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  1. I got them from Lazada which is like the Amazon.com here in my country. The price isn’t that bad in AliExpress, I bought three there 2 months ago during their anniversary sale for $87 shipped. I love these receivers, they’re cheap, tiny and work great.
  2. Some stuff from China. A couple more DasMikro Futaba receivers, TT—02 aluminum uprights, 1/8 air filter, clear nano double-sided tape. Still can’t believe I paid less than $14 each shipped for these receivers, what a good deal
  3. Passed by the hobby shop today, bought a liter of nitro fuel for my 1/8 buggy that I haven’t run in years Then went to the mall because the wife had to do some shopping. Luckily there is an RC track inside the mall. Brought the TT-02 Type S with genuine Tamiya hopups as well as my TT-02 Type AE-S “AliExpress Special” Last week I broke the left front upright on the TT-02 AE-S, today I broke the right side. I don’t know if it’s because the plastic is already brittle because I didn’t even crash when it broke. Went ahead and placed an order for aluminum front and rear uprights. Less than $9 for the entire set, it’s worth it if it means not having to do the walk of shame around the track looking for the diff joint and plastic upright spacers every time the front upright breaks
  4. A 2S LiFe pack is $26 shipped from AliExpress. Why not just buy one and call it a day?
  5. @bRIBEGuy have you tried fitting the 4 cell battery tray from the 3PV on the 4PM? Looks like it will fit. But yeah, the LiFe battery is a good investment, can’t imagine going back to AA batteries on my transmitters
  6. ^ not sure about Sanwa, but I can still get FASST receivers for my 15 year old 4PK. But why would I, when I can get cheaper, smaller Chinese receivers that I can use on both my 4PX and 10PX.
  7. Totally agree. Why not pay the extra $100-150 for the better radio that you know you will use for 5, maybe 10 years or more? My Futaba 4PK that I bought in 2009, is still alive and kicking. So is my 4PX that I bought in 2014. Though the 4PK rarely gets used these days, it will come out of retirement when my son is old enough to play RC. As long as you take good care of your gear, they will last a long time
  8. @skom25 knowing how meticulous you are with your builds, paying attention to every detail, you will be better off with the 4PM. Buy once, cry once. It will be worth it
  9. I have long suspected that there is a problem with your radio. Remember that time when your DT-03 accelerated by itself into a body of water? Things like that should never happen in a 2.4ghz radio system. I would recommend you get the best radio you can afford because it’s something that you can use for many years. And no matter how good an RC car is, a cheap radio will make it feel and drive like a cheap chassis.
  10. It’s great that you want to support your local hobby shop. I do too, but I ain’t a fool either. If something is way cheaper online, I will buy online. Except for things that I need in a hurry. I have over 100+ kits. Let’s say half of those were bought online for $20 cheaper, that’s $1,000 in savings. It all adds up. I’m not gonna waste my money just so some businesses can stay open. I have my own family to look out for.
  11. Other than binding them to my radio, I haven’t actually tested them yet, but I do have some other Chinese Futaba receivers (Corona brand) and they work great. The Corona ones are just S-FHSS though while these ones are T-FHSS which is faster and has telemetry support. These DasMikro receivers also use bind plugs which are less convenient but to make it easier to bind I soldered a microswitch to each bind plug so now instead of having to pull, insert for 3 seconds then pull the plug again, I just have to press the switch for 3 seconds when switching between my 4PX and 10PX.
  12. A couple of DasMikro Futaba receivers from AliExpress. Wow these are tiny, way smaller than the receivers that came with my 10PX. I bought the V2 ones instead of the V3 because these have the cutout for the tabs in the Futaba J servo connectors
  13. You don’t have to buy the B parts twice to get all four body posts…
  14. Looks good @skom25! Now that you know how to solder, maybe it’s time to ditch the Tamiya battery connectors?
  15. For me it makes more sense to rebuild it and enjoy it than just let it sit in a box. The list of damaged parts isn’t so bad. The chassis, diff cover and arms are cheap. The U shaft can be upgraded to the hop up part. Carbon shock tower still looks intact. I’ve had way worse damage. Live and learn.
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