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  1. For sale: 7.4v LiPo in original Tamiya hump pack case. Brand new and never been used - you will need to fit your own connectors. Capacity: 2200mAh Discharge: 45C Constant / 55C Burst Balance Plug: JST-XH Looking for £30 collected (South Wales) or £35 posted.
  2. Got a total of 4 videos (3 new today) from the last meet up on YouTube. http://www.youtube.com/user/LemmingRC
  3. EDIT: All sorted thanks - seems Dropbox takes a while to cache the initial smaller image!
  4. Had to share these (if this works...) Front slap Full droop in the air Full compression on landing
  5. Have to admit it made a lovely stills montage I've uploaded loads of stills to the IconicRC Facebook group - one of then definitely shows it running after the crash
  6. Brilliant weekend away with a top bunch of nutters My first video is uploaded, but still got way too much video and several hundred pics to sort... IconicRC Snetterton September 2014 - Part 1: First time using a camcorder in many years and only had a brief window to edit it so not my best work
  7. Same here. Sorry all - guess I need to save up ready for next year
  8. Do we need BRCA for this one or can we leave it blank when booking in? Will be joining next year as it will be worth it for all the events
  9. We need to see them all! Will you be putting the rest of them up anywhere? I didn't manage any pics or videos other than the monster truck race.
  10. I'm still amazed he managed 3 laps with that thing bucking everywhere
  11. Some footage of the beastie Rich (Topcat) took along. It begins with day before test footage and moves into some footage from the Monster Truck race Bullhead on the loose:
  12. We go to these as there is not much nearer
  13. As somebody reading the thread it comes across that 3 out of 5 posts before my above quoted one were yourself suggesting a track change. Maybe I should head to bed
  14. Reckon he needs to come along and arrive early enough to help set the track up. That way he can see what is or isn't possible and suggest alternatives
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