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  1. I have one that I did sell on eBay but the highest bidder didn't pay. I was thinking about keeping it now but its packed up ready to send. It will make a nice runner, just needs a new handset. £60 plus postage.
  2. Thanks for your help guys, looks to be mega rare and very early. So does anyone think they can give it a good home?
  3. I picked this up at Beaulie Spring Autojumble on Sunday but I am not sure who makes it. It has a few spares packets with it that say Mainstream Scorcher but a Google search just brings nothing relevant. So anyone seen one before or can point me in the direction of another one?
  4. Thought I would make it official on here too so one table inside for the Sunday please Chris as per email.
  5. I will be there on the Sunday. Might drive up after work on Saturday though and find a hotel - wheres everyone that wants to have a Sat night beer and talk Tamiya staying?
  6. I am coming to this as it will be great to meet up with some old friends. I do not have so many cars to run now but will bring a few things with me. I will of course have some stuff to trade and will bring all my leftovers of parts - you will get a bargain. I am also going to be selling a range Kamtec shells at a special Tamiyaclub price so it would be good to know if anyone has any special requests so I can get them ordered. I have to work on Saturday morning so will either come up around 4pm Sat or just come on the Sunday. Where is everyone staying that are planning to have a few drinks Sat eve as that might sway my decision.
  7. To be honest the best place to sell them would be eBay as they should sell for what they are worth. If you dont want the hassle of eBay then look at completed auctions to give you an idea of value. If you are in the UK and want a quick sale I have a toy dealer friend who will make you an offer for the lot.
  8. This seems like an unmissable event and despite only having a handfull of cars now I will be there to catch up with old friends. I will be packing all of whats left of my RC spares and will be having a mega clearout. It wont be the same amount as I had back in the day, now that was silly Long jump competition anybody?
  9. I use a pretty stupid password thats easy to remember for forums and such but I ended up using that for here and it also ended up being my Paypal one so I was severely compromised until Twinset in shining armour came to the rescue I have not noticed any extra spam emails - other than the usual ***** REDUCTION ones!
  10. Terrible, just cant really understand what the hackers have to gain other than kudos from their peers. It just goes to show how exposed we all are on the net and that we should be more carefull with our own passwords. I use the same password for a few things and had a bit of a blaise attitude but seeing what I could have lost in my Paypal this week has really made me think. And I must thank Andy (Twinset) who went out of his way to help me out this week when it all went pear shaped - I owe you a beer! Big shout out to the old school spring drive massive - it will never be the same like the halcyon days of rave in the 90's!
  11. I think I still have one of these somewhere but only a bronze. I think I must have won it at a UK Eurocup final in the early nineties. I also have a smaller medal that was handed out to all competitors at the 2007 World Finals along with a gold addonised ball joint holder and camber guage. Tamiya are great at given out unique special items to their racers at events.
  12. Remember me? Anyway I still float in and out now and then but I got a little obsessed with it a few years back and slowly got into debt by buying cars I didnt really need or could afford. I sold most of my cars and have been getting myself financially straight so no expensive hobbies to drain my cash. I also just dont have the time or space to collect anymore but I still do a bit of racing. I do also believe there have been a few re-releases too many making the rare items I tracked down have less kudos. My main thrill was picking up cars from the free ads and car boot sales but its so hard now that dealers/traders know it can be valuable. So instead of "have you got any records/jewellery/Dinky toys" I hear "have you got any Tamiya?" so what chance do we have now that the pro eBay sellers are looking out for it. I do fancy getting a few cars again like a FAV and a Sand Rover to play about with so will still be lurking around here for a few more years yet.
  13. I actually now find it hard to even get interested on here so its not too easy like you say Eh up Joe, nice to see your still keeping your thumbs in since you discovered girls!
  14. Hey Jerome, long time - are you still living Steyning way? My son keeps asking when we can go to do some trail driving at Wittering again. Well there cant be much new old stock left in Japan now so definately harder to find for him. Also everyone has jumped on the Tamiya bandwagon and its easy to Google stuff for values. A lot of the reason I sold up was because of the re-releases - I couldnt afford to buy them and they were reducing the value of my collection. Also I loved the thrill of finding unloved cars but too many people know their potential value now. No one would look at the scruffy rc cars at car boot sales but now I hear people asking sellers for Tamiya, it used to be records or jewellery!
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