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  1. Test fitted action figures on the humvee.
  2. depending on budget/pocket.. and things that you really like and things that you want.... really difficult sometimes. Don't buy things you already have, which i tend to do so. I love the varieties - a friend of mine got something parts/kits at really good price $100-$200 but end up paying $100 for domestic shipping, another 30-40 for fee then other issues with shipping as it contains an Engine had to arrange shipping for $400. so got to be careful what you can bid and the cost that comes with it. I also learnt the hard way, don't buy little parts like gears for a few dollars end up paying $30-40 for shipping lol! and buyee fee...
  3. Thanks for sharing, I enjoy his work! looks, gives me lots of ideas for what I am planning to do next! cheers!
  4. Got a big box today! hmmm... 0ecd3889-21ad-4155-986e-c61b053a5d2d.jfif
  5. From a Hong Kong MTS Company, just built - not run yet. http://www.rcmart.com/rot301ckv1-race-tamiya-t301-graphite-body-conversion-p-77785.html?cPath=595_744_2029
  6. Here's some of my new optional parts for my FGX :-)
  7. I used to be able to enter Japanese or Chinese characters on my showroom entries. now it's just garbage - 京商 becomes - ĺ¬Å•† not sure if there's any option to correct this?
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