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  1. keep it simple by using gear diff (stock manta ray item) ball diff is more maintence.
  2. Any connector you want, i now used 5mm tamiya brass ball connector, other one is 5mm stud nut with threaded bolt. since the DT02/3 upgright hole is too big for ball connectors. just adjust it to get correct camber, i made improvement, shock tower will break... i drilled other holes on shock tower, and used long bolts and nylon nuts to hold it in the place. it is fanastic to drive...
  3. Hi, i did this conversion with DT-02/03 arms and upright, with M05 rear mount stay and i used 70mm i think rod and cut the ball end to sit in chassis without any slop. and I used ball stud on m05 stays for upper arms to mount on. the chassis holes lines up to this m05 stay so no cutting or drilling or anything. It is sitting atop of shock tower. it is perfect at handling.
  4. as titled... which is better/stronger? Tamiya 53200 4WD Front One-Way Diff Unit VS Tamiya 53071 Manta Ray Torque Splitter ? do they work in same way? I have top force with manta ray diffs (for ease of maintenance and i dont really like ball diff)
  5. Can it be done given, M-06 wheelbase is 239mm, RSR Porsche 934 (jagmeister TA02SW,etc) is 236mm I guess i need extended suspesion arms but which arms to bring it the width to 202mm ish. I love m chassis and Porsche...
  6. Brilliant! monster hornet look kinda wrong but it look fun !
  7. Can the grasshoper chassis cope with big tyres i.e from lunchbox with madbull rear end gearbox ? or am i better off seeking other chassis.
  8. use lot of wings / areo on it. it will keep car planted at speed.
  9. I have DT-03 parts but you ruin the front bumper by drilling / cutting into it... DT-03 parts may be better but im loving those addtional mounts that website links offers. no mods to chassis that is what sold me.
  10. has anyone seen this and used it? https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2377087
  11. I have used full set but they are in blue ? pm me if you want it
  12. I am looking for DT-01 battery retainer clip (A3) and gearbox hole cover (C3) and DT-03 bulkhead (not sure of part number)
  13. I hate badly designed suspesion. (DT-01, lunchbox, etc) Hard shell bodies... why? but in general tamiya chassis and drivetrain are pretty tough.
  14. Awesome. Thank you. I don't intend to modify it heavily. Just improve a bit.
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