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  1. One can hope that Tamiya rereleases these given the other TA02 stuff they have released in the last year or so....Porsche’s, lancia 037, FRP chassis conversion set, high speed gear set, hard propeller set???? etc etc..
  2. I have plenty of chassis’s that end up simply being holders for the bodies I like.....an expensive holder at times..Tamiya realise that it would be counter productive for them to simply sell all bodies separately. You will note they never rereleased the Blackfoot body and Monster Beetle bodies when they did the rerelease kit versions.
  3. Open it up. The batteries had not leaked in the transmitter I showed under my black rot picture......it could also just be a wire from the battery compartment has corroded and broken loose....it happens sometimes
  4. Unfortunately they don’t offer sea shipping to me in NZ. I had selected that originally but then got the old sorry can’t do that email. Took a few emails to get a refund also but I got a refund in the end.
  5. Has anyone landed one yet? They can’t be far away? I am intrigued to know whether there is a new body or not as I also have a couple of the WHeelie bodies. Whatever it is I will be ordering a couple of these....
  6. If you left the batteries in it might have suffered black rot. Have a look at this. https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=107290&id=9441
  7. Ok after dipping my toes using Buyee I must admit it is simply too easy. You just need to be careful with the cost of international shipping as it can add up very quickly. There fees are reasonable I think. I purchased 3 ta03 chassis’s - one new built and two with little use for about $110NZ which was pretty good inclusive of their fees. The domestic shipping and international shipping however was almost $160NZ which was a lot more than I have ever paid for shipping before. I think if you can keep a parcel under 3kgs the shipping is a lot less so I guess you could say I have found out the hard way. Translations are very good and you can link over to yahoo in need and I use a translator of my iPhone with camera to look at other details if there are any more that have not pulled through. You can also see exactly how long before if finishes to the second as opposed to the minute in Buyee. I also picked up some 53140 and 53131 aluminium wheels and postage was very reasonable- price paid all up was probably half to what I have ever seen them on EBay. I picked up a NIB TA03 kit which cost $93NZ for domestic and international shipping also which is similar to shipping a new release kit from Asia to me in NZ these days...used to be $50-60NZ but has crept up in recent times. I watched a new built in box TGX Kure Nismo sell for $21001 yen....chassis assembled and body not painted or decals - looked like everything was there.....yes I was very tempted..... https://buyee.jp/item/yahoo/auction/384375988#group=nogroup&photo=4 I am not sure my wife is happy that I know about this site however....... happy hunting fellow TC members
  8. Found these it a box of parts but have no idea what model they are for or brand? Sorry can’t work out picture as took it on IPad and can’t seem to rotate it to correct orientation.
  9. Global shipping programme I avoid if at all possible as it appears to be a rip off......well at least most of the time
  10. I live in NZ so we don5 have a large market place to purchase Rc stuff from so EBay has opened the world up for me to source car parts and new kits at reasonable prices or for hard to find parts. We have a local trading site where you see the really great deals (we have all been lucky at some stage to score a bargain) and also some sellers who have no idea about value and them low and behold someone pays what I think is a silly price as I suspect that it is simply people attachment/emotions that relate to something they owned in their childhood being stirred up by seeing it again. I waited about 10 years before I managed to bye a second hand sand scorcher for. $175NZ because everything else was going for over $500. One just has to be patient as things will pop up at a reasonable price at some stage. I miss the seller JR-RC who used to find all sorts of Tamiya stuff. He is in Australia now but doesn’t have nearly as much stuff as he used to on the Bay. I personally think EBay has opened up RC rather than kill it as I believe a lot more people have access so a bigger selling pool and bigger buying pool which I guess means bargains are harder to come by as there is more competition, it has probably however killed your local hobby shop unfortunately.....or we have? Oh and don’t start me on sniping......
  11. As long as you don’t spend too much and they don’t take over the house you should be ok......but let’s face most of us have probably spent more than we should have at least once or twice along the journey and have too many of them in the house at some stage.....and like any long term relationship /marriage it’s has its ups and downs along the way......still married after 26 years and she sometimes hates the cars and other times simply doesn’t care....she has her hobbies and I never comment on what she spends on them which I know is considerably less than I do......I do get asked why do I need them and why don’t I build more of them from time to time........men at from mars and women are from Venus (book) .....springs to mind and I have never read it.
  12. That is an amazing rebuild and transformation. I wish I had the time, patience and will to put this much into my collection - perhaps one day when time is more generous too me.
  13. When are a set of wheels too far gone? I remember Beetlelover restoring some Lancia wheels https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=105729&id=3092 many years ago and carefully glueing a new outside bead on a set of rims that looked well past their use by date. I came across a set of pretty bog standard 26mm rims with completely rotted out rally tires. I have given them a rough sand after removing the tires. Two came out not too bad - perhaps that go on the side of the chassis that will face the wall. I will look at using a bit of filler and then some primer and paint to finish off when I next have a paint job on the go. I would be interested in what other people have done to restore wheels. before After a sand and put some tires off a cheap set of rims I can’t use as hex was 10mm
  14. I have just dipped my toes and purchased a TA03F chassis ( looks new) so will be interesting how things go. Paid very little so far and they took the winning price and fees out immediately. I will update once/if the trade is successfully completed.
  15. They would like great on v5 golf. I think I have a similar set stashed away somewhere.
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