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  1. I disagree, It's not really a con when you aren't forced into buying them. Tamiya could just as easily sell stock kits with no hop-ups and would stay in business, for a lot of people in the tamiya side of the hobby it's just an extra element that they get enjoyment out of. Building the base kit first then hunting down the hop-ups and adding them is fun at the end of the day, and that's what this hobby is supposed to be about. Yes they can be expensive, but if they weren't they wouldn't be as 'special' and I don't think people would get the same enjoyment/satisfaction out of them. I find that Tamiya kits get a bad rep for being too fragile and too expensive but they really aren't, out of the box you would struggle to break anything, it's only when people put ridiculous low turn motors in and send them off jumps comparing them to traxxas etc that they will have a problem, and tamiya has never advertised their kits like that.
  2. I think you will struggle to find a complete set unless someone who has upgraded happens to sell theirs off second hand, your best bet is to just rebuild yours with some new parts and try to spend as little as possible, If you use ebay, here is the main parts bag for the dampers; https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/264689375763?epid=1026226573&hash=item3da0b75a13:g:LfcAAOSw9wxeiG6D and here is the parts tree for the mounts; https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/394068273239?hash=item5bc04ca857:g:xvcAAOSw0EJie62t If you look around you might find them slightly cheaper but you are probably looking at about £20. you should be able to re-use your shock bodies and e-clips so you will just need some damper oil which if you bought the kit you will have enough left over to re-fill all four again.
  3. Slightly better picture released on the Tamiya blog today
  4. I feel like Tamiya are getting lazier, it literally looks like the design team just opened an image of the original egress in photoshop and inverted the colours...
  5. I want those gold hi-caps for my gold egress...
  6. Try and get hold of some of the older hard joint cup sets if you can (53217) and the older diff plates as well, the splines on the older parts are more defined and aren't as prone to stripping. I've stripped two of the 'modern' ball diffs but I ran a 5000kv brushless motor in my original (1991) top force for years and never even had to rebuild the diff, people don't like to admit it but the tamiya metal parts are worse quality these days than the original stuff we had years ago. If you are jumping it and running brushless I would just bin the ball diff altogether and stick a gear diff in the rear as well. good luck!
  7. Most people use bots on ebay to bid for them at the last second, they don't sit there like the old days and do it manually. As above, I usually just put on what I'm willing to pay and leave it at that, if it's something I really want I'll watch it and try to bid last second but you have to be lucky these days as you can't often beat a bot/tool. Unfortunately ebay isn't what it used to be as it's second hand market base has been erroded byfacebook and gumtree. I personally refuse to use FB and gumtree is such hard work it's hardly worth the effort so I've accepted the fact I'll just have to miss out on future bargans - this might be better in the long run as I've been on ebay since 2002 and dread to think how much i've spent on there!
  8. Congrats, sounds like you've got a great dad, enjoy it!
  9. Awesome! funnily enough another of my most vivid memories was seeing a green Pajero hung on the wall in Beaties model shop. It looked so amazing to me as a kid that it's etched into my memory, the size of it and the detail and how there was no chance I was ever going to be allowed to have it Strangley enough I was in Modelsport a few months ago and one of the guys that works there had put his one in the display case by the counter so I was asking about it, whether it was an original or not etc, the guy serving me didn't seem to know or care... I thought about looking for one myself but I know I would probably butcher the body so haven't bothered. I love your wild willy collection and can sympathise with you having so many, I'm have a similar 'problem' with the Top Force, it's like I'm constantly chasing that feeling I had from when I first got my original one so keep getting more and more but it's never quite the same, I almost convinced myself to get another Hornet this week so I could have one with a number 9 oon it but have managed to talk my self out of it (so far)! The peer pressure thing is also interesting to me. I was really the first kid from my friendship group to have a proper R/C car (I was the only one to have a much older sibling who had lived through the 'glory days' of 80's r/c so no one esle really knew about them) but eventually a lot of my friends starting buying them, some even bought some vintage Tamiya cars, but slowly we all 'grew up' and sold them on and there was a period of time in my late teens when I would have been embarassed to be seen with an R/C car even though I still loved the hobby. Nowadays I wish more people were still into it and when I take mine out I hope to see other people with one but it almost never happens.
