on the four edges and any portion not covered by the film. You could probably use a good paper mask but really like the vinyl stuff. 4. I then sprayed the bedliner with some truck bed coating I picked up at Home Depot. This big can cost 8.50 and sprayed on with 2 coats. It dries pretty fast. It had a nice semi-gloss and texture. 5. Then I removed the mask and overspray film and it looks great. you could probably do the same for wheel arches and roofs.
  8. The Euro Truck class is the biggest class. Last week, we had 18 trucks I think. lots of fun
  9. Saito: Thanks for the information. Very helpful.
  10. Has anyone ever used a set of Thorp Clod diffs? I just came up on two unused sets. According to the directions, they are a direct replacement for stock. I just want to see if anyone has experience with them. I’ll post pics in a bit.
  11. I think I have a nip set, but I’m the United States so shipping may be high. Let me know if you’re interested.
  12. If it’s just a basher, you should just use the stock ones until they break or bend, and then replace them with the CVDs. it’s easy to get caught up on upgrades that you don’t really need for the type of use you are contemplating.
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