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  1. For those who may have crossed paths (virtually or in real life) with WillyChang over the last 20+ years, FYI he passed away at the end of 2023 after a battle with a debilitating cancer. R/C cars and in particular Tamiyas played a major part of his life. He joined a new fangled tamiyaclub website in 2002 (as the 104th member - PandaBear) and actively participated in this and other r/c forums over the years. More recently he had been working in a local hobby shop in Melbourne, Australia and co-hosts a few of their videos such as this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=To_8SwTdEro His favourite model was arguably the Wild Willy, and several of his friends and colleagues helped to send him off in style with several Comicals, headed by Will's WW2. RIP Panda
  2. You could try dampers for the Losi MIni-T or Mini-B.
  3. If you can find GT-01 spares, those came with 12mm hexes on one of the sprues from memory.
  4. Tamiya were going to release even more TT-02 based cars, but the pandemic spared us from them.
  5. I’ve run a TF and haven’t had the chance to own any TFE yet, but with today’s tech I would rather have the TF with gear diffs as a runner. Replacing FRP plates and steel screws is obviously cheaper than carbon and titanium. Bearings are cheap nowadays, and universals and motor mounts from 3rd parties work fine. Unfortunately the weak rear gearbox casing is common to both.
  6. I’m curious to know if the TD-2 would be any quicker than eg. a DT-03 or Zakhak on the same bit of track. I assume the TD-2 has the same issues with fitting brushless motors as per the TD-4. In terms of looks, I’d pick the TD-2 over the TD-4, but that’s like saying I prefer a bull terrier over a bulldog. They’re both dogs…
  7. The lids of Tamiya spray cans can be used to keep the cars raised. I’m mainly using some old IKEA boxes…
  8. I am intending to buy one of those Team C F40 bodies to test out. It is my favourite Ferrari and no other R/C manufacturer currently makes one. Some are obviously Tamiya copies, others are copies of HPI. I would prefer to buy the originals if they were available but if not, they're the next best thing. No one beats Tamiya for decals however.
  9. Looks alright. If I bought one I’d make a tribute to Circuit Wolf car. Pic
  10. Silver molded frame. Happy to get silver plated wheels too. The lights look a little odd however - are they 54972 in a different colour?
  11. Here an example I had (now sold) using a repro body: Madcap & SD
  12. It’s been mentioned elsewhere on this site but the Saint Dragon body apparently fits the DF-01 Manta Ray chassis. I’d like to get the body for that reason. It fits the Hornet and GHII chassis too but the front needs to be trimmed differently, and may not look as good as a result.
  13. I grew up with mini-4WDs so I’ve been fond of the Dragons for that reason, even though I’ve never read the comics. I bought the 2008 re-re Fire Dragon, built it but never ran it as the gears were badly moulded and the drivetrain made a racket. I’m yet to build the new Fire and Thunder Dragons but based on other threads in this forum, that problem may still exist today. Altogether I’ve collected over the years an original and re-re Super Dragon, original Thundershot NIB, 2008 and 2020 Fire Dragons, 2021 Thunder Dragon, and NIB Saint Dragon and Dash-1 Emperor bodysets. I think I’ll have to draw the line somewhere as that’s more than enough squirreled away…
  14. Yup, Tamiya R/C kits aren’t typically shrinkwrapped in Hong Kong either. From memory, my Super Astute re-re has no motor or ESC, and my Avante Black Special has no ESC. Haven’t built either yet.
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