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  1. Rich_8717

    The Day eBay Killed RC

    What annoys me is when the car is listed as 'rare' and 'vintage' but it's clearly a re-re or even an XB model, this is especially common with Hornets, and they are still asking £100+ when you can still easily pick the kit up NIB for about £70. Some models get re-listed time and time again, don't sell, the price drops about 20 quid, still doesn't sell, so they take it off and re-list it about 6 months later for £50 more than before... I also see non-tamiya models listed as tamiyas a lot, obviously non of us will fall for it, but it's annoying to see people who don't have a clue what they are selling asking top money for tat. The problem is that when ebay first came about it was like a car boot sale online, and old r/c's weren't popular cos us lot were the ones getting rid of them, now it's seen more as the main place to get specialist things you can't easily find anywhere else, so people can pretty much ask what they like.
  2. Rich_8717

    Dark Impact DF03 problem

    Hi, Check the steering first if you haven't already, make sure nothing is loose or bent and that it's centered, something could also be binding up meaning it doesn't always center all the way back, especially if you have a weaker servo - just take all moving parts off and grease them up. If that all checks out it could be the diffs, I've never built one honestly but usually if something is broken or loose in a diff it would be putting more power to one wheel than the other causing it to veer off. You would have to remove it to check and maybe rebuild it. Edit - A quick way to suss a diff problem would be to hold the car in the air and give it some throttle and watch what the wheels do, if they all spin and stop equally then there is a good chance they're fine, but if one of the wheels spins less than the others or for longer than the others once off throttle you need check them out.
  3. Rich_8717

    Terra Conqueror Orange Edition

    Looks great, nice work!
  4. Rich_8717

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    Yeah it does, thanks mate.
  5. Rich_8717

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    Can you post which transmitter model specifically please? and confirm they work? Thanks.
  6. Rich_8717

    Dynastorm re'rebuild.

    Looks awesome mate, nice job.
  7. Rich_8717

    Newby, sort of.. Calsonic Primera

    That's a really cool model and reasonably rare nowadays, I think you'd be surprised how little it needs to get going, maybe a quick re-grease, some new tyres and maybe get some newer 2.4ghz radio gear for it. Check for any split plastics and if you do find some, you will definitely be able to find some replacements on ebay or on here for it, but I bet most of it is sound. Tamiyas are built to last.... If you don't fancy running it, and want something newer, bearing in mind you owned an XR311 you might enjoy one of the new rock-crawler style trucks. Tamiya offer an affordable CC-01 chassis with various different body sets for you to pick from or you could get something more capable from another brand. Rock-crawling seems to be very popular nowadays, they are slower paced and more technical than more traditional 'off-road' models and you can do it in your back garden without putting a hole in the fence!
  8. Rich_8717

    Tamiya Top Force Re-re-really!

    I haven't seen anyone talk about it on here so for anyone that isn't aware, you can now get a re-released version of the manta ray torque splitter if you want to get your top force a little bit closer to evo spec, the part number is 47395, I've just put one in mine and am interested to see what difference it makes. I know there is divided opinion on whether it's actually an improvement or not but I still think it's a cool part to have, and considering the original ones usually go for around £50 it's nice to be able to try one for a reasonable price.
  9. Rich_8717

    TA-01 Turning Yellow

    Look great, I like seeing your builds so thanks for sharing. The Jagermeister shell is a classic, but the yellow Auto Tech M3 body set would be cool to see on the yellow chassis!
  10. Rich_8717

    Top Force Gear Diffs - Parts advice.

    Yeh the diffs in my original top force have never been rebuilt and are totally sound, even with a brushless in it, I retired it becuase the plastics were getting brittle and built a re-re and have stripped two of the new pressure plates in less then a year. The new parts are poor quality unfortunately, no two ways about it. Good to know, I might get a couple myself. Thanks.
  11. Rich_8717

    Top Force Gear Diffs - Parts advice.

    The manta ray ball diff is exactly the same so that will be fine, not sure if TA03 fits but I doubt it. You can buy the pressure plates off ebay if you just want to replace it, I've picked up a few because the modern ones aren't cast very well and I've stripped two myself in my re-re top force.
  12. Rich_8717

    Classic touring cars 90s era

    The mondeo above looks really nice, I always wanted that model as a kid as I was big into 90's BTCC but I never got one.... I loved the Calsonic Nissan Primera body set as well but those are quite rare. Sorry for the poor quality pictures but here's my slightly different JTCC HKS Cavelier ('Vectra') I painted last year. Sat on a second hand FF01 chassis I rebuilt with some nicer parts. I think brushless is perhaps a bit OTT for the FF01 but its fun and it looks cool....
  13. Rich_8717

    Re-re vs Vintage

    Personally I think some of the re-release plastics and especially the metal parts are of worse quality than the original vintage parts, so much so that even a used vintage model (if it's been built and looked after properly) is just as durable as a brand new one.
  14. Rich_8717

    Top-Force Black Special

    Well its mainly because the alloy a-arms are much stronger and obviously don't give as much as the plastic ones so all the force gets transferred to the lower gearbox casing, compound that with having individual pivots and it just rips the plastic apart. I have now got an alloy gearbox casing as well but have also gone back to the U-shape pivot for the extra support. There's no need to buy them you can have them for free as I'll never be using them again, but I'd rather not sort it out immediately. I'll dig them out at some point and check back in this thread. I'm looking forward to seeing this one completed.
  15. Rich_8717

    Top-Force Black Special

    I got some with my alloy A-arms but I'm not using them anymore because i kept snapping the lower front gearbox cover even just from normal driving. I've gone back to the U-shape one and it's much better. If you want me to measure them I'll dig them out, I would let you have them if you were in the UK but I don't really have time to sort postage out this month.