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  1. For sale is an absolutely mint condition untouched vintage Bandai intercepter buggy. The kit is 100% complete and totally unused. It looks and smells like it was made yesterday. The tyres are still perfectly soft and smell brand new. In the box is the car, kit manual, sticker sheet, transmitter and a bag with the transmitter flag and body clip and a tool in it. There's also an original 7.2 pack and charger. The box itself is practically mint other than a small ding in the lid. It's currently on ebay too. You won't find a better example than this gem!. Any questions drop me a line. Cost is £400 UK pounds posted or buyer can collect and I'll be more flexible on the price. I can post world wide but international postage will be another £85 on top of the sale price. Cheers, James.
  2. No worries. I have no other plans for it so if you need it just shout. Cheers, James.
  3. Hi, i have a techniplus ap-227 mk111 if your still looking. It's in pretty good condition overall. Has a slight bend in the last bit of the aerial but it's not broken. The first battery terminal is corroded slightly but nothing that won't clean up. Has a blue xstal in it and the battery door is there too. All my radio gear is 2.4 so as far as I've tested it, I've put batteries in it and the dial for battery voltage reads ok. its yours for £20 posted. no worries if not. cheers, james.
  4. I have a complete and tidy - although very dusty - vintage kyosho concept 30 helicopter for sale. It was part of a job t lot I recently bought and is totally untested. Helicopters aren't my thing so I have nothing to get it started or even any idea how to fly it. The engine turns over freely and feels like it has compression and everything else seem to operate. The one toggle switch is broken off the transmitter but it reads a good battery when it's switched on. i would prefer buyer to collect but I'm happy to post. buyer collect £100 or £120 posted. UK only sale I'm afraid as its so large. i would trade it for a decent ready to run crawler like a scout or an ax10 or a losi night crawler/competition crawler. cheers, james.
  5. Hi, I have a marauder that I'm breaking at the moment and i have a decent part worn set of foam tyres fitted to yellow wheels. Ribbed front and block rears. I'm in the uk and can accept paypal. Yours for £20 posted. I can show you a photo if you like. Cheers, James.
  6. A very sad looking team associated rc12i has come my Way, and as I have a soft spot for 12th scale pan cars, I'm tempted to restore this gem. It's 90% complete but what I need is - The whole front suspension + axles + bearings/washers/shims and screws. The front bumper + fixings. The front body mounts + fixings. A pair of oval height adjusters that go in the rear pod. Possibly a bodyshell. As usual, the parts don't need to be pretty, just sensibly priced please. i'm in the uk and am happy to use PayPal. cheers, james.
  7. Been a while since I posted anything on the forums, but I'm looking for a full set of front and rear body mounts for the Nissan King cab. new or used is fine and they don't have to look pretty. Just as long as the price is right. I'm in the uk and am happy to use PayPal. cheers, james.
  8. This is a quick plug for one of my auctions. Glow engine models are not my thing any more so this beast is up for sale. Item number 121677817802 Overall condition is very good considering its age,and its not an impossible resto. Will post world wide. Any questions just drop me a line. Cheers, James.
  9. Yeah, i like 12th scale pan cars anyway, so if it fell into the grasshopper catagory then i wouldnt be too fussed. But we all know how restorations go....and before you know it you've spent more than the price of a nib kit!. It has got some nice touches to it though - and some crude ones!. Ah well....we'll see what happens....
  10. Phew!, its been a while since ive logged in to tamiyaclub!. My interest has been re sparked again after buying a small job lot of RC items and finding a very tidy and complete RM Tornado included in the job lot. My query is, is this car a desirable/rare/collectable tamiya and worth restoring or is it viewed in the same light as a grasshopper and not worth throwing a bucket load of cash at? Any info is gratefully appreciated. cheers, james.
  11. Hi, Any idea when your going to re-stock this model?. Cheers, James.
  12. Ok, is this rumour true?. Anyone got any pictures or details on this one yet. This is more exciting than the scorcher re-release!. James.
  13. Does anyone know if there's a decent set of replacement driveshafts to replace the poor red anodized ones on the Kyosho TF5 (and not those god awfull plastic ones on the RTR kit). The wear rate is is dreadfull and they are super expensive to buy new - if you can find anywhere that actually stocks them...........Shame really, as it spoils an otherwise decent car. Cheers, James.
  14. Mmmmmmmmm............a lot of interesting ideas here!. I tried brake fluid a few years ago and i found it clouded the polycarbonate so i never bothered again. I liked the idea of the Carson paint killer, but nobody here in the UK seem to sell it?????. The glow fuel is getting the paint off and it's the method i've used over the last few years - sometimes the paint comes off quick and sometimes it doesn't. This shell is one of those shells where it's slow to come off. The thing i hate most about the glow fuel idea is the fact that it really is sooooooo messy and the fuel is nasty stuff. I've since found a chap in canada selling Madcap shells, and even including shipping they are still a pretty good price - sometimes, is it really worth the hassle.......but then i think i'll somehow loose the "originality" of the car if i start fitting repro stuff - and theres also the cost issue - where my time and patience are free...........oh choices choices.............
  15. This has probably been asked a million times by every man and his dog, but remind me again what the best way of removing paint from a polycarbonate bodyshell is. I'm using glow fuel at the moment but it's a slow process and its messy. I need a quick easy result!. cheers, James.
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