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  1. SOLD. Will be a great birthday gift to myself . Looking forward to adding to my stable. Now off to find a Futaba 4YWD radio.
  2. Hello, I wouldn't mind adding this to my fleet if still available. How much to ship to CA 90248?
  3. Here's my Monster Beetle build with MCI decals. I much prefer the real sponsors. Have since painted the window trim and Albert is behind the wheel. Very happy with the end result.
  4. Should revive the So Cal Crew S.I.G. / monthly meets again. Socal Crew! member models - Tamiya RC & Radio Control Cars (tamiyaclub.com)
  5. Here's my current garage. My runners: - Rebuilt my OG Frog (is it still my Frog if the only parts left are the pressed parts, rear gearbox, front and rear suspension parts and various CRP upgrades from back in the day?) - OG Hornet - The Lunchbox I built from my OG Grasshopper arms and rear gearbox back in the early '90s - Wild Willy 2 - Monster Beetle from takeoff parts from my Frog resto plus parts I had when I converted said Frog into a Blackfoot, also in the early '90s - TL01 Calsonic Nissan Skyline GTR (R33) Almost Runners: - Honda City Turbo (Needs paint on the body and Willy) - Pajero (from Grasshopper and Montero Wheelie parts) (Needs body painted) Restoration queue: - OG TA-02 Blitz Supra (my old touring car racer) - Wild Willy LWB (Anyone have rear wheels and wheelie bars they're willing to part with?) Boxed - Super Clodbuster Black - Thunder Dragon re-re - MF-01 Beetle Rally ...So looks like 13 is the magic number.
  6. Here's mine. Built from left overs from my original Frog after I rebuilt it and Blackfoot parts I already had as I did a conversion on said Frog 30 years ago. Had a Blitzer Beetle shell already and used MCI decals. Installed an MIP diff and a Trinity Speed Gems Onyx. Paint is Tamiya TS52 Candy Lime Green with Tamiya Pearl Clear.
  7. That turned out really good. Any chance that you would be willing to sell a couple? Wouldn't mind sporting it on my Montero Wheely conversion.
  8. Hello, I will take the radio. Sent a response via PM. Thank you. Armand
  9. Following as I have the same model next in the queue. Already ball raced the gearbox last nite.
  10. Hello. Is this radio still available? I think I can combine with my broken one and get one working radio out of it. Please let me know. Armand
  11. Would be cool if we can pull it off. Maybe bill it as a West Coast meet, If we do it early enough, our bro's and sis's in the surrounding states can come and join. Get and post some hotel info close by and make a weekend out of it. Armand
  12. I'm still in for a monthly meet. Just keep me posted. Armand
  13. Been awhile since the last meet and April's just around the corner. Forecasts for this weekend is in the 80's. Got a couple more runners itching to be...run. So what do you guys think. Armand
  14. Why are you getting rid of the whole wheel, when from your post, it sounds like just the plastic bushings are worn? Install bearing on your front wheels and problem should be solved. Much better, especially if its a runner. The hex conversion will only be needed for the rear wheel if you are planning on using modern wheels. If you go the hex route, the fronts, you will need a set for a 2wd which will use the same bearing no matter what. Hope this clears it up some. Armand *edit: Serves me right cruising the board this late (1 am my time). I just replied to an almost 2 year old thread.
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