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  1. Had a tremendous weekend[8D] , nice to meet and chat with you, []
  2. on sunday we were all walking around in T-shirts [8D] a fabulous sunny day [^]
  3. [^] don't know how many hours later now, [|)]just got home and finally unpacked aaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!! []
  4. hey everyone [] been in the land of yonder and moved in with new girlfriend, broke pc, fixed pc, now just got back online[8D] It's great to see this post, loopy is right ! i'm well impressed that when people think of me they end up laughing[][)] My emails were full up and i still have loads to sort through, hopefully be back in the evenings again soon like before. Great jokes and mmmm what was deleted ???... the mind boggles, the ****** ***** from badword was it???? LOL anyway nice to know i was missed[] LOL
  5. Doesn't sound like someone seriously interested to me???? why not now just cause you mentioned a rtr?? either he wanted the car or he didn't [][] Sounds like u did the right thing by not ending the auction, he would have just changed his mind once u had probably [] I have ended auctions for ppl before, but not untill i get the money in my hand. Nothing to lose then[]
  6. Sounds to me like it's allready becoming a collectable piece [] Not every one has to like it to become one, look at the beanies, some love um some hate them, but it doesn't make them any less collectable[}] LOL. I personally don't think that collectable has anything to do with cost, just because some rare/popular things can be expensive .supply and demand has lots to do with it . All i can say is i want one of those box's, so it's just a crate you might say [:0], but to me it's smart and something different and rare [8D] wonder if u can buy it on it's own[] LOL like chris said, it's nice having something different, if alot of ppl had them then it wouldn't be , but they don't [^] I'm sure if i had the dosh at the mo i wouldn't mind one myself [] Got some tanks to buy first though []
  7. http://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/topic.asp?...638&whichpage=6 all the details are there[]
  8. Top Notch [] Another fabulous edition to the site [8D] This means i will have to invest in a video card to get better pictures now [}] Tamiya Club costs money in more ways then u ever could imagine [] LOL
  9. quote:Originally posted by blondiniboyLOL[] Yeah, thats them they're also the "does that run on petrol?" people[] id="quote">id="quote">LOL, that one has to be my favourite,i always want to say "does it sound like it you **** "[}] but just end up saying "no it's electric",[] Not forgetting " can i have a go mr " aswell, hee hee Best not put in the reply to that one[]
  10. Long distance Jumping..... yipeeee![] best i try and get my manta ray out of retirement for one last run, find it's limit then just keep on going..... I'll get one jump only [] Poor thing [] sounds like a death sentance to me[:0]LOL, lots of broke cars at the end of this meet then , maybe that could be another record in the making.....[]
  11. quote:Originally posted by blondiniboy a quieter spot would be better, you'd not get the "how fast does it go mr?" brigade either. id="quote">id="quote">Are they part of the "how much does that cost mr" brigade????? [][][]
  12. Well Said[] Bravo[] Long live Tamiya club and the community[8D] Except for Taka-Q[] my his arm pits be infested by a thousand flea's [}]hee hee,
  13. Hi Muddy, My m8 got one of these from Apex, well i think it was that, if not it was modelsport. Both in the UK anyway
  14. I have just been to Snetterton today to sort out lots of details[] in no particular order here they come [] Food, On Saturday there is nowhere to get food on site , although there is a resturant that's within 100yards of the track and i might be able to get it opened up for us if enough ppl are sure (got to be definate) that they will want to use it. On Sunday there are numerous burger bars etc... at the market which are within a stone's throw from the track, and the resturant is open on Sunday . Campsite and parking There now has been a partition put to seperate the race track parking from the market parking, we park / camp right next to the track and there is space for plenty of cars, tents and caravans, more then we will ever need. When you arrive if your not camping over please go to the back of the car park away from the track as those camping need to be close for power etc... if then you could come to race control (under the podium) when you arrive to book in that would be great. The money for camping will be sorted out when u get there aswell. £5 charge(per night). The track is signposted from the main entrance so all u need to do is follow them .There are shower and wash facitilties and toilets and they are next to the track aswell. BBq's and beer will be allowed on site if you wish to bring them. Pits There are no pit tables inside, you will need to bring your own with you, i can recommend foldable picnic tables which don't take up that much room and are just right for the job, i think that most Argos shops have them. There is power points in there and the pits will be open over the whole weekend (through the night). There are limited sockets but if your camping during the evening it is ok for them to be extension leaded out to the camp site. Must be disconnected during the day though, and only used for charging etc..in the pits. Selling and Trading We will not be allowed any sale signs etc..Sorry..[] this is because of the rc shop, but we can do as much in house trading and selling as we want, please keep that to the campsite / car park only. Racing Times We are allowed to race aslong as we want with electrics, all through the night , and it will be allright to run Nitro's up untill 11 pm. There are flood lights aswell so the track can be lit up at night. There is also the offer of the computer and transponders for our use on Sunday, we will need to give them a list of the heats, upto 10, on Saturday so they can get them into the computer, and then we get printouts of laptimes etc.. hung up, there is a £30 pounds charge for this however so i guess it depends on what everyone thinks and how many ppl go. I must say that the offroad circuit was awesome, even though they still have lots of plans for it, there are jumps and dips and a banked curve, i saw a terra crusher eating it up when i was there[8D] Behind that is the boating pond, (Don't panic i doubt anyone could manage to drive into the pond[}]even if they tried[]) so if anyone has any boats then feel free to bring them along too. That's it for now, but i'm sure there will be more quetions etc.. that need to be answered[][] Michael
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