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  1. Did you leave batteries in them whilst they were in storage? If so blackrot can cause all sorts of issues.
  2. Fantastic job there fella. I have quite a few of these chassis’s stored away for a rainy day to restore with some of the goodies you have used. Parts pop up from time to time all over the world however postage costs have gone crazy given Covid-19 unfortunately.
  3. All good mate. Trust all is well with you and the family during our lockdown. Thanks to Chris also for making this possible,
  4. I just purchased the street going Porsche 911 GT1 and was thinking what model light buckets could we adapt to this body rather than relying on stickers. ( I have tried to rotate iPad photo without success......any suggestions other than taking another photo?)
  5. I too am in NZ and yes the situation is be being handled very well for now but I suspect we will be in lockdown for longer than the proposed 4 weeks and then when we do return to the office (I am working at home and have been for 9 days already and I am a banker and have always played nice🙂) the borders will be closed for a lot longer and unfortunately we are very reliant on tourism which will be severely impacted for a very long time. Short term things will be OK but I think medium to long term we will be in a much worse position unfortunately and the economic impact will be felt. I really hope I am wrong and everything returns to normal sooner rather than later. Have been to the supermarket a couple of times in the last fortnight and still can’t get any flour.......Stay healthy everyone and look after your family. No times for RC projects as work is simply too damm busy. Look forward to seeing everyone’s projects progress.
  6. Check out Don’s info https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=48983&id=2193
  7. Listed on a local site. Says it has 4ws. Any idea what it is?
  8. Loving this thread.......provides inspiration for me and hopefully others. I have plenty of nitro projects to complete at some stage including the standard TNX this beast was started from.
  9. This popped up on a local site and I have no idea what it is. Do you?
  10. Ok everyone I am trying to rebuild/restore a couple of TNX trucks which are rusty and one part I am struggling with is the ball pivots as the chrome coating has rusted off. Here is a picture of some new ones. Any ideas after I have removed the rust and polished with a dremel? I see you can get new ones at Tamiya ISA however I can’t purchase from there as I am in New Zealand.
  11. Being down under here in New Zealand shipping costs are the killer for me so I like to purchase locally from a very small market however if you are not in a hurry every now and then a collector will decide to sell off their collection or others will find that old model or two from the attic, or a family member is cleaning out stuff for someone who has departed and the prices will sometimes be reasonable and other times they will not but they eventually become more reasonable. I waited years and years to buy my first Econo hand original series 1 Sand Scorcher for a very reasonable price. It also all balances out in the end over time as long as you do move some stuff on yourself to recoup some of the funds you have expensed. The thrill of the hunt still exists at the end of the day.
  12. I have added this to my “I will be getting at least one of these list” which means I will probably get 2.......oh and also the Karman Ghia body set for an m chassis.......great start for 2020 when they hit the sellers...
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