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  1. @Ferruz looks incredible mate! Excellent job! I hope mine turns out this good..
  2. Update: Working through the parts and the manual at hand.... I attempted to figure out what parts I have and what parts I was missing. This didn't last long until I decided too build the car up and see what I have... and don't as it will be missing anyway. Definitely it was the more fun option. some photos I took whilst still contemplating on the final outcome.... It turns out I'm missing quite key components like the **** half shafts for drive quick look on eBay etc, turns out the vintage hex type are actually rarer than I thought.... Yikes.... add that to the gold dust never to be found wheels list.... my vintage build might need more modern parts than I hoped. (and the odd missing screw here and there, not so well substituted with whatever I had in my toolbox, I hope I manage to find them somewhere). Decided to throw in my Monster Beetle chassis in some photos which will be subjected to a re-build soon. I do like these ORV vehicles, I think the bug has bitten again.
  3. Thanks @Ferruz, I had completely forgotten about the Esso! I remember seeing that livery on the S4 as a child and being gobsmacked. Definitely on the cards, I do love Black and Gold on race cars for some reason.... I have also been toying with the idea of doing a testing car build.. Been looking up on the 037 and some of the development cars looked fascinating Seems as though it was developed with different elements being tested even with the huge air inlet scoop on the rear screen. I'm actually searching to get a copy of that book from where the extract comes from... could be interesting
  4. Finally Getting round to building a Lancia Rally from a Brat chassis I had lying in pieces somewhere in the depths of my loft... Got the shell and I love the detail! Now to make up my mind on how id like to finish it... :/
  5. Also received the re-release body earlier this week, and the detail is just gorgeous. Thoughts to finish it? Im currently debating on whether I should paint it or not.... Martini livery or not? some pictures for now as I figure out which parts I'm missing... and which ones I need to source.
  6. Update... started on assembly, looking at the grey plastic of the chassis and the discolouring, plastic flex and few hairlines cracks I figured keeping the patina of the vintage parts could cool? Because, surely a group B rally car has some battle scars right? quick wash down of parts and the build begins after rummaging for more parts. Decided not to polish or extensively clean the old parts to keep the patina as a used vintage car. Maybe that way if I decide to drive it I won't have OCD when it comes to getting it dirty... as all rally cars love dirt of course.
  7. First batch of parts I've managed to find. I believe the chassis could be from a brat as I when I bought it years ago it came with brat wheels mounted on it. Does anyone know where the aluminium shocks may have come from?
  8. Finally getting round to doing this build. I've had what looks like a brat chassis lying in my loft for years (in pieces) and I've always loved the original Lancia rally due to the well detailed body, martini livery and the cartoonish stance making it more nostalgic. So here we are... a few days ago I was scanning eBay, and decided the time has come... time to order a re-release Lancia 037 body shell. The treacherous road begins here...
  9. Thanks Terry, Any ideas where i could get a pdf manual for the monster beetle and brat? I have a box full of spares, I'm sure there is enough there for two cars
  10. I just discovered my vintage tamiya lying in the corner of the loft. Been there for almost 10 years. Going through this site has brought back memories and I think the bug has bitten once again! For now i'm debating on what to do with this RC, It started off as an original monster beetle, and I acquired a brat chassis and decided to merge the two. Now debating whether i should restore it back into the original monster beetle and sell it... perhaps to fund a brat conversion into a lancia 037 rally? i've always wanted one... Would be interesting to see what people think, and if the lancia 037 conversion is even possible? Anyways, some shots of it as it currently stands....
  11. the two big plastic gears in my monster beetle lost a few teeth, and are therefore just about dead. does anyone know whether the gears for the frog are the same for the monster beetle as i may be able to get frog parts fairly quick. cheers
  12. no no no, u want to use acetone!! if u cant find a product containing acetone use a nailpolish remover that has acetone in it, jus make sure that the woman/lady who owns the nail polish remover doesnt find out
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