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  1. Thanks Terry, Any ideas where i could get a pdf manual for the monster beetle and brat? I have a box full of spares, I'm sure there is enough there for two cars
  2. I just discovered my vintage tamiya lying in the corner of the loft. Been there for almost 10 years. Going through this site has brought back memories and I think the bug has bitten once again! For now i'm debating on what to do with this RC, It started off as an original monster beetle, and I acquired a brat chassis and decided to merge the two. Now debating whether i should restore it back into the original monster beetle and sell it... perhaps to fund a brat conversion into a lancia 037 rally? i've always wanted one... Would be interesting to see what people think, and if the lancia 037 conversion is even possible? Anyways, some shots of it as it currently stands....
  3. the two big plastic gears in my monster beetle lost a few teeth, and are therefore just about dead. does anyone know whether the gears for the frog are the same for the monster beetle as i may be able to get frog parts fairly quick. cheers
  4. no no no, u want to use acetone!! if u cant find a product containing acetone use a nailpolish remover that has acetone in it, jus make sure that the woman/lady who owns the nail polish remover doesnt find out
  5. do i soak the whole body in brake fluid, or rub it down with brake fluid?
  6. bought a monster beetle which is in good condition, except for the bodyshell! it is in need for a new paint job desperately. looks like there are a few coats of different coloured paint which has made all the detail lines dissapear. anyone know what i could use to remove the paint???
  7. chuch

    kyosho alpha gp3

    i have had this car for two years now, i recently bought and installed the two speed transmission available for it but havent had much time to run it. i have a few friends who are interested in the hobby and they are buying much bigger powerful machines than me, because of the great value of money you get now days, anyways i promised my friends that i would give them a drag race but i need to make my car go faster, it has the .15 kyosho engine and everything else is standard apart from the two speed box, any suggestions???
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