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  1. Great collection so far! My first car was a Ranger - that might be next on the list when the right one comes along :-) Oh, and awesome name, Barney ;-D
  2. I guess that as there's so much crossover with other kits that even if they don't rere the TerraScorcher it's not impossible to find the bits you need. I recently restored my brother's one, and it was pretty straightforward. You can also get a metal plate on eBay to fit in front of A5 which should help a whole lot when it comes to surviving crashes :-D
  3. Hello all Does anyone have a rear Mid diff case in good condition they'd be willing to sell me? Or I can trade it for a ball diff case in good nick :-) Thanks :-D Barney
  4. Cheers for that! Can you recall what pinion you used?
  5. Sweet! Thanks! I've just looked it up - that looks awesome. I'll keep an eye out for something like that in the UK :-D Ta Barney
  6. Hi all, and sorry if this has been covered before. I'm looking to put a little steam in my Avante's strides by installing brushless; the stock motor feels a little sedate compared to my other beloved antiques. My usual go-to, the Speed Passion 13.5t, won't fit without filing the top plate back, and it also seems to interfere with the trailing arm on that side (at least with the stock 22t pinion); the leads emerging from the back also take up too much room and generally it's a no-go. So what does everyone use? Are there any motors which will fit without having to do any abrasive maintenance? ;-) And what pinion? I'm not looking any anything too spicy - 13.5t will do me happily. Or should I just run a hotter brushed motor? What are your thoughts? Cheers, Barney
  7. @BLAZE86DUBZ how did all this work out? I'd usually run Speed Passion 13.5T MMM but I'm not at all sure it'd fit in the Avante rere...
  8. Hello @netsmithUK - did you manage to figure out the problem?? Cheers :-) Barney
  9. Hello folks. I subscribed a couple of weeks ago, and I goy busy adding some photos... on my iPad. Since then, however, I can't log in to the main site. I tried resetting my password, but it seems that the site has forgotten my email address. Yes, I used my email address to log in :-) I tried logging it with the helpdesk - actually twice; once when it happened and once last week, but all's been quiet on that front. Can anyone one here help me? Cheers! Barney
  10. Thanks @Yalson I generally use an under tray; I just hadn’t put it on for the photos.
  11. Hi there Saito. Very interested in your TRF201 if it's still available? I'm in the UK but I could get it shipped to my brother in law in CA :-)
  12. You're very kind, thanks! I'm pretty chuffed with how turned out. Just waiting for some A&L steering parts to arrive to sharpen things up - although I'm pretty sure that this will be one of those 'never ending' projects :-) Not that you can see it on the photos terribly well, but I used a couple of very thin layers of Tamiya Pink/Gold iridescent before backing it with white. It just gives it a great subtle lustre.
  13. I'm with others longing for a Dyna Storm. Or a 959 that didn't break in the middle :-D
  14. I know! Squee! I"m totally fine with them not being period correct; I rebuilt my Mid to use it occasionally rather than to have it sitting on a shelf, and I think Kyosho has done the same. I'll def. be getting a Mid if they rere one; might retire my old girl if they do! Okay, here you go! :-)
  15. Barnoid

    No more Kyosho?

    My FB feed is crawling with pics of the new TO. Looks lovely to me! A new Ultima next year and then a Mid please Kyosho! :-)
  16. Sorry for reviving a long-dead thread, but I've just restored my Mid SWB. I've put some Thorp goodies in the drivetrain: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Thorp-5020-Gear-Set-OT-86-OT-85-Upgrades-Kyosho-Optima-Mid-series/254097585100?hash=item3b296573cc:g:HWoAAMXQnXFRaOd-:rk:4:pf:1 which seem to work marvellously...
  17. I remember reading recently (no idea where, sorry) that they'd announced (or at least heavily rumoured) they were releasing a Turbo Optima this year. It'd make sense as the machining and tooling required would be much less than is needed for a Mid. Just have to hope that 2020 might be the year...
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