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  1. I got about 5 NIP. Looks like eBay going to be flooded with them soon
  2. I remember back in 1979 saving my Pocket money and skipping School dinners so I can have the money to get My Sand Scorcher (Got re-united with it 15 years after I sold it!). I bought it for £59.95 at Beaties in Swindon as it was on offer as the Rough Rider was going for £69.99. I had to wait another 3 months until I bought the radio gear (Acoms MK I)
  3. Green Wire is Negative while the Yellow one is positive. On some Kit 540's ( I can't remember which type) there's normally a small white dot on the Motor endbell by the Positive terminal. I Hope this helps
  4. For further detail, please follow this link http://www.tamiyaclub.com/trades_model.asp?cid=104877 Thanks Kevin
  5. Member #107 reporting here Joined in 2002. Still doing the collecting and the M-Chassis racing. Still a paid up member and read the forums regularly. The Tamiyaclub Kidderminster meetings was just A.C.E. be good if another one could be arranged for the 10th year (hint hint)
  6. I first met Dez at the Ardent 24hr Race this year where he was racing in an rival team to me. He was always laughing and joking and was a pleasure being round him. Truly a dedicated RC'er if I ever knew one! My thoughts go to his Family and Friends.
  7. All items are new and still in bags. Kyosho SM26KP Pink wheels (2) for the Sandmaster / Outrage 7.00 SM26 Green Wheels (4) - 2 Packs for the Sandmaster / Outrage 10.00 LA-23 Saver Shaft Set for the Lazer 4.00 Schumacher U2123V SST Touring car wheels 5 Spoke 20 *185mm White (2) 1.50 U1148Y Aerodisc Front Wheel 2.2" White (2) SOLD Yokomo ZM-202 MR4TC servo saver 4.00 Please email / PM me you are interested for postage and packing as items are all different weights / sizes. PayPal Required and I will ship worldwide
  8. I agree with you there sosidge. I was interested in the M-Chassis racing there and emailed the organisers. No reply and found out a few weeks later that the Venue was in administration.
  9. ***** SOLD ***** For full details please follow the link below :- http://www.tamiyaclub.com/trades_model.asp?cid=102496 Thanks Kevin
  10. Paul (Hedge), I've got almost all the 'Radio Race Car' and 'Model Car Monthly' Magazines from the early 80's. If you can give me a weeks notice I can bring them down from Swindon to the Poole RC club. Kevin
  11. Great to hear there's another Beach bash, but are your aware that that be Easter Sunday so the beach could be packed. I try my best to come. Cars I may bring :- Pumpkin, Original Sandscorcher, Blitzer Beetle and 2010 Holiday Buggy.
  12. It's not near the Big transmitter aerial to the North of the Uffington White Horse? I commute from Swindon to Wantage via Lamborne so I pass that place around 7:45am almost every morning. There is also an RC aircraft club near by. If so, I keep an eye out for you then, Twinset ;-)
  13. They are Acoms crystals - Out of the MK1, II, III systems. They can be used on modern 27MHz AM systems, although the case on the transmitter crystal will need unclipping.
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