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  1. Saw this on Tamiyablog. Very excited to be able to add a TA03 and that gorgeous GT1 body to my collection
  2. Thanks for the replies. I visited Dunks yesterday. Wasn’t able to buy anything though. The owner was a nice fellow and gave me a 2019 Tamiya RC Guidebook for free
  3. Hey guys, I am currently vacationing in the UK and would like to know if there are any hobby shops nearby that I can visit, specifically near Cotswold, Bath, Stonehenge, Salisbury. Cheers!
  4. The list wouldn't be complete without one of the greatest supercars ever, the McLaren F1 Kyosho released a couple of 1/10 McLaren F1's in different liveries back in the 90's. They looked really great, comparable to Tamiya. Correct proportions and great detail.
  5. For a 9 year old, I vote Hornet or DT03 Neo Fighter. Both are cheap but offer lots of fun.
  6. Looks like the stock FF03 is now rocking aluminum dampers. Nice! Any other hop ups planned for it and the Pro? Your thread made me dust off and work on my FF03R
  7. I've done a couple of dumb things but the worst part is, both were not as a kid but were within the last 5 years First, my Novak brushless ESC literally went up in smoke after I powered it on. I had just installed a brushless motor. Turns I shorted two of the three wire tabs with solder Then I killed the Savox throttle servo on my 1/8 buggy. After a run, I turned the transmitter off while forgetting to turn the car off. The receiver went to failsafe mode and triggered full brakes. Turns out leaving it this way for too long will fry the servo motor. After that I programmed the failsafe to just go to neutral in case I do it again
  8. Locked diffs have a place in this hobby, whether crawlers, trail rigs or even touring cars. I get your comparison with 1:1, but that's a whole different thing. There is much less grip and weight in RC compared to 1:1. Sure it still wears out parts faster, but RC parts are cheap and the advantages outweigh the cons. Try driving an RC car with open diffs in soft sand or up a loose, slippery hill. You will not go anywhere. Also have a look at 1:10 touring car racing. Almost everybody is running a spool up front. Also, don't assume that you won't have any wear on your RC drivetrain components by running open diffs with putty, black horsie or any other grease that tightens the diff. My M03 with a ball diff and FF-03 with a sealed gear diff both have worn diff output cups, while my CC-01 and CR-01 both with locked front and rear diffs have no wear at all. Again, not enough grip off-road to wear them out faster compared to the M03 and FF-03 that I both raced That said, I wouldn't run a permanently locked diff in any of my 1:1 cars due to the reasons you posted. But I did install front and rear Harrop Eaton E-lockers in my Land Cruiser to lock the diffs when I need it
  9. Installed some hopups on my TA05R. Lightweight carbon lower deck, aluminum motor mount, aluminum steering set and servo mounts
  10. Nice collection! I love the color on that 997 but can't help but notice something off with the proportions. The HPI body looks too long in my opinion. Have you looked at the Tamiya 911 (997) GT3? It has a shorter wheelbase and looks better proportioned than the HPI 997.
  11. Yes this is typical for the M05 and other FWD minis. You can improve traction by installing a better, tighter differential than what comes with the kit, which is either a ball diff or sealed gear diff that you can tune with thick viscosity silicone oil.
  12. I used to also frown on the people who collected and hoarded kits just to keep NIB, but ever since I had some financial stability I found myself kinda doing the same thing. And what's with the assumption that none of those "hoarded" kits have any stories behind them? I don't know if I can be called a "hoarder", but this 2018 I've bought four kits but have built zero due to lack of time. Three of those kits I bought in Hong Kong, with my wife and I carrying those kits through the streets of Mong Kok, down the subway and then trying to cram them into our suitcases. Imagine carrying a huge, heavy 1/14 tractor truck around a crowded city and subway - you'll end up with sore arms and hands. Then there's the last kit that I bought, which I had to pick up from the post office. The whole time I was waiting for my turn I was sitting beside this sexy lady who smelled good. Of course I did not do anything since my dear wife was with me. And when I got my package, I had a big smile on my face (probably because I wasn't charged any customs duties). All good memories I guess what I'm trying to say is, don't hate on people for buying what they want with their own money, and don't assume that they have no passion or are not enjoying the kits that they buy, unless you are a mind reader.
  13. FF-03R came with standard TRF dampers and not the mini ones and built with full travel (no internal spacers)
  14. I think I have the smallest man-cave here at 3x3 meters It's really messy due to the limited space. It's so small that most of my kits are stored in various closets around the house. Hopefully I'll have a better one when the wife and I move to a bigger place
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