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  1. It not like you can mess up the Super Champ body, right? Its one of the non-paintable ones, right. Always blue? How bad could you mess that up? I'd be more nervous about a valuable body which was also very hard to finish properly, like a 959. Lots of ways to screw that one up.
  2. Heres a movie link to someone claiming 60mph (100kph) in a Baja Champ. http://www.tamiyaclub.com/moviecomment.asp?id=193&uid= I can no longer get to the movie. My hornet was pretty quick with a Novak SS5800 and only 6 cells. Not near 60mph, but pretty fast. Someone is building a high-cell count low-turn Hornet/Grasshopper. Thread in the forums somewhere.
  3. It might be possible the replace the Falcon steering blocks with these from Tower: http://www2.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin/wti0001p?&I=LXNY89&P=ML (or these cheaper ones, which take 5x8 bearings instead of 5x11) http://www2.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin/wti0001p?&I=LXJK53&P=Z Then you'd need a set of these. http://www2.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin/wti0001p?&I=LXJE60&P=7 (or these which are larger) http://www2.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin/wti0001p?&I=LXJK54&P=7 Heres an article which deals with type of conversion on a Traxxas Street Sport. It might help. http://www.ultimatetraxxas.com/sswheelconvert.html
  4. Blitzer Beetle went for about $100 uS when in production. They seem to have gone away quickly after being discontinued however. You will not have much luck making it narrower by just replacing the wheels. The suspension arms are pretty long and extend beyond the body. Blitzer Beetle is basically a stadium truck. You might get lucky and find some suspension arms from something else which would fit, but they would have to be really short. This would significantly reduce the suspension travel.
  5. I finally got around to driving my Lunchbox with the low-ride front end. In hindsight, it wasn't such a great idea. I broke both front shocks and did some body damage. I stuck my Novak SS5800 brushless in and let it rip. Slamming the throttle flipped the truck straight up on it back. I do suspect that the low-front-end did reduce the wheelie abillity somewhat. The problem was that violent wheelies sometimes flipped the truck sideways. The altered frontend allows the front suspension to droop very low, lower than my front shocks would extend. When the truck flipped, sometimes the front end would be yanked during the flip, resulting in broken shocks.
  6. I collect both Tamiya and Traxxas. I feel the Tamiya cars look better and have great variety in chassis styles which makes them more interesting. The Traxxas cars are all somewhat similar. However, I find the Traxxas cars are more fun to drive and perform better. I'm talking about off-road buggies and stadium trucks, not touring cars. Things like the Stampede, Rustler and Bandit. Traxxas used to make high performance buggies and trucks, like the SRT. For racing (informal club racing), I have been using Losi buggies (XXCR and XX-4) and I'll be trying out an Associated T3 truck this summer. The performance on these is great. I would like to add a nice gold-tub RC10 to my collection. That, and that Losi with the weird 5-point rear suspension.
  7. Here's what it looks like when you use the hidden set of front mounts: http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.a...id=12662&id=214 It also looks like you could lower the rear by using Grasshopper or Hornet rear suspension mounts which are shorter than the MP/LB ones. I never tired that however.
  8. quote:Originally posted by BigginsDave That thread confirms pinion sizes and gear box casings but it is the effect of running the higher geared hawk box with the larger blitzer wheels I'm concerned about Cheers id="quote">id="quote">Try it out. If the motor/esc/battery get really hot after a few minutes of running, then it doesn't work. You won't secretly break anything. There will be an indication (heat) that your setup is wrong. Check it frequently the first few runs. You could also just run the 15t pinion which appears to be used in both gearboxes.
  9. Just think about the mah like you would gallons or liters (or litres). Its the quantity of power in the battery.
  10. I generally use velcro to mount the receivers in my cars. Its easy to move them from car to car. I do the same with ESCs. Steering servos I permanently mount, so I do need to accumulate servos. Of course, there are some cars (hotshot, fox etc) where the receiver is so deeply buried, its not really removable. Somehow I buy enough cars with radio gear that I never need to buy new radio equipment. I get steering servos by using MSC servos from cars which I convert to use ESCs. However, I do have a bunch of unused transmitters..
  11. You are having radio glitches. Most likely caused by the motor and/or speed control. The simplest thing to try is twist the wires between the motor and speed control they are kinda braided together. Disconnect the motor from the speed control first, then twist the wires togteher then reconnect. See if that helps. It sometimes helps me. Or, just reroute the wires in the chassis. Keep the battery and motor wires as far away from the receiver and antenna as possible.
  12. quote:I love to go fast and jump! But I also think having a go-anywhere truck is pretty cool. Now that I'm convinced I should just buy a new kit, I'm undecided if I should buy a new TNX Pro and give nitro a try (it will be my first nitro vehicle) or if I should get a TXT-1 and hop-it up a bit ...maybe even build a crawler. id="quote">id="quote">Only you can decide if you really want a fast jumping truck or a crawler. Part of it depends on where you live and what the terrain is like nearby. You might also consider an Emaxx or Kyosho (something) Force. Both are twin motor electric high speed, good jumping trucks.
  13. quote:oh, well was it a good deal by any chance? I just bought it NIB for 475 shipped. id="quote">id="quote">I'm afraid I have no idea. I know they sold for about $330-$350(USD) in the uS when the were still in production. I believe they have been gone for 2 or 3 years.
  14. The other benefit of auction sniper is that you can cancel snipes. It more of a hassle to cancel actual ebay bids. You can also set up a set of snipes as a group, and snipe until one of them wins. So if you see 5 auctions for rollbars, set a snipe on each and tell it to stop bidding when you win one.
  15. I didn't realize the Jugg in question was a NIB.
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