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  1. It's mostly just talk about how good he made it by changing some things. he mentions changing to dog bones, which makes it a lot smoother. He mentions that with full bearings in the gearbox and rear, it can run for up to 30 mins on a battery. and although it has the normal motor, it feels quick. He mentions the fitting of the sway bar to help control the front end, because of the mono-shock. He took the new version for a drive and felt that it wasn't perfect, so he tried a sway bar like the hot shot and personally felt it drove better. then she says she doesn't know much about the old cars. and they ask about the Agrios. She makes the boys feel good about themselves by pretending not to understand the technology behind the frame of the agrios, so they can explain it to her.
  2. Thank you for the compliment. Couldn't justify the use of Lame flake on such a small area. Especially since a lot of it is covered by decals. But, I have a few other cars with sparkles.
  3. thank you. this model may almost mark my 100th build. I'll have to work it out.
  4. well, all the moulds have 1985 on them, so I doubt they went and made new moulds with old dates on them.
  5. painted mine Dark Metallic Blue
  6. no worries. ya, It would be nice if all the boxes were just the same size for similar types of cars, so said my storage closet too.
  7. box is 51.5 X 36.5 X 12 centimeters
  8. I might spray Lame Flake before I spray the main colour. I've done it on a couple of bodies and it looks great. Dark colours look like they will be the go. Now I have to make sure I post a pic of it here when done. If I can get something similar to my re-re bruiser colour...
  9. yes it does, those in the picture are the stock leads. I have an ESC with real short leads too. I put the ESC as far back in the tub as possible. The instructions said to put the radio parts in order from the front, servo, ESC, RX... I changed that to servo, RX, ESC. With the ESC cables facing to the right side of the tub, where the hole is.
  10. built it tonight, yet to paint the body. updated pics on my blog. As I've never personally had the original, I can't comment on chassis differences. Have a look at the pics and see what you think.
  11. Got mine yesterday. Will build, sometime. http://tamiyabuilder.wordpress.com/2013/07/20/novo-fox/
  12. Mine came yesterday. More pics on my blog
  13. ahh, I've got a xmas lunch with my family tomorrow. Though I might have a chance to pop down to Boondal for a half hour or so.
  14. In Brisbane for the Xmas break, got my Boomerang running, want to run a couple of batteries at Boondal, anyone out this week?
  15. Just checking the Tamiya website in Japanese and this came up http://www.tamiya.com/japan/cms/newstopics/2019-tamiyafainewitem.html ◇ 1/16RC ソビエト重戦車 JS-2 1944年型 ChKZ フルオペレーションセット【仮称】 ◇ ChKZ full operation model year set 1/16RC Soviet Heavy Tank JS-2 1944 [tentative] Not sure if it is known. But a nice tank to add to the 1/16 ranks. Be nice if they use the 1/48th box art.
  16. This bruiser is so close to being a Mounty. It uses the Highlift body, so just needs a roll bar. The wheels are Mounty wheels. Take off the extra cab, throw on a roll bar and the included rear window and it's a Mounty. The only reason you would wait for them to release a Mounty is if you want the Box.
  17. Having looked at unboxing videos on youtube, it is packed pretty well in its own box, thick foam etc. It probably should be alright. They could have at least wrapped it in brown paper though...
  18. There are people who like the idea of the kit they just bought being over 20 years old. Then there are people who just liked looking at the cars in the Tamiya catalog when they were kids and now that they can buy those cars relatively cheaply, they do. I always wanted a Scorcher and managed to pick up a used one cheap back in 2005. But when they remade that kit, I bought two of them, one to build and one just to sit in the box. Now though, I'm driving cars more often and so I have started shifting my interest to cars that are more likely to survive constant driving. I'll still have display cars, but my driving cars will more likely be from other companies. Therefore, any new kits I buy will only be special kits from now on. I'm also out of work for a while, so I have to cut back on buying. Unless someone offers to buy some of my unwanted cars.
  19. No, on second thoughts, NOT FOR SALE. sorry, could a mod delete this please?
  20. Yeah, I forgot about the RC4WD Trail Finder 2... If I had the money now, I'd buy one of them. In fact, I'd probably trade my new Bruiser as a roller for one of them.
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