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  1. sure do….unrestored…badly broken body after rolling down some stairs…..it is staying this way for the rest of my life at least…good memories
  2. I am sorted and Thankyou to the two gents that reached out to me to assist. Great to see our community working for each other. Stay safe and well all!!
  3. Ok is there anyone in Europe who might be able to help please message me……please….
  4. I am looking for some help with purchase of a small Rc part from France however the seller won’t ship to me in Auckland, New Zealand for some reason. Is there a club member from France who is willing to help me out? I will naturally cover all costs via PayPal. Please message me if you are willing to help help. I would be extremely grateful. Thanks.
  5. I still have my fingers crossed for a second batch down here in NZ given international shipping is very expensive on top of people selling with a considerable profit margin added to their prices. My hobby shop assures me a delivery is not far away…….(I should have ordered one from the first batch that was sold here). I still kick myself for not buying a 30th year Porsche for $1000 NZD a couple of years back locally from a large deceased estate sale…..I had already spent far too much as had Bluefoot as when they were first released kids were taking priority and costing heaps…..
  6. With dirt thrasher arms etc etc they are much more stable and a lot of fun………
  7. I bet many of us on here have done that. I certainly have to get a set of tires off some rims (can’t remember what rims) and they went oval…tire however perfectly good for another set of rims. I put rubber bands on my off road tires (stock motors however) so they can just be removed very easily when you want to. Suspect no good for on road.
  8. Yes I have also noticed the ridiculous prices from some Japanese sellers also for TGX parts…..I had wondered if they had just mucked up the exchange rates but clearly not…..does make searching annoying at times….
  9. Can anyone suggest an alternative foam filter to fit the standard Nitage air filter assembly? additionally has anyone any suggestions how to fix a broken tab on the fuel tank lid for the Nitrage rather tha. Having to replace the entire fuel tank?
  10. Very very sad……life simply isn’t fair at times. Will miss reading his insightful comments and model updates that he did in the past.
  11. I have some of Miles from a number of years back and some MCI stashed away and I remember thinking at the time MCI were pretty good but Miles were far better. As others say if you are happy with what you get and pay for no issue …get them on the vehicle and move on🙂 I am just grateful there are some clever people out there with good set ups who are prepared to produce items which Mr T no longer does. Unfortunately there are some rip off artists out there also and I have junked some decals I have purchase over the years as they were simply awful.
  12. Tamiya stadium thunder, stadium blitzer or if you are not worried about a truck body blitzer beetle. They are a badword of a lot of fun as bashers……..just don’t run them on the road as the rear tires wear out far to fast…….
  13. Thanks for that but my question was for the standard chassis - I did see this. Cheers.
  14. I might have a couple of those ones also of course….you know how I roll Neil. The one I got was pretty cheap also which was nice for a change. Trying to buy local these days but not to often.
  15. Ok I purchased a flower power type 2 VW van (2 of them actually as you do) but being a VW lover I would prefer the chassis to be RWD and rather than have to purchase new chassis outright I would like to know if anyone has converted a standard M05 chassis to RWD and how they did it please. I had a search on TC and the web without much success. Looking forward to hearing people’s ideas, suggestions and experiences in attempting this.
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