  10. I started writing this post out as a reply to the 'what have you done today' thread but decided it's probably too long to go in there, plus I would love to read some replies from from other members on here who I'm sure will have similar stories to mine. This sort of came about as a result of me recently digging my 2004 re-release Hornet out of the cupboard with the intention of selling it and whilst going through the box I found an old photo of my brothers original Hornet which was taken the night of finishing it. I'm not sure why it was in there but seeing it made me think about how r/c has always been a constant in my life one way or another and how great it would be if I could step back in time and re-live certain moments of it or have certian models back! As a result I decided it probably wasn't worth selling the re-release for £50 or whatever they go for these days and that instead I would re-do it to look like the one in the original photo and maybe re-capture some of the feelings I had as a kid. A bit of background story here is that I have an older brother who got an original Hornet for christmas 1986 which was 6 months before I was born, so as a result I grew up with it around and it was the first and only Tamiya kit I knew of as a small child. I vividly remember him taking it to parks and chasing other kids with it and driving it about on the cul-de-sac where I grew up.... making me go flip it back over when it rolled and pushing the throttle just as I was about to pick it up. I remember the distinct smell that only the orignal models seem to have and the sounds of the servos and trickle charger - the suspense of waiting for 30minutes (an obsolute age to a kid) as it ticked down and the final few seconds waiting for it to click over as I say in the cool of the garage on a hot summers day, then running off to tell him just so I could see it going again. As you can probably tell I was obsessed with r/c cars (and just cars in general) when I was little and had dozens of toy grade r/c cars that my dad bought mainly from car boot sales to keep me quiet on a Sunday afternoon (most of them were on a wire attached to the remote or would only turn in reverse if anyone remembers that!) but all I really wanted was a proper 'build up' r/c car like my brothers Hornet which was not only far too much money (I think he got his as a combined birthday/xmas present) but I think my dad had probably learnt the hard way that it would be an on-going expense! Annoyingly enough my brother would almost never let me have a go with his, and if he did it would be just as the battery went flat, which having a mechanical speed controller would often end up with it getting stuck at full throttle and dissapearing under a parked car or a hedge which was terrifying as a child. Eventually years later when he had lost interest he did pass it down to me but it was so used and abused it never really ran properly and I was lucky enough to have got a few of my own kits by then so wasn't too bothered about it. Inevitably it was butchered for parts and sold on as a job lot of Hornets that I had collected off ebay and made into one nice one back when it was very hard to find new parts for them - there's actually a photo still on here of what remained of it but the member I sold them to is no longer active. So, back to where I began, we all know 2004 saw the re-release of the Hornet and although I had kind of been out of the Hobby for a while at that point I decided to get one and build it up. I painted it green as I remembered my older brother telling me he used to have a friend with a green one and as a child I always thought that probably looked so cool so decided to make that 'dream' a reality. I ran it for a bit when it was done and it inspired my older brother to buy another Hornet from ebay (a restored original) to run again. Unfortunately he eventually broke that and gave it to me (history repeates itself) but this time I fixed it and now keep it on a shelf. It crazy to realise that 2004 is 17 years ago and we are almost as far from the re-release date as we were from the original release of 1984 back in 2004! Below are some photos of the cars, obviously the re-release 'replica' has re-re decals on it, so it's not 100% accurate but I've tried to make it as close as possible - I've even painted the end casing of the torque tuned motor black to replicate the original 540 end bell and might even paint the ball cups black as well unless I can find some proper ones. The original '86 Hornet also ended up with red wheels at some point which is how i remember it, so I do intend to paint up another set but for now it's close enough. I'm glad I decided to keep it and will enjoy running it and pretending I'm 6 years old again.... So, hopefully for anyone that has managed to read all that waffle I'm hoping some of you will have similar memories and will share them on here so I can have a read. Tell us about your first r/c car and how you got it, tell us about your first Tamiya kit and anything else you remember about r/c from when you were little. Do any of you still have your first cars? if not have you replicated them some how? or do you think it's better just to keep them as memories. If you have any photos please share those as well. Cheers guys!
  11. On the stock photos that have been released so far you can clearly see that it has the same turnbuckle design as the Egress re-release which are also the same as the ones that were put in the recently re-released top force carbon chassis set. They are different to the original Evolution turnbuckles as the original had silver turnbuckles that had the hex adjuster in the middle and a portion of which was machined to allow you to grip it with pliers if you wanted. The new ones are black and smooth with the adjuster off center. It does look to at least have 6mm ball connctors and adjusters but these are black (again same as the Egress re-release) instead of grey. Original Top Force Evolution turnbuckles: Re-release turnbuckles: As for the drive train, it does apparently include the front one-way idle gear the same as the original Evolution but as yet no one really knows if it will include the aluminium ball diff cases and hop-up internals to build them with. I'm sure the press release blurb says they are included, but I'd honestly be quite suprised as Tamiya hasn't offered them as a stand-alone hop up yet and the way they have cheaped out with the rest of the kit why would they make such a bespoke part just for it? If anyone can understand German, I'm sure the Tamico guy mentions them towards the end of the video when he's comparing the contents to his original kit... Personally, for the price of the kit, I think it's a pretty good deal, you basically get a fully hopped up top force for less than it would cost to buy all the parts seperately. It's not a 'true Evolution', and for those just wanting to collect nibs or build and display a new kit I can see why they are dissapointed, but for those that will never get the chance to own or run an original you can now experience running something that looks like the original and will drive very similarly without worrying about ruining it.
  12. I have a top force with a 3.5t team wave brushless motor in it, I've broken eveything on it except the gears...
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