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  1. I have the stupid Disney curse too ! Have not done anything wrong as far as I know and if I had could someone just tell me instead ? My subs were taken quite happily and been unable to access the main site for about a week. So if it's someone doing it on purpose please disable the Disney stuff, add a week onto my subscription and tell me what crime I seem to have commited.
  2. Great thanks for pointing me in the right direction.....
  3. Have just bought a TRF501X and my shell cutting and painting skills aren't that great ! So can anyone paint it in the Satoshi Maezumi racing colours ?? Would be incredibly grateful and would pay for your services..... PLMK. Thanks.
  4. Would like to see some pics please.
  5. Must treat myself now they're available. Will do some searching for prices. Pics please as soon as someone has built one !
  6. Looks superb, have an Astute that I may Booth up !
  7. Looks awesome, but a little bit outta my range !
  8. I'd like it, but can you tell me what else needs restoring if anything ??
  9. Thanks will give him a go but no-one seems to have one.[]
  10. Hi, I'm after a NIB Top Force bodyset. Not worried if it has decals, just need the body. Thanks.
  11. Rats ! Missed out ! Will you be getting more shirts back in ???
  12. Do you have any more info as to when these may be available to order ? Thanks. ;-)
  13. Way lucky ! not sure how much it'd be worth, but will keep it as don't suppose it would be cheap to replace. Doubt I'd be that lucky twice either.....
  14. I bought a Rough Rider from a very nice guy who told me it had the manual, radio gear and a guide book..... The Rough Rider is in great shape and is 'in the shop' at present. However upon opening the box I pulled out the guide book. I was pretty amazed as it's the 1st UK issue ! Has the blue Celica LB Turbo on the cover and starts at 1 and of course has the SS and RR inside. A great book and a real bonus ! []
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