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  1. Hello everybody! I'm actually restoring my Super Champ. It's almost done but I still missing a few parts: - Ball Adjuster H1 - Body Mount Rear J7 If anyone owns these parts and wants to sell them please drop me a line. Thanks in advance! Andreas
  2. Hello there, I'm looking for these NIB Frog parts: - C-parts sprue, especially Rear Suspension Arms + Gear Box Housing - Antennas - Pressed Parts Bag, especially Resitor Stay - Screw Bags, A/B/C Payment via PayPal. Thanks in advance, Andreas
  3. Hi Mark, is that C-parts still for sale? If so, please let me know!
  4. ...can't Tamiya do something cool as this Cuda??? Do I really have to buy HPI stuff? Yes, I think so... http://www.hpiracing.com/index2.htm
  5. Well, I had a look through some websites and finally I ended up @ this site http://www.chevronmodels.com/ I'm amazed by these body sets! What I found really COOL were these CyberFormula bodys! I do have three rereleased 6-wheelers which I never built but when I saw these bodys I knew I definitly will build one... when I can get hand on one of these wicked body sets! CFS003 V-Asurada with driverset 7200Yen CFS004 AOI Ogre with driverset 7200 Yen There is a mail order link on the site but I can't read it (it's all japanese). I tried to translate the site in www.babelfish.com but it didn't work. Finally I wrote two mails to www.chevronmodels.com but haven't got a reply yet![V] So, does someone know where to get these sets outside Japan? Let me know!
  6. Hello, I'm in search for these parts to finish my Boomerang resto-project. They come along with the 'Gear Box Parts Bag': 1x - 4x22mm Pipe (which holds one of the motor mount screws) 2x - 2x28mm Shaft (used on frt & rr gearbox to attach the cup shafts) Any help is appreciated! Thanks, Andreas BTW my prefered payment method is PayPal!
  7. Now that's what I call 'pimpish'!!![] http://cgi.ebay.de/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewIt...bayphotohosting Still going for 9(!)days and look at the price!!! Auweia...[xx(]
  8. Hello there, I've heard rumors on several boards that Tamiya is planning to quit the TerraCrusher![V] I'm thinking about getting one of these monsters and to find a solution I had a look around for some info. It's seems that the TC produces a lot of problems e.g. engine and FRAT-tranny. The talk on these boards is mainly about the TC, the WildCommando is not mentioned that often (does noone buy it?). I know that the WC comes with a different engine as the TC (an OS, which is better than the TC's one). Heard about self-destroying TC engines and other cruel stories. Does anybody on this board who owns a TC or WC has or had similar (quality) problems with the truck? I really like this model but listening to all these complaints makes me consider my plans (the WC was my favorite!) and the new HPI Savage SS is on the horizont... [?][?][?]
  9. Carson has a car line called EXCLUSIVE LINE. They combine the Tamiya TL01 with one of their body sets and sell it under the Carson label. You can buy the Opel Astra V8 Coupè, the Abt Audi TT-R and the VIP-Taxi V8Star Jaguar. The Mondeo is new to me, maybe there is a new kit out or the person with the auction simple bought both items seperatly?
  10. Are you talking about this one? http://www.rc-tamiya.de/testcarson/include...980e5ad1269e829 It's made by Carson. And Carson is part of Tamiya/Dickie Germany. They produce this Mondeo as 1:10 GP-RTR, as SuperScale plus sell it separatly. In the auction, is there any info about the chassis mentioned?
  11. Here you go! (Release Date: 8/2003) 166.51 United States Dollars 145.15 Euro http://www.hlj.com/cgi-perl/hljpage.cgi?TAM58306
  12. To make it short... IT'S OUT NOW![] http://www.tamiya.com/english/news/news/news1.htm#58306 I definitly will get one. Whatever the body looks like, at the end of the day it's a 'real' buggy! And this counts for me at all!
  13. Hi there, to find most of the emulators go to this site: http://www.vg-network.com/ For arcade games take a look at this one: http://www.mame.net/ Here you find the ROMs for MAME: http://www.mame.dk/ Have fun! Andreas[]
  14. Hello, recieved my WW1-Repro decals and I must say they're PERFECT!!!id="blue"> I see no reason to hunt for an original decal sheet any more, especially when you look at the prices of the original ones!
  15. Check out this link! http://www.jasman.com/ It's called AIRJAMMER...
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