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  1. Does anyone recognise the below chassis? It's 4WD by shaft and looks similar to the FTX Vantage but has a different upper deck. Any help would be appreciated!
  2. I didn't in the end unfortunately, although I am not getting out of the hobby completely, just 'streamlining' my collection and getting rid of the stuff I'm not using. Hopefully I can persuade the other half to get me a re-re FAV at some point!
  3. I have decided to let a few of my cars go and have put the above and more for sale on Ebay; http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/mr_pushrod/m.htm...sid=p4340.l2562 I can combine post if there are a few things you like and I do post overseas
  4. It's definately the 24th or heads will roll at Sony!!!
  5. I've been studying GTPlanet for some time now, lol. Interesting point about Sienna, I wonder what else they've left out and also what will be downloadable in the next few months......
  6. Cheers for the links Lemming, I must admit I've been glued to GTplanet (more than usual) over the past couple of months although annoyingly they keep removing the videos! Even looking through the menu videos is getting me more and more excited, lets hope that the week commencing 29th November is the week as is being rumoured. Would have been nice if Sony/Polyphony stuck to their word and told us a release date before the end of October......
  7. LOL!!! She still doesn't know I rammed my Lunchbox into her Mini
  8. http://blog.eu.playstation.com/2010/10/13/...release-update/ WHY HAVE THEY DONE THIS TO US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Lol, just what I needed to cheer me up at work
  10. Those definately look like Monster Beetle parts to me although I am pretty sure they aren't Tamiya wheels on the TL-01.
  11. Thanks for letting me know, I'm tempted to build my Scorpion back up as a Beetle........
  12. Do the Beetle and Scorpion share mounts or is there a different front post and rear mount?
  13. Might have to give them a go, Deans are a pain for both of those. How is the resistance compared to Deans and how much are they?
  14. I have to admit that I have been lazy and not converted them to deans connectors yet. Most of my other cars are but having bought all the stuff recently, hadn't got round to fitting them. Interesting to know that they make so much of a difference to these brushless systems! Will have to try one of my better batteries when I swap connectors and report back
  15. Will have to give these settings a try I think, I should imagine it's my batteries that are at fault. I tried it again today with another 3800 pack (charged last night) and it was much improved but still stuttering a little at low speed at anything over half throttle. Once I've bought a new pinion (threads have gone ) I'll have to give it another go.....
  16. Many thanks for the reply, just because there's some half decent stuff in my showroom doesn't mean I can't learn anything! Looking at videos on youtube of similar setups, it looks like there is plenty of performance I haven't tapped into yet. Although it's only a 380 rotor, there seems to be plenty of grunt to throw even an HPI Super RS4 or Traxxas Slash (both close to 1/8th size) down the road at a fair old lick. Although I do need an excuse to try one of the 'halves', I don't think my wallet or girlfriend would thank me this month......
  17. Hello all! Having considered it for quite some time, I finally took the plunge and bought one of the £50 9t Ezrun combos for use in my Lunchbox. At the moment I only have a selection of Nimh and Nicd cells in various states of disrepair and just wondered what settings people were using to stop the motor stuttering? On a cheap 3800mah ebay special Nimh (that admittedly was last charged a week ago) the top end seemed comparable if not a little higher than the 19t previously fitted but acceleration was stuttery at full throttle and nowhere near punchy enough. I have the voltage cutoff turned off but so far haven't played with the punch or anything else, apart from charging the battery what should I do?
  18. Always worth remembering as well, the more photos you take the more decent ones you'll get........
  19. I nearly managed to pick up a ragged but restorable Blazing Blazer that was pretty much complete for £70 about 6-8 years ago off a racer in my local club. Unfortunately I was unable to raise the cash before he'd looked on Ebay and raised his price by quite a margin! In the end it was for the best though, it turned out he was supposed to be doing some work on it for a friend back in the day and had never finished it or given it back. When this friend decided to take up racing again, he was very quick to ask where his vintage Tamiya had gone.........
  20. I really, really wish I could see these pics at work!
  21. Oooh, tempted to have a go now!
  22. Brilliant! Only managed to watch a couple of vids though as the girlfriend wasn't such a fan, lol.
  23. Intriguing! I desperately want to watch the video but work doesn't allow youtube
  24. Thanks for the further advice everyone, I am going to be taking my box of bits back to my parent's over Christmas in the hope I can find a blowtorch to go with the vice in their shed. Fingers crossed I can start rebuilding in January and get it running
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