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  1. You will need the AA parts - see manual extracts They are probably made of unobtanium now unless you can get someone to order spares from Tamiya and they still have stock.
  2. I'm still a big fan of the TA03, especially the flexibility offered by twin gearboxes. It ran well in FWD in 540-spec racing, but it can be made into a twin motored missile. RCCA's TA03 reached 85mph with brushed motors and NiMH.
  3. I just picked up an Scorpion re-re, so I'm still buying re-releases selectively even with limitations on space. I think Kyosho has really raised the bar on re-releases, so anything less than a 959 @ US$250 from Tamiya will just not impress! I currently have a Mini Mustang in bits on my desk, and hunting parts for that is a multi-year project.
  4. ...and yet they stay the same. Tamiya still doesn't include a full set of bearings in the basic kits.
  5. I'm guessing the Pumpkin would look somewhat similar to this, with a roll bar: Are QD tires M-chassis sized?
  6. Apart from fitting the Frog universals, perhaps try replacing the o-ring with a urethane bushing (http://www.rcmart.com/tamiya-53577-damper-urethane-bushing-p-14329.html)? The bushing will compress more than the o-ring and can be trimmed to fit. I had the optional FAV damper set which is extremely stiff on the back, so I doubt the suspension worked as intended anyway.
  7. I built a re-re FAV a while back and found the gearbox very tight, and from memory it seemed like the outdrives were slightly more offset to one side than the other, leading to the dogbone interfering with the arc of the rear suspension that side. I built it as per the manual and triple checked it too. My re-re Fire Dragon originally had horrible bumps in between the teeth of the bevel gears. Tried to cut them out. It's a shelf queen but I'm tempted to find some original gears to sort that out properly.
  8. Great idea on the Hornet shocks! I briefly ran a FAV fitted with the optional black shocks, and it was ridiculously stiffly sprung. The bottom spring retainer for the front W1/FAV damper is too small however, which leads to the spring rubbing/catching on the shock bodies. Someone here suggested using the V4 part from the GT01 Tamtech but I didn't manage to try that before selling the FAV. From memory the dampers limited the steering throw - how is it on yours?
  9. Hi all I'm always on the look out for PB Mini Mustang parts, either NIP or good condition lightly used. Please let me know if you have anything to let go. Currently searching for a 2-speed mechanism. Thanks for looking!
  10. Beetle please! Asking for a re-re Cactus (my first buggy) might a bit much tho
  11. There can't be many NIBs left in that condition, so nooo!
  12. If you must have a TA05 based mini, I'd look for a Square SMC-002 conversion kit, which appears to fit 540-sized motors and square shorty packs.
  13. The Watanabe Hornet isn't so bad after all! How about a set of Rilakkuma wheels for your 1:1 ride? Having picked up a set of the HPI bear wheels a few weeks back, I wouldn't mind a M-chassis version of these.
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