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  1. wow i'm speechless. that's an amazing build with great detail! what tires are those? the stock ones?
  2. i'm happy and sad to see this re release thread. i have a brand new, never run FF-01 shelf queen with a professionally painted/decal applied HKS Opel Vectra body. Was hoping it might be rare and/or collectable, but i guess not anymore. Good news is maybe this will make me run it next summer. i always stare at it wanting to drive it
  3. Thanks for the replys. I looked at the hpi x pattern tires and i think i'll give them a try. the shocks are stock so i'm going to also try adding in spacers to tighten up the front and will check on some new springs after i see how that works out. the stock tires are the 60D radials. they were good with the silver can, but with the lower turn motor, they're not so good
  4. I have a Suzuki Swift M03M with a 17T motor. Can someone please recommend tires? I just race it in parking lots and I currently have the stock tires on but it spins out a lot. Are there better tires? or should i just get a slower motor? Thanks very much
  5. I'm interested, but curious how much shipping would be to Toronto, Canada?
  6. wow. that's amazing! Great work
  7. I'm definitely interested. I'm in the GTA but would be willing to drive somewhere else (not too far though). PM me if you guys set something up
  8. No, I got the ESC and motor separately. I think the motor was put together wrong b/c the motor also has female plugs. Has this happened to anyone else? when I get home, i'll put up a pic
  9. How did you connect the motor to the ESC? I think I may have gotten a weird motor. My motor has female plugs........But so does my ESC. How the heck do I connect them?, an adapter?
  10. is there a sensorless 540 size BL motor you can buy and use w/ this ESC?
  11. wow, that looks great! love the paint job
  12. i really hope it does fit. i won one on ebay for $30 US shipped. i may have jumped the gun by not getting this question answered first, but the price was too good to say no. I think the QD Beetle uses a 280 motor and the Tamtech Hornet uses a 370 motor. So I'm not sure
  13. Anyone know if this EZRUN system will fit the Tamtech Hornet? http://cgi.ebay.ca/Ezrun-12T-1-18-RC-car-B...93%3A1|294%3A50
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