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  1. I'm out right now but will sort that out later, I believe I have an old for sale thread with a photo, it's not moved from my toy cupboard!
  2. NIB and unbuilt 84071 Jeep Wrangler includes an LED light kit, very hard to find. £200 + shipping at cost NIB and unbuilt 58004 XR311 (2nd release not the latest one) £150 + shipping at cost
  3. I have a NIB Wrangler......
  4. Ignore me....I just realised what you need,
  5. List updated with some prices. I'm open to negotiation on the others. Pajero and Mu are now sold.
  6. Forgot I had these (53249), I put them on a mini that I displayed but they have never been run, have new tyres to go with them. No idea what they are worth....
  7. I still have everything and really should sell as I never use it. But it's hard to........
  8. Sorry I've really taken my eye off the ball with this. I'm out with my son at Ice hockey practice right now. Will respond properly tomorrow.
  9. I have the same problem, I need to sell as I've not touched it years, I have people interested but I never get around to finishing the deals.....totally my fault.
  10. I don't think there has been a meet up for years! shame really as they were great....
  11. New parts are here so I'll hopefully get this done over the next few days
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