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  1. That turned out really good. Any chance that you would be willing to sell a couple? Wouldn't mind sporting it on my Montero Wheely conversion.
  2. Hello, I will take the radio. Sent a response via PM. Thank you. Armand
  3. Following as I have the same model next in the queue. Already ball raced the gearbox last nite.
  4. Hello. Is this radio still available? I think I can combine with my broken one and get one working radio out of it. Please let me know. Armand
  5. Would be cool if we can pull it off. Maybe bill it as a West Coast meet, If we do it early enough, our bro's and sis's in the surrounding states can come and join. Get and post some hotel info close by and make a weekend out of it. Armand
  6. I'm still in for a monthly meet. Just keep me posted. Armand
  7. Been awhile since the last meet and April's just around the corner. Forecasts for this weekend is in the 80's. Got a couple more runners itching to be...run. So what do you guys think. Armand
  8. Why are you getting rid of the whole wheel, when from your post, it sounds like just the plastic bushings are worn? Install bearing on your front wheels and problem should be solved. Much better, especially if its a runner. The hex conversion will only be needed for the rear wheel if you are planning on using modern wheels. If you go the hex route, the fronts, you will need a set for a 2wd which will use the same bearing no matter what. Hope this clears it up some. Armand *edit: Serves me right cruising the board this late (1 am my time). I just replied to an almost 2 year old thread.
  9. Would love to, especially since I've got a couple more runners, errr, up and running, but will be attending my best friends wedding that day. Next Sunday would be better. You guys have fun, and take lots of pics. Armand
  10. One can use, if you can find one, a CRP Frog adjustable motor mount on the Grasshopper/Hornet/Lunchbox family of gearboxes too. Allows for almost any size pinion to be used to suit the motor. I know because my LB and GH each have one. Some very minor modifying of the plate(s) is needed. Enlarging a hole, if I remember correctly...it has been ~15 yrs since I installed them.
  11. Made some progress on my WW2. It's now a rolling chassis! Just waiting to get electronics installed. However, the friction shocks are shot. Will be mounting some take-off oil shocks from a TL-01. After rebuilding them, what do you guys recommend for a starting set-up for a WW2? I mean oil weight and spring pre-load spacers? Much appreciated. Armand
  12. Picked up a WW2 rolling chassis for cheap and am currently trying to get it running. I have a WW1 body set mated to a Lunchbox chassis (which started life as a Grasshopper). I've had it since the late eighties and am planning on mounting it to my body less WW2. It's currently vying for repair time along with my Frog. Hoping to make some progress this holiday weekend. Have bearings waiting to be installed, and waiting for the aluminum oil shocks to show up. Will watch this space for ideas. Armand
  13. Thanks for the offer James, I think I figured it out. The rear rims were not stock!! They were 2.2 inchers with the stock WW2 tire stretched over it. Stretched over the bigger rim, the tire bulged out the sides. Mocked up my Stadium Blitzer wheel set with HPI Geolanders, and it looks much better. Hmmm, the front track is wider than the rear track on the WW2 chassis? Why did Tamiya do that? The rear wheels still touch the rear body mount mounts when the suspensions fully compressed though. Will have to do something about that. Definitely have to do something about those friction suspenders also. Will keep you updated. Thanks for the offer. Armand
  14. Whew, it was a warm one today. Good thing we were down by the beach, cause I heard it was in the 90's in the valley. Good turn out today, good seeing all again, James, Jun, Alex and Ryu and Jun's friend, (sorry forgot your name). Seeing James' SS in action makes me want one. Alex's King Hauler was very cool. Didn't know about the shaker option, and it looked and sounded cool. The pix looked awesome by the way. My fave is the second pic of James SS. Had a blast. Thanks again everyone. Lets do it again soon. Armand
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