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  1. Good job on the documentation with pictures :-) Pininy - Pininfarina for short
  2. work in progress... the grass hopper driver -yoo jae suk? and a hornet pilot for my son.
  3. Got it yesterday, almost done..
  4. Having been looking at some of the fantastic releases for this hobby over the years, I always wanted an ultimate short course truck and Traxxas always surprises me with their great products, with E-Maxx, Revo, Short Course Truck, slash, X0-1. TRX-4 Defender 110 and TRX-6 G63 and the UDR. Having owning lots of RC, having too big a scale it's a problem for me to look for place to run it... and it heavy. I wanted the Traxxas UDR... found a mini version 1/12 which is almost the size of Tamiya 1/10 buggy. Looks very scale, the right size with details almost same as the UDR. will be spending some time to make it more scale and run it,
  5. Test fitted action figures on the humvee.
  6. depending on budget/pocket.. and things that you really like and things that you want.... really difficult sometimes. Don't buy things you already have, which i tend to do so. I love the varieties - a friend of mine got something parts/kits at really good price $100-$200 but end up paying $100 for domestic shipping, another 30-40 for fee then other issues with shipping as it contains an Engine had to arrange shipping for $400. so got to be careful what you can bid and the cost that comes with it. I also learnt the hard way, don't buy little parts like gears for a few dollars end up paying $30-40 for shipping lol! and buyee fee...
  7. Thanks for sharing, I enjoy his work! looks, gives me lots of ideas for what I am planning to do next! cheers!
  8. Got a big box today! hmmm... 0ecd3889-21ad-4155-986e-c61b053a5d2d.jfif
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