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  1. These new in box is easier to keep, but since i prefer to build it won't stay nib for long. I think i am a bit of a hoarder sometimes lol! You just buy what you like, not thinking why you need and how many!? can't understands myself, so don't ask lol. Can't say about the rest why they buy many?
  2. just added flaps... will peel off the protective film much later from the rubber flaps.
  3. Sorry to drag this old thread. I had be building another Land Rover Defender lately but on a Traxxas TRX4. It's almost complete, except for the driver. here's the progress on it.!
  4. Wild One/FAV Boomerang/Thunder shot/Hotshot Super Champ/Sand Scorcher/Sand Rover
  5. sprayed black within the light buckets. tested fit a mockup flaps.
  6. now the light buckets. also tiny front lights fitting.
  7. Decided to blog my build here instead. Some hardware for the CC01 and internally shim shim shim the axles for slops!
  8. drafted a jig and printed a rear panel.
  9. quick draft for the pajero dakar rally. need to do some clean up then more detailing.
  10. sync up bluetooth pairing between the chassis and body, no more messing with wires across.
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